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Mail Refuses To Send Attachment Of 9 Mb

How i save attachments in Yahoo Mail draft?

If you sent/received the message all the attachments/photos will be in MY PHOTOS/MY ATTACHMENTS.

i don't understand why you use DRAFTS as your storage. Yahoo has unlimited storage so you can save them anywhere as long as you don't delete the message.

I am not sure you can download from the DRAFT folder. Send one of the messages to yourself and see if you can open it once it gets to your inbox. If it still doesn't work, try below.

Check to see if you have the following downloads..
.Media player 11..
.adobe reader 9
adobe flash player 10
microsoft power point viewer 2007

You can check by clicking on START...CONTROL PANEL..then ADD/REMOVE...once that populates you will see what you have in your system... If any of them are missing you can go to or and find them...You can also enter each name individually in your browser and add the word DOWNLOAD after each one and you will get a website that will provide the download. On PPS files...opened by Microsoft power point viewer 2007.Most of the time it will not automatically open...In Firefox just RIGHT click on the attachment inside the box and then click on OPEN...On other types of Internet Providers...IE: Internet Explorer...RIGHT click on DOWNLOAD FILE and follow the prompts....

In my case my PPS attachments are saved to my desktop. If this occurs for you Power Point viewer 2007.....if you save it to your desktop....will have an icon on your desktop. Now...when you go to your desktop and the icon for your attachment is there double click on the Power Point viewer icon and the box should appear with...hopefully, DESKTOP will be displayed in the LOOK IN box at the top. If it is not click on the down arrow on the right side and desktop will be an option. Click on that and Desktop will go in to this box and everything on your desktop will be displayed below. Click on your attachment and it will go below in the File Name box. Click on open and your attachment will open up for you..

Also, check this website for additional suggestions.…

In addition...when you have problems viewing photos/attachments in your email you can click on MY PHOTOS or MY ATTACHMENTS and they should be in there..

Sending an attachment that won't open intentionally?

I want to send a word document as an attachment over an e-mail, but I don't want the person getting the attachment to open it, i want it to give them an error or something. how can i do that?

Why are upload speeds to Gmail so slow for attachments?

Email is the easiest and quickest way of communication these days. Users use this source to talk personally as well as professionally. Not only this, the message is being conveyed in minutes to the person wherever the receiver is. Also, the customer does not have to worry as the information remains secret and can be viewed by the recipient only.With the growing technology, not only the email but many other fascinating features is introduced to keep the users glued. They can explore multiple things in the Gmail and can use whenever needed. In the same manner, there is an attachment feature which is used to link any file, photo in the mail.However, users used to face the difficulty in the attachments done in the email. They unearth that they have to move through the pages viewing or attaching any file. So, in that case, Gmail has done something new, creative, and innovative to leave you dumbstruck. The attachments will not be any issue with the Gmail again. Therefore, if still any snag is there, then Gmail Customer Care is around you for your support.Now, users looking for the attachment in the Gmail, they can simply follow these steps to know about it:Open your Gmail accountClick on the compose email given on the left side of Gmail idThen, write the subject and the content you want to enter thereMoving up to the attachment of the mail, click on the sign of attachment.Once you will click, the box will open separately in front of youWith the attachment things, you can easily compose the emailThese are the simple points which make easy for everyone to use Gmail. The latest updations done by the Gmail is especially for all the users. Any hindrance is there, contact through Gmail phone number and we will be there to assist you. Though you might have to wait for the help, but have patience to be assisted in a better way.Our professional team is on their toes for customer support. They listen to everything clearly and then offer the solution. Our experts are well trained and know what all difficulties can come. Our phone numbers plus chat facility are also there. We are available 24*7 for our customers. We don’t have a policy of stepping back from the user’s problem.

What is the maximum acceptable file size when sending resumes by e-mail?

5MB Sounds too large. Most recruitment sites I know that have resume uploading have a 2MB limit. My own resumes (three pages) range from 1.2MB for the pdf and around 250k for the MS Word file.

I would also check the software that is making your MS Word file into pdf - maybe it is set for 'photo quality' or there is some other setting that makes it very high resolution.

I would not worry too much if you can't change the size but you may need to watch out if some companies have e-mail size limits in the firewalls.

I would also only require a resume once as an employer and my personal preference is for MS Word.

Why cant i send wav files through email?

That used to happen to me when I had a web-based email account, but when I subscribed to an internet provider that had more storage space, it let me send bigger files. I can also send wav files through IM. Maybe you should try sending through an account that has more storage space.

How do I send a file larger than 25 MB by using my Gmail account?

Gmail allows you to share upto 25 MB of file attachments via email.To be able to share an attachment which is more than 25 MB of space, any of the below listed ways will be an ease:1. Attachment via Google Drive: In case the files you wish to send crosses the limit of 25 MB, google automatically uploads that file to the Google Drive account associated with your gmail account and shares the drive link of that file to the recipient in email.Your recipient using that google drive link can access the attachment and can even save that file in his google drive.There is no size limit for files which can be shared thru google drive. Subject to space available in your google drive account to upload the file. You can also copy the link of the file which is already uploaded in your google drive and can share the same via email.2. The 2nd option that can be used to share attachments which are over sized is via OneDrive. If you have a OneDrive account, you can upload the files that you want to share in that onedrive account.From your account, you can browse those files and can share the link of a folder or a specific file.GoogleDrive & OneDrive also allows the sender to define the restrictions for the recipient i.e. whether the recipient would be able to only see the file, or he can see & edit the file etc.There are many other ways to share huge files like- Dropbox,, Secure Cloud Drive - Degoo etc.

How do I send zip files on Gmail?

of course you can’t use gmail to share alter you can use google drive1)open google dirve and click that new and select file upload2) select your zip file..3) let it to upload and open that file4)click share5) Add the other persons Gmail id….and click donei hope i have answered your question….have a nice day…

How can I send an e mail to 150 people?

Yahoo is tightening up their anti-spam filters. You should be able to send apx. 100 emails at once. But recently sending 10 can trigger the spam filter. Yahoo should get this straightened out. You will be able to send your 150 in 2 groups. But we don't know when that will be. Right now you will need to send them out 8-9 at a time.

There is nothing wrong with your computer.

If you want to send all 150, you need to sign up with Yahoo Small Business. Even tho you are not a business.