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Might Be Going To Jail

I am going to jail soon, I'm 18 yrs old, what should I do before and while I'm in jail?

This advice comes from my dad who was a Corrections Officer for 25 years. I have never been locked up and have never been in trouble with the law.Don’t accept any “gifts” when you arrive. Sometimes you won’t have everything you need such as shower shoes, soap, a toothbrush, snacks; whatever. Some inmates will try to leave you “gifts” to hold something over you. They’ll say that since they did something for you, it’s time for you to do ANYTHING for them.Continue your education. Give yourself a chance to learn something that can be used to help you when you get out. Go to college, learn a trade, get your GED. That will be a good chance to keep you from reoffending. It could also reduce your time in jail if they see you are doing your best to become a model citizen.Be ready to fight. My dad said that prison is a whole different ballgame. You have to fight to protect your food, because someone might not like your skin color, and more.Nobody is your friend behind bars. You will be in there with con artists, rapists, armed robbers, murderers, addicts, drug dealers, and worse. They will exploit you to get themselves ahead.Keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anybody anything about what you did, don’t ask what they did, and don’t snitch. Rats don’t last long in prison and they get discovered really quickly.EDIT: STOP COMMENTING ON MY ANSWER AS IF I’M THE ONE GETTING LOCKED UP. I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL. I DID NOT ASK THIS QUESTION. IT’S VERY ANNOYING THAT PEOPLE ARE GIVING ME UNSOLICITED ADVICE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE. I DID NOT THINK THAT SO MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION. FFS.

What should I say to someone going to jail?

Prison or Jail, there is a difference. Jail is where you go before arrignment and final charges, probation or prison or charges released. If your headed to prison you will eventually(99%) be paroled or discharged, you must adapt to prison world. Mind your goddamn business and stay with your race, it doesn't mean that you are racist, but if your wanna increase your chances of making it out alive, you hafta check you free world civility at the door. Don't let others extort or charge you ‘rent’ or pay protection or take your store. Stand up for your self or your gonna be a mark and you will always be a punk. You don't have to win every fight, but you gotta fight, otherwise your gonna be someone's wife. If you can, try and get trustey ststus, it's the lowest level of confinement and you have the best chance of parole, and highest earning status(days locked up) as far as your time goes, some can get 3 for 1 in Texas for an S3 classification. Take advantage of vocational, education programs. Yes you can earn a master's degree in prison. Develop a skill you can market, fixing radio's, electronics, drawing, barboring, ect. You can barter for food items on sale in the canteen with your jailhouse skills. Try and stay away from gambling, owning others money, because, if you can't afford to pay, they gonna take it outta your ass. Write your family, loved ones, keep those free world relationships going, believe me, all you have in prison is store, visits and, mail. And number one rule, find a buddy, a partner that will have your back and you will have his back, you will be surprised at how much hope, strength, and encouragement you will provide each other, because it's all about doing whatever it takes to survive.And last but not least, don't be a snitch!! Snitches don't last long in prison, even when they end up in PC. Good luck!!

I'm a nerd and I'm going to jail. How can I survive?

I was a nerd and I went to state prison for 10 years... as you can see, I survived. This is WAY too small of a forum to answer this question but I would SINCERELY like to help you so I will try and give you the basics. If you want, you can e-mail me directly and I will expound: So... FIRST of all do NOT Google your answer for this one. I don't care if you DO talk to people who have done time, most of them will be liars who want to romanticize their own experience. The rest will be lames who don't know the first thing about real time. You are off the map, son, there be monsters here.SECONDLY, Let me tell you this right now: YOU WILL SURVIVE. That's right. I would bet my future life earnings that you will live through this horrible experience. You may... stop, erase that... You WILL have some terrible times, you will be changed by this, there will be times when you aren't sure if you even WANT to survive. But you will. We got a saying, little homie... there ain't nothin to it but to do it. It will suck, it will be hard... but time stops for no man, not even a Superior Court judge. The time will pass and the the sun will rise on the day of your release. *and let me tell you that on the day that I got out I actually felt sorry for people who HADN'T done 10 years... they will never know just how good their food tastes, how sweet free air smells, how bright colors are... it is an amazing feeling. So keep that in yer back pocket ;)THIRD, there are two sets of rules in prison, the state's and the convict's. Forget the guards' rules, there is NOTHING they can do to you that is worse than the fellas in there. Find your group (in California it's mostly by race) and stick with them, worry about the convict code, not the Title 15 (California's rule book).LASTLY, and I cannot stress this enough: TRUST NO ONE. This doesn't mean be cagey or disengaged, it just means don't trust people. Someone tells you something, ask yourself, "why". Not EVERY interaction in prison will be someone trying to work you, so don't put people off by being a jerk about it... just be aware that everyone's a frikk'n wise guy in the joint and there are a very limited amount of resources so keep a sharp eye.Good luck, my man. I mean that. I actually kind of hope you e-mail me, I think this may be the ONE arena where I can do somebody some good and help them avoid making the same mistakes I did (and maybe end up with fewer scars than I do!)

How do I cope with my boyfriend going to jail?

My boyfriend will be leaving to do some jail time (4-6 months) for minor misdemeanor and it's depressing me. What can I do to cope with his absence? We've been together for almost a year and I know it's worth the wait.

I asked this question in another section and all I got was futile judgmental comments. I would like some constructive advice.

How do I get through my boyfriend going to jail for 3 years?

I read all of the answers given before my reply. You have been given some good advice. But no one answered and said they have been to prison. So here are 2 cents from someone who did.Unless you have been in a relationship with him for years there's no reason to wait for him.Anyone going to do time will try to gather as many friends and family to them as possible. This is so that they can assure themselves they won't be alone there.Prisoners have needs and here they are.Hope for a better future after prison. This keeps them focused and out of trouble.Mail hearing your name called at mail call makes you feel loved and not forgotten. It also shows the other inmates and guards there are free people who care about them. Guards are less likely to miss treat someone who has a family who will call their superiorsMoney This is where the people they gather close come in. They have no real way to make money so they need people to send it. Money makes life in prison much easier. From a hair brush, to actual Nikes and food its available at most prisons canteens.A place to come home to after release. 3 years is considered short time but enough time that they will come out homeless if no one takes them in. No one wants to go to halfway house after doing time. You gain freedom just to give it up again at a halfway house.Someone also said prisoners get 23 hours a day locked up and one hour to exercise in a gym. This is only true in max security settings and for punishing misbehavior in regular prisons. Regular prisons have a gym, but max security is usually a cage with maybe a basketball hoop.Look up how.much time your state prisoners serve. In Florida its 80% or 10 months for ever year. So he got 36 months and will do 30. In Florida he should (depending on charges) eligible for work release 15 months before release. So it's likely you won't be separated a full 3 years.I would still advise you not to commit to anyone going to do time. You can write and maybe even visit. But keep the door open for Mr. Really Right.You should also read this response I wrote to someone wanting to marry a prisoner.Answer to Is it a good idea to marry someone in prison? by Mary Livey Mary Livey's answer to Is it a good idea to marry someone in prison?

Is it normal to be worried about going to jail?

Of course it's normal. You are going into a situation where you have little control with unknowable dynamics. I would be worried.

Be smart. Follow directions and rules (you might get out early). Minimize eye contact. Don't take sides on anything and minimize conversation.

Volunteer for stuff - jobs and such. Usually the ones doing jobs are the better behaved inmates. Someone mentioned being a trustee - you have to be there awhile to do that to earn the "trust" in trustee.

Ignore the idiots who talk about dropping soap.This is jail, not hard time. It's an old, ignorant joke.

My boyfriend is going to jail for two years?

I dunno the whole story, but I can tell you it will be EXTREMELY HARD! I know!! My boyfriend got locked you for 2 years also.. In fact he is still there. He's only got 3 months to him min! So i'm crossing my fingers. The first 3-6 months was the hardest.. You'll go from talking to him everyday to no speaking for weeks.. When ppl go to jail the first 2-3 weeks they are getting all the stuff in there straighted out and may not be able to make contact with anyone at all.. Which is SUPER hard cuz u have no idea if they are ok! After the first visit (that's is he's close enough to visit), you feel like crap, bc its like a tease! But it DOES get easier.. Not much but a little! It helps a lot if you find other things to do. And let him know ur there! That helps him alot!! And tell him to work in there cuz that helps his time go by and it looks gd for him!! But I am going to tell you guys will try to talk to you. I know and honestly I did slip up a little after he'd been gone a year, and I had to step back and decided if I wanted to wait or move on. But I decided he is what I want and I will be here when he comes home. ALSO HE WILL CHANGE! But so will you.. 2 years isn't that long on a calendar, but it is a lot of time and a lot will happen. This is something that you will probably go back and forth on the whole time he's gone, but in the end I'm sure you'll do whats best for you!

My girlfriend might be going to jail. Should I move on? She was using another guy’s truck but didn’t know it was stolen when she was caught with it.

Statistically women support their men who are sent to prison but rarely so men support their women. That you have to ask means you have already moved on mentally.Going to prison is a lonely, solitary thing. If you can offer her friendship without strings or hope for a relationship when she gets out, that could be kind. Send her a subscription to Reader’s Digest (inspirational and upbeat) or a fashion magazine like Allure or In Style. And send her a card once a month. You don’t have to send long letters. A card is pretty and simple, not emotional.But if you are ready to move on, then just cut the ties. It’s better that way.