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My Car Broke Down And I Just Bought It.

Car broke down! bought "as is"?

i bought a 2004 dodge stratus, used " as is" no warranty, in house financing, bought on 3/29/08 broke down on 4/28/08, the mechanic said it was the timing belt and recommended get water pumps fixed, said that if that doesnt work it might be a valve...which is like $800....i can return car but ill loose down payment and first there any way that i can get my money back if i return car?

I bought a used car and broke down on my way home, can I do something about it?

I have a mental disability and get social security. I used that SS money to buy a used car from a woman. I test drove it and everything seemed fine. She signed the title for her mother and on my way home the car broke down. The transmission is bad. I called her to tell her what happened, but she said she can't give me back the money. Is there anything I can do legally?

I bought a used car recently and it broke down 3 days after purchase. Now the dealership won’t fix it or take it back and I’m left with a broken car, what should I do?

If you bought an “AS IS”, Vehicle and You sign the document saying you are purchasing an AS IS car, you have very little options. Even you go to court if the vehicle is AS IS and you knew that before signing, you are out of luck.My best advice to you is to try to trade out of the car from the same dealership and purchase a car with warranty.Unless you are mechanically incline, and know cars, I would not recommend purchasing a car at 3000–5000 price range. 3000–5000 dollar selling car are usually traded in at the dealer for 500–1500, if at that and the dealer spend 1000 or less to pass inspection before they put out for sale. Very minimal reconditioning if any.When you are into 8500–10000, still be very wary but typically you can buy a decent low level car like corolla, civic. 3–5 years old with mileage 45–80k miles. Just because you can buy a 2011 BMW 328 for 10,000 dollars mean you should buy one, if you are on a tight budget.Oil change on a BMW is typically 200 Dollars vs 30 dollars for a corolla.Alignment is 250 dollars or more vs 70–80 on a normal car like corolla.

Bought a car off craigslist! Broke down the next day!! Is he liable?

I bought a car from a guy off of craigslist the ad said that he changed the serpentine belt as well as the pulley. The next day the car broke down and the serpentine belt was destroyed. I didn't even drive the car 60 miles. Im curious if the man i bought it from is liable? Could i legally say i want my money back?

I just bought a car from a private dealer on Craigslist & it just broke down. Can I get my money back?

Unless you have a written warranty, all private party sales are assumed to be as-is, where-is, how-is, and any other "is you can think of. You do not even have any recourse against the mechanic, because you were not the one who paid him!

You should have had the car checked by your own mechanic prior to purchase.

With any car, there can be a failure at any time. It is impossible to be able to predict when a component is going to fail! If the car was running well when you bought it, the mechanic was telling the truth! I have had cars that were running perfectly one minute die and have to be towed in the next.

Have the car towed in and find out what the problem is. It may be something minor. No matter what the problem, you are the one who will have to pay for the repair! You do not have any right to a refund.

Has your car ever broken down in the middle of the highway?

Yes,A breakdown rarely happens in a way that causes your car to come to a dead halt. In most cases, your engine stalls and dies and you have plenty of momentum using which you can change lanes and get to the shoulder.Most often you get a warning of some form (The engine ofter sputters dying before that so you get a warning of it, for example when you’re low on gas) Or the “check engine lamp” on the dash will glow, or the temperature scale might be sky high (Which was my case)A leak in the gasket on the engine block was the culprit, causing the radiator fluid to drop dangerously low. Before the car truly stalled, I began to feel the engine struggle (Benefits of driving manual). I was already on the lookout for trouble since the engine temperature scale showed overheating, but we were less than 30 km from my house and waned to somehow get that car to limp home where we could deal with in peace.When it finally came, I looked ahead and saw a broad shoulder to coast the car onto and pulled off the highway. We got out of the vehicle, took out the reflector, walked 20 metres behind my car and placed it there in top of my spare tyre. That should be protection against getting rear ended and crushed while working under the hood in front of the car.We did not have distilled water, but chose to risk it with drinking water that we had available. (Reverse Osmosis treated, so not truly as bad as it could get) I waited with the hood up for the engine to cool a bit, got out my nitrilon rubber gloves and decided to take the risk of opening the radiator cap. Ensuring that the glove would take the scalding blast and sheltering my face behind the hood, I turned it open slowly to release the steam. Then poured the water in a little at a time as the engine drank it in.Another 10 minutes later, the engine had cooled enough to restart the vehicle. It was able to cover 10km before heating again, so we had to repeat the process twice more. We did not wait for it to get as hot though, so it was less dangerous. We were also on the lookout for broader shoulders to stop since it was more in our control.Got home safe and sound. The next morning on a completely cold engine, I topped it off with distilled water and drove it to my trusted garage.

How do I get my money back from a car that broke down in a month?

If he has a warranty he needs to review the contract and follow the instructions for a claim to the letter. He / she should have done this ahead of time, but they need to review the contract very carefully and make sure that the event that occurred is covered under the terms and conditions and is not an excluded item. The claims process usually has the claimant go to the dealer that sold the policy first. You are not clear in the details if they went to the dealer for a diagnosis and they refused to fix or it or if they refused to even look at it. It may be that what happened was not covered under the terms of the warranty. If the engine overheated and the person kept driving it until the engine locked up, that is not going to be covered. The person who has the warranty still has an obligation to limit the damage. If they were using the vehicle as livery service (taxi), like uber or other commercial services, this likely makes the warranty null and void. There are lots of things that could be going on there. So, there best bet is to read the terms and conditions. They can appeal directly to the warranty company but if they were doing something that was excluded they will not have recourse.

What is the best way return broken down car back to the dealer after 2 months of purchase?

Great question!After two months, if you don't have either a factory warranty or extended service contract, you may be out of luck.You can always ask the dealer for some assistance. Some dealers will offer “Good will” help to varying degrees. Best case, they take the car in on trade and get you another one in a way that doesn't financially bury you. Another possibility is they might perform the repairs and allow you to pay them back over time. Many times they will also provide you with a loaner at no charge. If you ask, and are pleasant to deal with, they may be more likely to work with you. Just remember (and pardon my French): nobody wants to help an asshole.Keep in mind that if you don't have some type of warranty coverage, the dealer isn't obligated to do jack after two months, regardless of what state you live in.I hope that helps!

I sold my car to someone and the car broke down on the buyer a couple weeks later?

Let 'em take you to court.

All private party vehicle sales are "as-is" unless noted in writing. You would have had to provide a guarantee IN WRITING for them to have any leg to stand on in court.

If they call you again, tell them you will call the police and report them for harassment, and that you consider the matter closed. If they hire an attorney, or keep threatening a lawsuit, tell them you'll be ready and ignore any and all calls from them moving forward.

When you get to court (if they are dumb enough to push it that far), let the judge know "on so-and-so date I sold a ______ to the plaintiff for $_____, the sale was as-is and I implied no guarantee of the car's reliability." Your case will be over in minutes.

Now, you'll have some folks answer with plenty of links to the contrary (usually just useless links to government websites concerning contracts NOT PERTAINING TO vehicle contracts), but you're in the clear. There is NO WAY you could foresee an issue with a car weeks ahead of time.

Sold used car, broke down after buying, can they sue me?

So, I sold a truck to someone about a few days ago. The car was advertised on craigslist for 2k. The person came twice to see the car. First the son tested the car (drove it around block). Then later that day the father tested the car on the freeway, I even told him to step on the gas to test it since I knew the cars motor was powerful and wouldn't overheat. Everything turned out good. Eventually he bought the car for $200 less then i wanted. I put on the pink-slip, "Sold As-Is"

30 mins later he calls saying the car broke down on the freeway. I was puzzled! Like it was just fine a few mins ago. Anyways, I was at work couldnt come immediatley. Later that night he ambushes me on the way home (around the block from my home). I go all the way to his house. He threatens to sue me and take me to court. Tells me the tow truck guy said it was the differential. I check out the car, turns out it was just a "wheel bearing" that went bad. Got stuck, easily replaceable.

I told him, if he buys the bearing I'll put it on for free. I go get the part, put it on, even bought him a new "wheel disc" since the one it had looked kind of scratched up. Everything turns out good, car good to go again.

A day later he keeps calling and texting me that I go back to help him figure out where to turn on the lights of the car. (Like really?!) And that one of the light bulbs is burned out and that I go buy him a new one, he will pay for it. Oh, and that the "hand light" he left in the car is missing and we have it. His house is like 8miles from my house! Today, a neighbor told me he came twice to my house. Like what does he want?! I just want him to go away, cant he buy a damn lightbulb himself. I think he is just using it as an excuse for me to fix every detail of the car, its a "used" car, I didnt sell him a new one!!

Can he sue us if the car broke down after he bought it. The car was working fine when he took it and prior to me using it everyday for errands.???

Can I do anything to get him to leave me alone? I dont want to go as far as calling the police either.