Mechanic Suddenly Billing Me For Extra Work I Didn

How can you tell when an auto mechanic is lying to you about the work your vehicle needs?

If you don’t know much about cars and you’re relying on the shop to diagnose and service your car, you can’t tell. Also, you probably shouldn’t walk in there assuming the shop exists solely to rip you off, either.If you’re ‘car dumb’, then they know more about cars than you, and you are at the mercy of their knowledge and honesty. This is why you search for reputable mechanics with a fairly decent customer flow, because they’re probably better than the rest.Don’t argue with their diagnosis, because IMO, that makes you an ignorant asshole, and I’ve witnessed enough cheapskates argue and accuse mechanics over a $2.50 lug nuts. Some people immediately get defensive when they realize that their vehicle is going to cost them money. Blind.Ignorant.Rage.If you have any question about a shop’s diagnostic or estimate, you are welcome to get a second opinion at another shop. You should, anyway, for more expensive repairs. If the shop tries to tell you that your car is unsafe, assume they’re right unless proven otherwise. Drive it carefully and be prompt about repairs.Bottom line, most busy shops aren’t going to drum up unnecessary work, at the expense of their reputation. They will, however:Charge you a lot of money. It’s a business, not a charity. Yes, you can save ASSLOADS of money by doing it yourself, but you can’t do it yourself. I don’t hear many people complain about the price of plumbers/electricians, but when it comes to a car, their mechanic is considered a slimeball.Misdiagnose a problem. It happens. Even when I work on my own car, spend my own money, and waste my own time, I don’t always get to the root of the problem, or I find new problems. Cars are money pits. It wastes my money, it will waste your money, but don’t assume that the shop is deceitful or incompetent. You should’ve gotten a second opinion.Over-maintain. Trust me, mechanics don’t want crappy, unsafe cars to leave their shop, and most drivers don’t have their car looked at often enough. What this means is, mechanics are trained to look for EARLY problems. Mechanics are trained to notify you when your brake pads are below 50%. While I maintain and inspect my own car, I can catch my brake pads at 10%, giving more more longevity and saving me money. You can’t. When a mechanic sees pads at less than 50%, he’s going to flag it because there’s a good chance you probably won’t be back until, one day, you notice your car can no longer stop itself.

What can I do if a mechanic does some work on my car without my permission?

It depends on the agreement you signed when handing over the keys. Regardless of what part it is, in many many cases that's just how repair work goes. You ask for a service you get a service. Most places do the diagnostic work themselves or tell you they don't want your advice about the problem for a very specific reason. You ask for the car to be fixed you get it fixed.You get charged in an itemized way because of how taxes work.Please, read the agreement before you sign it.If they work on your car without a signature on a legal form? Look at your local laws about it, they probably broke a few.Never hand over your keys for work without signing something of an agreement, it protects you BOTH!They give an ESTIMATE there is no way to know what your car will do when they take it apart, please read the agreement you sign!!!!Local laws are at play and regardless of what part you need fixed or if it is suspension or transmission that’s true. Read your agreement with the business you ask to work on your car!

Mechanic changing prices on me.?

I dropped off my car at the mechanic shop three weeks ago to get a clutch replaced on my car. at the time when i dropped of the car we agreed on 500.00 as the fee for everything, additionally he said the car would be ready in 3 days. Today its been a three weeks and hes is trying to charge 650.00 saying the part was more expensive than what anticipated ( I looked up the part online and its 235.00) Am i responsible to pay him the extra money even thought he switch the price on me and every time i called to check on my car he kept saying that the part hadn't arrived, he never mentioned the additional cost until today.