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My Boyfriend Forgot To Like My Newest Pics On Facebook .how Can I Cope

How do you forget about someone you truely love but can't be with and you see them almost everyday?

Pain is the only thing that you'll feel. When you see them daily and know the fact deep inside your heart that they will never be yours.“The worst feeling is loving someone, but knowing they will never be yours.”Whatever you do for them to make them realize that you are in love with them deeply, they will never understand. You can actually feel that pain in your chest and stomach which will not let you sleep properly, breath freely. Day by day seeing them, you will feel that you are losing something, an important part of your life, a person with whom you always wanted to be - today, tomorrow & forever. Such feelings are hard to express and no one will understand the pain you might be going through. If you have loved someone truly, then you can’t forget them. That person might not be with you in the long run but their memories will always stay with you.You might stop talking to each other but you will never forget their voice. You might stop hugging but you will never forget their smell. Some people can stay in your heart forever, but not in your life. :(Things you should do to feel little better:1) Delete their contact number and stop making contact - calls, msgs, WhatsApp etc.2) Stop stalking their Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter profiles.3) Delete their pictures from your phone.4) Share your feelings with your friend.5) Start doing some physical activity e.g: Gym, morning walk, yoga. It actually works wonder.6) Meditate7) Don't be alone. Spend most time with your friends, family members.8) Try not to see them in the office. Obviously, you can't run or ignore them. If possible, change your timings.9) Take a break from office, go on vacation with your friends/family.10) Watch your fav web series on youtube.11) Avoid the places where you used to hang out.12) Focus on your career.13) Spend time with kids. Best Option. :)14) Put some inspirational/positive thoughts up at your work.15) Write a diary expressing your feelings.Just remember one thing, time is a great healer. Everything heals with time. Your heart heals. The mind heals. Your happiness is always going to come back. Bad times don't last.All the best! Stay happy! :)

A couple who loved each other truly had to get married to someone else due to family pressure. How do they feel about it now?

The couple loved each other still got married to someone else…this happens in many cases..some of the couples end their life because they cannot see their partner living with someone else..they only want to live with each other.Some of the couples move on after geting married…they cannot completely forget their love..but when they get married..they have their own they try to be happy as they are..It is very very difficult to leave your loved one and get married to someone else…only the ones who have experienced it can tell exactly how it feels…when tou are in love with imagine your every moment with them…you feel as if you want them every second…you cannot inagine living with someone else other than your partner….But because of the family pressure..some couple have to do this…i think this is the familys mistake…when you separate two loved ones…God never bless is the worst sin i suppose..Being seperated from your partner is the worst feeling ever…i cannot even imagine a single secind without my girlfriend…she is my breath…wherever i will go..she will be with me…and i am gonna marry her..thats for sure…It is the responsibility of the family members to understand where their daughter or son is happy..if they are happy with a particular person…they should let them marry to him/her.People should try to understand the beauty of love…because it is the best experience abyone can have..:it is the best feeling anyone can ever feel. It is the best of all.Hope it helps!:)

What's the best way to move on after your partner cheats on you?

It will take a lot of emotional maturity to understand what I am saying. But I think it should help—First, don’t hate the third person. It’s not him/her who primarily wronged you, it’s your partner.It’s not about you. Say that a thousand times till it sinks in. Cheating is not about you. It’s about your partner. It’s about the kind of person your partner had become in the relationship, that they were trying to get away from, not you.You are neither the first person nor the last one in this world who's seeing this.It's not the end of the world, it’ll pass.Be compassionate. Be kind to the partner who cheated. Clearly, if they are deceiving, they are deceiving their own selves more than anyone else, and that’s sad.Take a break. If there’s cheating involved, the relationship was most likely already suffering and after cheating, it's going to be worse.Since you asked how to move on—Focus on yourself. Cheating is going to affect your self esteem, you are going to feel rejected. Take care of yourself. Tell yourself it's not about you.Focus on work, other relationships for a while. Remember you weren’t able to give so much time to your parents because of your relationship? Maybe it’s time you spend some time with them. Or friends. Or other familial relationships.Take a break altogether from relationships. You are going to be tempted to have casual relationships, or things like that. If you are clear that’s what you want, then great. But chances are, you are in an emotional turmoil already. Best to not involve other people without clarity.Read. Travel. Indulge in your hobbies and other interests.After a while, get back at dating people. At trusting them.Know that you are not entitled to anybody. Work on yourself. Make your next relationship such that even if the spouse is attracted to someone else, they feel safe telling that to you.Invest in human relations again. Don’t be defensive or negative. Be open to new possibilities. Learn to trust again. And learn that trusting again is about you and not the other.

How do I get over someone I’ve never had? How do I get over this heartbreak, this misplaced feeling of something that never belonged to me?

I've just had the same experience, and getting over it is indeed difficult, took me about forty days to accept it and move on. The hardest part is this is a close friend of mine, and at some point I have been misled that what we had is really something special.. So here's how I did it:1. Acknowledge your feelings, no matter how deep it is. Dont do self denial, face the truth with head up high.2. Seek the counsel and enjoy the company of some friends. I am lucky enough to have friends who happened to served as 'witness' to our 'story'.. So they understood, they let me cry, shout, drink, party, then cry again..3. Do not over think! The tendency of unrequited love is that we tend to overthink every little sweet gesture and look for signs from the other person. One thing I have learned from this is to never assume, never expect unless you hear the other person say it and do the obvious.. I began to realize, as well, that if he really has feelings for me he would have told me early on, but no.. So there had been none.. 4. Save a distance from that person. Since he is a close friend and co worker, I tried never to pass by his cubicle, never linger in the pantry area if he is there, try to avoid any chance of contact, I deactivated Facebook where both of us has been active, and resist checking him out. Gladly he is working in a different division from us, so the distance is far the old cliche that goes, out of sight, out of mind..5. Keep yourself busy, especially when thoughts and memories of him keeps bothering your mind. Veer away from thinking of him and work work study and work and eat and sleep until you are too physically tired or pained to even think of him..6. Time heals. Let time do the work after you have done your part, and lastly,7. Pray and meditate and laugh again.. It makes going back to your old normal peaceful self much faster..I hope this helps. Another advice I have heard but I do not recommend is to find someone else, so, uhm is there anyone still available here to help me heal my broken heart in quora?? Hahaha.. Just kidding... This gives a lot more tendency for the new person to become your rebound, and it will be unfair for him/her. So do not resort to this step, unless you are sure your heart is open to let someone new in..Again, I am single... Lol