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Mesopotamia Became An Early Center Of Civilization Because It Had An Abundance Of Water Timber

Mesopotamia became an early center of civilization because it had an abundance of water, timber, stone and met?

Mesopotamia became an early centre of civilization because of its climate and arable soil.

My daughter is convinced that the ancient Egyptians were black. Is she right or wrong?

Why don’t we ask the Ancient Egyptians themselves? They can tell us:You can see on this one that there are very clear differences in skin tone and colouration: indeed, there is black on the drawing, for hair colour, and the tone of Anubis’ mask. The Egyptians themselves are a little more red ochre in colour.This one is showing some of the darker-skinned Africans (likely Nubians) alongside the lighter-toned Egyptians. It does have to be noted that there’s not a single dominant skin type: their skin clearly ranged from lighter Caucasian tones all the way up to the darker African tones more commonly-associated with that continent.The Ancient Egyptians likely had skin tones more akin to this, if their drawings and paintings are to be believed:And we can’t ignore the recreation of Tutankhamen:It’s not nearly as simple as your daughter believes, I’m afraid. Worth noting that there was a significant black population in Ancient Egypt: many ‘less-civilised’ African tribes (particularly from Nubia) were taken by Egyptian slave-catchers, and gradual interbreeding would have led to a darker skin tone among parts of the population. Worth looking into!Hope that answered your question!