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Lost My Ticket To A Concert Ticketmaster

How fast can you sell your concert ticket on Ticketmaster+?

I got 5 tickets this morning for Bruno Mars concert which costs $350. I got so excited and forgot that my sister's college grad is going to be that evening as well. Of course, ticketmaster won't refund my money. But the ticketmaster guy advised me to sell it through ticketmaster. Have you guys ever sold a ticket through ticketmaster? Do you get all your money back? How quick?

Lost Ticket bought from Ticketmaster?

Ok so I bought a ticket to a jonas brothers concert for the end of july and recieved it months ago. Unfortunately I moved and I can't find it for the life of me! It was paid for with a credit card and purchased online and I have an assigned seat. Does anyone know if they will give me a new one? I don't care if I have to pay any extra fees or anything.

I went to a concert 1 year ago and lost the ticket. Does Ticketmaster store old tickets/website to recreate it?

Probably not. If memory serves, after an event has taken place, there is no way to reprint the ticket. However, if you used their print-at-home option, you may be able to reprint it that way.

What should I do if I lost my Ticketmaster tickets?

I’m not sure where your “apparently” comes from.If you really bought them through Ticketmaster, there should be options available to you through their customer service, canceling and re-issuing the tickets with different bar codes. (There may be a fee involved but they’ve always been able to do this for the original account holder).If you purchased at the box office, they should also be able to look up the transaction (assuming you used a credit card, which of course you should) and likely will have a way to cancel the tickets and allow you to re-purchase.If you bought the tickets second-hand it may still be possible to work with the person you bought them from to do the same thing.If you just somehow had physical tickets with no record of the purchase, and just somehow lost them, then your question is self-answering.

I lost my concert tickets!?

Good Afternoon,

No problem! We can always replace tickets. Give us a call at (800) 653-8000 and we would be glad to re-send the tickets or have them waiting for you at the box office!

Hope that helps!

How do I transfer my ticketmaster tickets?

How do I transfer tickets?From your question I gather you are hitting the case:Please Note: Not all events have the Ticket Transfer option. If there is no Transfer button on your order, Ticket Transfer is not available.If this is the case, it is unfortunate. As the page suggests you can contact Customer Service and see if they can help you.Some background on why transfer is not always available: typically because the artist/team/event doesn’t want their tickets to be transferred, and Ticketmaster honors their wishes. I know Ticketmaster wishes that transfer and resale were enabled for every event, but some artists (most typically it is singers) don’t want it.

What do you do if you lose your tickets to a concert?

You call the point of purchase (outlet, internet, etc.). Typically tickets have a tracer number (esp. or Ticketmaster tickets) and the seller can issue a reprinted ticket one hour prior to the show permitting together you can prove you purchased it. This is why it is good to use a debit or credit card. Cash is harder to trace in the case of lost tix.

So my sister seems to have lost 4 concert tickets that cost her $560.00. ...can she call tickemater?

Yes! Perhaps.

She needs to call her local "TicketMaster Order by Phone" number no later than 72 hours prior to the event. ASAP is best. She needs to explain that she lost her original tickets.

However, replacement tickets are at the discretion of TicketMaster.

This is one of those times when it's actually best to have paid by credit card for something. TicketMaster will have a record of the tranaction, with her name and credit card info. If she paid by cash... She could basically be anybody claiming a loss... trying to get legitimate tickets for a sold out event. TicketMaster would have to void the original tickets and re-issue them coding them as "replacement tickets". If somebody was trying to commit fraud and get legitimate tickets to a sold out event this way. The original ticketholders would then be denied access to the venue even though they had original, legitimate tickets.

This doesn't mean the "replacement ticket" holders are the fraudulent party. They could be victims too having perhaps bought their tickets from a ticket broker, etc.. The replacement info isn't on the ticket in wording, but it is in the bar-code.

For this reason, TicketMaster may still deny replacement of the tickets if your sister paid by cash.

I used to work for a ticket broker at one time. And if we ever caught one of our people trying to duplicate tickets we terminated them on the spot. I'm very familiar with TicketMaster's replacement policy. If your sister did pay by cash and a replacement is denied... you now have some idea why. They aren't trying to mean just practicing good security.