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My Brother Teases And Bugs Me Like Hell It Has Become Unbearable Now So What Should Do

What would be your reaction if you find that your brother is gay?

I do have a brother, so I can’t go by the *gasp* I have a brother?!?!?! route.Well, if Chinju grows up and comes out, my reaction will probably be “Awesome. Hi five!”And then I will proceed to tie him to a chair and show him my impressive collection of fan art.And the Richard Madden pictures too.We could squeal and fanperson together!How do you want me to react?My family is an orthodox conservative one. My parents are homophobic.If my brother came out to me, I will hug him and tell him that I would always have his back.If he needs to, he could crash over at my place.I would stand by his side, and give him the support that he needs.My brother is an annoying little shit, but he is the only person in my family whom I trust completely.He is only eight, but is aware about LGBTQ+ issues, thanks to the Rick Riordan books.I have taught him that being gay is normal and natural, and that we mustn’t hate people for being born the way they are.He understands, and is an ally. I once heard him tell mum about Alex Fierro, about they are genderfluid, about how beautiful they are, and about how fascinating (to his eight year old mind) being genderfluid is.My mum glared at me silently and told him that in India, genderfluid people would be thrown out of the house.Without skipping a beat, he said that anyone who did that would be a very bad person, as you mustn’t hate people for who they are.I love my brother.If he is gay, okay.I will be there for him, as I know that he’ll be there for me.

Tell me all about an aries?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.It is a cardinal and fiery sign.It is represented by the ram.Its ruler is Mars.It governs the head.The period of the Sunsign Aries is from the first day of the vernal equinox that is the 21st March to the 20th april of every year.
Aries symbolises activity.It initiates things and activities.It is thus the sign of the pioneer and the explorer.As the ruler of aries is Mars the God of war,a native of aries is forthright and active with a lot of pep and push.He lives a life of adventure and excitement.There is a tendency to act quickly and decisively,However aries is not given to profound thought.Thus whereas aries may have great vitality,it has no maturity.An average aries is a doer and not a thinker.Due to absence of profound thought sometimes aries may persist with some activity without purpose or direction.
Aries is independent and fearless.He fights straight and openly.However he has considerable ego and can be bossy and domineering.
With all the above qualities in him Aries could be rather rash.He is thus prone to accidents,explosions etc.Being rash aries also lacks tact and diplomacy.He is blunt and outspoken and does not care for the feelings of other people.In the process he may hurt others,though there is no resentment or malice in him.
The ram in aries makes him very passionate and crazy for sex.However the approach of aries to sex is very direct and lacks refinement.
As aries rules the head,use of headgear by aries natives makes their personalities very attractive as they can carry it very well.

What does the twin flame runner feel when the chaser finally moves on?

Wow, I’ve seen this question so many times in so many different forms!For a start, you can’t ‘give up’ on your twin flame. All a chaser can do is stop chasing, surrender to the Universe. Twin flames are the same soul incarnated in two separate bodies. So they think and feel the same basic thoughts and feelings. The runner often will busy themselves with anything they can to drown out thoughts and feelings that seem to come from nowhere, and the ones that do come to the surface (usually about the other twin) will result in unexplained impulses (like looking for their car when they haven’t visited for months!). But the thoughts and feelings will still be there. The chaser on the other hand usually is wide open to this and thinking and feeling everything ‘in the clear’. So when the chaser stops chasing (surrender) the thoughts and feelings change for both twin flames and the runner will feel it.Until fairly recently I’ve been the chaser to my twin flame runner. I’ve been through hell and back. DNOTS far to many to count and I thought they would kill me. But they didn’t, they transformed me. The really amazing thing is that my runner twin flame will have experienced that as well, muted because has kept herself amazingly busy with everything she could but they were there at the back of her mind and in her soul. As soon as I surrendered and stopped chasing, she would have felt those changes. While I was feeling more positive personally, I was still feeling quite negative for the relationship, as I believed I had only really come to grips with things for myself. But only very recently, I discovered I was feeling quite happy with myself and I came to feel there was a prospect of seeing her again soon. These are things that we both would have been experiencing, and in particular, she would have been experiencing because I had stopped chasing.Runners run because chasers chase. On some level it gets as simple as that. The runner is running from the connection, embodied by the chaser. But they can’t run forever, the pull is too strong. The only reason some run at all is because their chaser won’t stop.So yes, if you ‘give up’ on your twin flame relationship and partner, you will actually be surrendering to the Universe, to the twin flame journey, and your twin flame runner will feel it. In time they will come back, so there is nothing you need do but wait and keep looking into your heart and soul for guidance.

How do you stop feeling hurt when you see your ex with someone else?

You have my sympathy. I don’t know your age or occupation. The best advice anyone can give you is that you stay away from your ex-boyfriend. Cold turkey cutoff, and as little contact as possible. I hope this is possible! In college I met my boyfriend who was honestly in love and said so, and we moved in together. This relationship lasted for 3 years, until, after I had just started to trust him, he got involved with a 16-yr-old. For me, the pain of this breakup lasted about 8 years.We had introduced my brother to his sister. They got involved, eventually got married, and have been lovingly together for over 30 years. This means that this ex-boyfriend of mine has been part of my family from the day we met, forward. i believe that i would have recovered from this sorrow if I could have stopped seeing him cold turkey and never had to see or hear from him again! or hear about him! Although my family went to great lengths to be sure we never had to see each other, in a way, this made it worse. He was a part of my immediate family, and I couldn’t ever be free of him.I noticed that the pain of thinking about that breakup took about 8 years to go away. Cold turkey is hard, but it is the best way to start moving forward. If you can do this, your pain will subside faster.A new love interest for you will also dull the pain. Keep busy and focus on your own life in the mean time.

How does it feel to be bullied?

It feels awful.You feel sad and angry in the same time. You know that you have to face those people over and over again and that they will do the same things to you as they did yesterday. You are afraid of everything - going out, people and school. You are anxious every single time you have to go into that school because you are aware what is waiting you at the other side of that door. You are not a happy person anymore - you are a sad, frightened being that always expects the worst. You don't feel happiness because you don’t know what happiness is. For me it felt like there is no solution and no end - at one point it got so bad that I thought that it was for the best to end my life and to finally have peace (if that goes through the head of an 8 year old you know how bad it was). I didn’t do anything but that thought was stuck in my head for a long time. Just knowing that I have to face the same people over and over again made me hate school even more. I just knew what is on the other side of that door.It fucks you up to be blunt. During the whole time of my bullying I got so used to it that my brain didn’t detect it as something wrong. It was more like a state of numbness. The worst part came when it ended - every single emotions I burried struck me - anger, sadness, frustration were those that were prevalent. It took me months to finally get back on my way and even to this day, I can feel the consequences of my bullying. I can be extremely sad, cry and just battle with those emotions to preven them from controlling me. It is hard but bullying can leave serious consequences and I would consider myself lucky because even with those negative emotions I have from that period, it still isn’t as bad as it tends to be when it comes to other people. I don’t know but when I think of that period, it causes my negative emotions to explode and knock me down.Bullying is an awful experience and as much as victims try to fix the consequences, you can never really get over it. You can learn something from it but something will always stay as a reminder and in most cases - it is only up to you and your will to fight that even when it wants to make you fall on your knees over and over again. It is a constant battle.