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Muslims Do You Trust Your Favourite Imams And Scholars

Why do Muslim hate Harry Potter Series?

A number of Islamic scholars have argued that the books' magical themes conflict with Islamic teachings.A series of "online fatāwa" have been logged by imams against Harry Potter, decrying it as un-Islamic.
In 2002, the books were banned in schools across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to a spokesman from the education ministry of the UAE government, the books' fantasy and magic elements were contrary to Islamic values. Despite being banned from schools in the Emirates, there are no plans to ban them from bookshops within the country.
In August 2007, police in Karachi, Pakistan discovered and defused a car bomb located outside a shopping centre where, hours later, the final Harry Potter novel was scheduled to go on sale. The book launch was postponed in response. A local police superintendent commented that, "We are not sure so far whether the target of the bombing was the book launch, but the connection cannot be ruled out."
While the Harry Potter books are available for sale in Iran, an editorial in the 26 July 2007 edition of the state-run newspaper Kayhan, which has ties to Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, criticised Iran's Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry for approving the distribution of the final Harry Potter novel.The editorial claimed that the book, "includes destructive words and sentences which oppose to the values [of the Islamic Republic]," and that airport security had failed by "[trusting] the American-British publisher which has Zionist collaborators, such as Warner Bros.." The editorial described the books as a "Zionist project" and claimed that "Zionists had spent billions of dollars" on it.In 2009, the Middle East Media Research Institute translated a documentary on Iranian television about the Harry Potter film series that alleges, "The creation of new stories, based on mythical themes of witchcraft and devil worship, has always been a tool used by contemporary Zionists, and it is once again used in recent years, now more visibly than ever, targeting innocent children and youth."

Is an authentic site?

Honey SARA is certainlly authentic site but yr information is defnatly unanthentic.

Dear Sister,

I have been reverted for about 4 years now (i reverted in Ramadan 2004), and I have been using is website (Islam Q and A) since then.

So I can definatly say that this website is very authentic :) and until now i havent find any fatwa wesite which is better then this one,

it is certainlly realiable bcoz they give you answer based on Quran, Sahih Hadith and the answer from scolars. None of their answers are without reference.

but if some people as u said refuge to belive or accpet these answers and/or refernce, then sister remmber we can only given them the answers it isnt in our control to change anyone's heart/mind, only Allah has that ability.

If they accpet then peace be upon them but if they dont then this is between them and thier Lord. :)

Ma'Salaam sister.

Cuite Pie: No need thanks it is my duty, Ma'Salaama Sister.

Honey SARA: What are you talking about sister? are you awake? I guess you defnatly dont know what u r talking about.
Pls fear Allah, life of this world is temporary :) Your Creator will surly judge you/ :)

Brother Abdul HArith, as you know that i have been going to this website continusly for about 4 years. I have never come accorss a fatwa, from this website which is given by Muhammad al Munajjid himself.

He gives answers with regarding to Quran, Hadith and what the scolars of Islam said. You will find anything which is like bocz Muhammad al Munajjid said so and so.
Rather he'll give answers with refer. and say like about to this scolar. :)
I hope u got what i mean.
So dear SARA how can you judge loads of Fatwas but by reading one fatwa?
I know there are Hadith which are falsly atributed to the Prophet (saw), so it must be explained on this website. May be thats what u r refering to?

Is it haram to masterbate?

Assalamualaikum brother,

Yes, it is haram to masturbate in Islam. There is a Hadith(not sure of its authenticity) that whoever gets his hands pregnant (masturbates) is cursed. However, there are certain scholars who say that if you are in the company of a woman (not related to you) you cannot avoid being with, then it is permissible to masturbate (so that you don't commit a bigger zina)
I understand your situation. If you realise that what you have been doing is wrong, then do not be harsh upon yourself. There are many ways you can stop:

1) if it is difficult for you, then don't stop immediately. Just try to reduce the number of times you do it.
2) perhaps you could reward yourself a favourite food/activity ( other than masturbation!!) when you stop yourself from doing it.
Lastly, remember that Allah is always watching you and that one day you will be with the woman who you can keep it halaal with :)

Hope I answered your question :)

IS Alina ..considered a muslim name?

its a nice name but there are like 2 in the world muslism with that name.

How should a Muslim become a practicing Muslim again?

You should go for “Jihad”.Yes! you read it right. Jihad against your desires (Jihad al-nafs).A wise man told me when I had the same question- “doing good deeds is easier but stopping yourself from own desires and sins is the most difficult part”. He also said Muslim Sufi’s and Saints did not become Sufi’s and Saint’s by doing good deeds or by offering Namaz or fasting or any other islamic stuff but they use to go against there desires and they accepted “Taqwa” (conscious and cognizant of Allah, of truth, of the rational reality, fear of god).Taqwa is the struggle against evil ideas, desires and powers of lust, anger, and insatiable imagination, placing all of them under the dictates of reason and faith in obedience to God's commands, and finally, purging all satanic ideas and influences from one’s soul.This struggle is considered as the major struggle (al-jihad al-akbar) as it is much more difficult than fighting in the battlefield, for in the struggle against the self, one has to constantly battle enemies that are hosted inside his own existence.Hence, stop fulfilling your desires and try to avoid doing even small form of sins. Also try to stop feeding what your Nafs (desires) asks you. Inshallah soon you will find difference in your Imaan.FYI:- Recently I have started practicing this- started feeling difference. Some of the thing which I do:I don’t feel like waking-up for fajr early morning (my nafs says sleep) but I go against it.I feel like watching TV but I go against it and recite Quran.Sometime I feel like having good food but I try to avoid and have normal food (just to kill my desire).Since I started doing this, I got strength to stop my self from doing sins and I got motivation to pray more.May Allah give us Hidayath and Imaan for both of us and all. Ameen!

Are condoms, female condoms, birth control pills, etc. halal?

Fatwas about this subject are very personal to the one in need of the fatwa. There is not a blanket answer for this to cover all people. For anyone to say , "No it isn't allowed" is simply not correct and they need to do some reading about it. For anyone to say, "Yes it is allowed anytime" is simply not correct either and they also need to do some reading about it.
There are different reasons that it may be permissible and to regulate to your periods so you can get pregnant is not the only reason (nor does that make sense medically at all because if your periods are irregular and you aren't ovulating once you go off the pill the chance is 99% that it will go back to its pre pill schedule).

This question is proof again the wolfmuslim needs to staple her lips shut and bind her hands until she has done some serious reading. An ex-imam means nothing. A scholar is the one you need information from.
The husbands rights do not supersede the womans. Where did that even come from?