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Making A Day Trip To Mexico With My Kids And 2 Of Their Friends Is Birth Certificate All We Need

How to keep the father off birth certificate?

I did it. When the registrar was asking me the parental information, she asked me the father's name and I said, "I'd like to keep that ommitted." She said okay. No harm, no foul.

You are not obligated to list the parental information. She could legitimately not know who the father is. They can't fault her for that.

With that said, if she wants to get child support from him, they will make him take a paternity test. THEN, he can fight to have the name on the BC, and then a custody battle could ensue if he is a big a jerk as you're saying. If she isn't worried about financial support in helping to raise her child, then there is no worries on this.

The best thing to do, for Mom and Baby, is to keep a restraining order in play and/or a PFA (Protection From Abuse Order) and she needs to document any and all contact from him. If he knows that she's pregnant, she needs to do this for their safety. Men that crazy are even crazier when there's a child involved.

I'm not trying to scare either of you. I just know first-hand what can happen. My daughter's father isn't on the BC. He wasn't abusive, but he has a serious drinking problem. She has my maiden name. He pays child support (sometimes) but has no custody of her at all. It's because I documented and had evidence when we went to court for that part. I have also worked at a battered-womens shelter, and have helped shelter participants in obtaining these orders.

Good luck to you and your friend. I hope this info is useful.

Question about adoptee's amended birth certificates?

Its been years since I really inspected my amended birth certificate. I was looking at it last week and came across a few interesting items. That being said, for the life of me, I will never understand how the government gets away with falsifying an "official" document.

It has my adopted name, date of birth, my ap's names & their dob's. It even has the date my "mother" had a serological test for syphilis- the day I was born. I asked my adoptive Mom if she had to have a test like this when she applied for adoption. Nope...and she was quite insulted when I asked.

My abc has 2 different "stamps" on it. One says "received and filed on December 20, 1965".
That is IMPOSSIBLE, as my ap's did not even get me until the first week in May. Of 1966. In the corner, it has the date of December 2, 1966 in a circle/stamp. That is most likely when my adoption was final, or when the court filed the final adoption decree. My ap's swear they do not remember when my adoption was final, although they said they had to live in fear for 6 months after they got me and my a bro.....because "THAT WOMAN" could have shown up on their doorstep and taken their baby, lol. But- that date would have been 6 months after they got me.

The ONLY things that are true on my abc was my weight, my sex, the hospital, and the doctor who delivered me. He was an in-house doctor who subcontracted with Catholic Scarities.

It is the 1966 date that has always confused people who have needed to see it. (getting my driver's license, social security card after I was married, and when I needed to have it to travel to Mexico)

Other than the obvious, does your abc have any other funkiness going on? Have any of the first Moms here had the chance to see their child's amended birth certificates? Ap's? What oddities are listed on your child's abc?

Even as a child I laughed at the absurdity listed on my abc.....but the test for syphillis truly made me go, "Hmmmmm."

How can legal Mexicans get so offended when people talk about illegals?

Legal Mexican Americans are pissed off at the illegals since they are being hurt by these criminals also! Remember Caesar Chavez? He was very much against illegal aliens too.

This is not a racist issue - it is about the law! The illegals are criminals because they are breaking our laws.

If a triplet died would you call the remaining two twins or triplets?

All these "I would call them by their name comments" are just stupid. OBVIOUSLY, you would not say "twins come here", you'd be far more likely to say "kids come here" or "Ella and Emma, come here".

This question is clearly referring to what you would say if it's asked "how many kids do you have?" "oh, I have twins" etc.

Honestly. Name snobs are IDIOTS.

To answer the question, I would call them the triplets to friends/family/people who knew, but just "the kids" to anyone who I didn't want to tell.

Can I return from Mexico without a passport?

Hi all,

I live in San Diego, California and am looking to visit Mexico (specifically Rosarito, not too far from the border). I would be either driving or walking across the border. However, I don't have my passport. I have applied and it's in the mail, and I should be getting it within about 2-3 weeks.

(Also, yes I do know there are ways to get a passport card same-day, however I don't have any sort of official itinerary, and this is not an option for me as I've already sent in my paperwork through the mail.)

I know since 2009 a passport is required even for Mexico and Canada. However, I've had many people tell me that I won't have an issue getting back other than potentially having to wait a little longer and go through a secondary screening, as long as I have a California drivers license and can prove my identity.

I just want to make sure what I've heard is true. I'm really trying to go before the time that my passport comes in the mail, but I don't want to end up screwing myself over or getting in trouble.