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Lost My Bestfriends Help

PLEASE help I lost my 2 best friends?

I'm so lost, depressed, and hopeless. For the past 6 years, I've had two best friends, that were literally sisters to me. I would do anything for them, and the most we didnt text and call was like 2 hours literally EVERY DAY. I would think about their lives everyday, and we'd help eachother and always be together. We were literally triplets, and I do not have one memory without them.

This year, the most traumatic thing happened to me. My closest sister and I got into a really big fight, and after that she doesnt want to have anyything to do with me :( she hates me, blocked me off facebook, and even got all my friends and even my other sister on her side. Now I never even check my phone bc i know no one texts me. I have one group I go out with, but not someone that I can completely trust and has my back. I hate everything now; I come home and dont want to do anythign or talk to anyone, and this has been goin on for about 2 months. Please someone help me. I dont want to take depression medication, but it looks like I have to. But I literally dont want to talk to anyone, keep going through our pictures, and just want them back. I cry almost every day. I have moments where I'm happy, but then it just goes back to that--where i dont want to leave my bed. I feel like I've changed too; no more of my bubbly, spunky personality comes back, and it feels like I'm forcing my happiness.

I've went thru similar things before, but not like this. My whole world has changed, and I don't know what to do..just sit in misery and sift thru our memories.......

What can I say to my best friend who has lost her mother?

I lost my mom almost 3 years ago and it’s awful.. I can tell you what I DIDN’T want to hear, like “She’s in a better place”. Please don’t say that!There really aren’t words to make your friend feel better - only time can do that.. Tell her that while only time can mend her (or his) broken heart, you will be there for them throughout the process. Your words can’t help, but your presence can.Even though there isn’t anything you can do, ask if there is, just because it helps the person know they aren’t alone in such a horrible situation.I hope this bit of feeble advice helps - I will pray for your friend. God Bless you both <3

How to get over losing your best friend?

We'd been best friends since we were 7 or 8. We always did everything together. We were so close.

When we were 15 something really bad happened to me, and I tried to talk to her about it, but she just turned her back on me and called me a liar. She was so selfish and kept hurting me from that day on.

I'm now 18 and I still can't 'get over it'. She's moved on, very clearly. She has a new best friend, who I know and she's a good friend of mine too.

I've got a new best friend and he's amazing, far more than she ever was.

Is it normal that I'm still not over it?

I lost all my best friends on snapchat?

And no this isn t about that old update where they took it away completely.

But like when I send a snatch I literally have no best friends anymore and all the little emojis went away except for the ? face (smirking) which means I m on their lost but they re not on mine.

What the heck how do I fix this?

I rejected him and lost my best friend. Please help.?

I rejected my bgf when he asked me out at the beginning of the summer. I had, had feelings for him too but he is my best friend in the world and means so much to me that our friendship really came first to me. I didn't want to put our amazing friendship at risk..because what if it didn't work out between us? I thought I was protecting our friendship.
But instead I think I wrecked it. He hasn't talked to me barely at all ALL summer. I guess you could say we sort of aren't even friends any more? But actually don't say that or I will start crying.
Why did he stop talking to me? I've missed him so much....and if given another chance now I would have said yes to him.
I heard he went out with another girl two days after I rejected him too which really hurt. Idk if they are together.
Basically..he meant everything to me and I'm afraid he doesn't know that. Or I meant nothing to him. Why hasn't he talked to me in like 2 months?! I've been afraid to try and talk to him because I feel like he hates me but I know that's dumb and I HAVE to talk to him. But I'm afraid of what he will say because I think I've really fallen for him now. I'm afraid he either hates me, has a girlfriend or both.
What should I do?? Thanks so much.

Im crying? i lost my best friend? ?

ok first of all that girl is NOT dumb. she has a reason to be mad at you. and so does the other girl. you dont go and tell someone "oh your my bff" then the next day "get away from me! your so annoying! i cant be your friend". lets say that girl (krishinaa)..(made up name) and (leah)..(another made up name) have been best friends since kindegarten..of course theyr gonna stick up eachother. you cant think krishinaa is stealing leah from you..they've been together for 10 years! lets assume leah just met you a year ago. who do you think ae closer?
if you mess with krishinaa you mess with leah.

now about that guy (randrew)...(another made up name)...ummm..lets sayyy you, leah and randrew ALWAYS called eachother..made a group on knew leah liked this randrew started talking to him wayyyy more, you told him stuff that leah told you, you two started calling eachother more, randrew would tell (alexjandro)..(another made up name) that leah was annoying..randrew would call leah "annoying".."she never talks".."boring" and he never called you anything. lets say leah and randrew started talking on the phone by themselves without you. then each time randrew would say "ohh lets call caro" "flash caro" "i wanna talk to caro, lets call her" do you think leahs gonna feal??

maybe you told leah you dont like randrew..maybe she beleives you..but i bet it sure doesnt seem like you dont like randrew. no matter how many times you tell leah. now...leah doesnt want to ruin your friendship with randrew. maybe you should give her some time to get over randrew so she wont be jelous.

leah loves you soooo much. im sure your a great friend to her and you mean alot to her. just give her some time. se doesnt hate you..shes just getting jelous. its ok. no matter how pissed she may didnt loose her. i bet your an amazing friend!

Love triangle help! Losing my best friend?

My best friend happens to be a guy, and I like his as more than just a friend, but he’s interested in another girl. I always tell him that I would rather be friends than nothing at all, but he seems to feel like that’s not very possible. The girl that he likes also happens to have a boyfriend of 2 years, and they split this past weekend because the boyfriend realized that this girl was never going to get over my friend. So my friend and this other girl have been spending a lot of time together lately, and he’s turning into a huge jerk toward me. I feel like every time they start talking and hanging out, he just ditches me. He says that’s not how it is, but that’s sure what it feels like. The one time I needed to talk to him, he told me to give him some space, and then I work with both my friend and the other girl, and both of them ignored me or yelled at me all day Tuesday, and he said it’s my fault because I made him mad, which just makes me even more upset. We tried talking to each other last night to solve our problems, but we didn’t really get anywhere. He thinks it’s basically all my fault and I just want him to realize that I’m not entirely to blame. I have been miserable because of the way I’ve been treated by both of them, and don’t know how to fix the situation. My friend also has always said he just likes me as a friend, but he would call me everyday, and we would hang out a lot. He also tried to kiss me once, but I wouldn’t let him, and if we’re watching movies he’ll cuddle with me a lot and we’ve fallen asleep next to each other before. I need help! Any advice for me in any of this?

My best friend says they feel like they've lost their sense of self. As a friend, what can I do to help them in this situation?

hiIlluminate them with a bright light in a dark room and show them their shadow.Best wishes:)