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Man Of Steel Movie Reaction

Why was Man of Steel an unsatisfying Superman movie?

Ultimately it's because they didn't give Kal enough of Superman's personality.  He was too much a cipher.  A tabula rasa for others to write their versions upon. His motivations were ambiguous.  Why was he wandering around for years?He seemed reactive rather than purposeful.  Think of iron man or batman. They each had a raison d'être. Kal didn't.  Part if it is the performer.  Christopher Reeve brought it with him. Saving the kitten spoke volumes and let Chris' inherent sweetness shine through.  Sadly Henry Cavill was poorly directed and not given  enough to build a real character upon. They seemed to think looking pensive or intense was a substitute for character.  Another is the script. It made him a cipher.  For example, it was a huge error to allow Kal to watch Jonathan die.  It made him far too passive and "alien". The Superman I love would have done something to save him, damn the secret identity.  Thats why Jonathan's death in the first movie version was so moving. "All these powers, and I couldn't save him"  I also couldn't believe Jonathan told him it might have been better to let the kids in the bus die.  That is totally opposite the upbringing Kal received in Kansas.  It's why Kansas was selected as his home on Earth.Lastly, Superman would never have allowed the fight with Zod to cause so much death and destruction in Metropolis.  Zod was chasing him.  Superman could have taken it to the desert, the ocean or even the moon.  Instead the film makers chose to ignore the danger and instead play for the huge special effects. Superman has endured as a character not because of his strength but despite it.  He is the ultimate good-guy and the film forgot that.

Movies: Should Ant-Man, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice & Deadpool flop at The Box Office?

This isn't an argument of whether Ant-Man, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice & Deadpool will flop at The Box Office, this is whether or not The People think Ant-Man, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice & Deadpool should flop at The Box Office.

Would anyone agree that john wick has the best realistic action of any action movie?

I completely agree. Even my husband -whom loathes Keaunu Reeves with passion- loved the movie.

To me, this movie has a lot of refreshing new takes on an action film. First being realistic: no body doubles, realistic fight scenes with no cables or flying or elaborate hand work just like a real fight would look like, real driving by Keanu and normal reaction time in reloading guns for example, NO fantastic cars flying or crashing, and no boom boom explosions, just crashes like they would be for real.

Other excellent points was NO action movies clichés! No sexual tension with hot spy, no nudity or stripper bar scenes, no sex, no objetization of women, no the bad guy getting away/running/escaping like it normally happens in action movies (the girl getting whacked by their own kind on the spot for example ).

Other points is that John Wick wears a bullet vest! And gets hurt and gets slow with his injuries. So tired of the typical action flicks were the rain of bullets don't even make the hair look bad.

Another cliche that they avoided was the blood bath in the pool for example. The good guy getting killed while fighting (typically they all live). And John wick getting to the edge of his life ( which in movies typically they never suffer more than a scratch).

I loved this movie and I hope they have a second one!! Loved it! And I am not an action flick follower, this one I am.

This movie was so realistic that I actually felt bad for the characters when fighting, because you could tell it actually hurt, not that spring back to high flying Kung fu kicks stuff like nothing happened.

Isn't "The Iron Giant" a sad movie????!!!!!!?

i saw the whole movie and it was really sad, because the iron giant risk his life to save the world! =(