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My Co-worker Told Me He Is Not In Contact With His Father Or His Siblings On That Side Why Is That

Falling in love with brother in law after husbands death. what are your views?

This question is not for me, but for a friend/coworker of mine. Her husband Jeff, his brother Eric and Erics 8 year old son Connor, were in a horrible car crash nearly a year ago. Her husband Jeff and his nephew Connor died. Eric (who is unmarried by the way) was severely injured and spent about 2 months in the hospital and went through months of physical therapy. Both my friend, Tracy, and Eric have also gotten counceling. Needless to say, both Tracy and Eric were devistated. Tracy lost a husband and Eric lost a brother and son.Suddenly, Tracy and Eric were thrown together in their dispair and grief. Each leaning on the other. Each trying to be there for the other one. Well, in the months that followed the accident, Eric and Tracy got very close and are now in love. Have been an actual couple for about two months now. The problem is, that many family members on both sides and some friends of the dead husband, Jeff, are not happy with this and think that it is disrespectful to Jeff. Jeff and Tracy were happily married before he passed and like I said, Eric is unmarried. To me, I understand how two people can come together in grief and fall in love. I also think that Tracys husband would have wanted her to be happy again, and be with a good man. It will be a year in October since the accident. What are your views on this? How would you feel if you were a friend or family member of Jeff?

If you served in the military what is the hardest thing to communicate to your family about your service?

A former co-worker told me about an experience he had. He was serving in the United States Marine Corps in a classified job. Since he was not married at the time, he kept in touch with his parents and siblings on a regular basis. Then one day, that stopped and he disappeared. No one knew what happened to him. His Marine senior enlisted and command officers would say nothing. His parents and siblings got so concerned that they contacted their US Senator who happened to be a personal friend. Even the Senator had trouble getting an official answer from the Marine Corps generals. Then months later, the missing son contacted his parents and informed them he was OK. But he could not provide any classified details until years later.His disappearance occurred during the Cuban missile crisis in the early 1960s. Without any advanced warning, he was ordered on a top secret mission that he could tell no one about. He boarded a Navy submarine that was assigned to become an underwater listening post off the coast of the Soviet Union as the USA was preparing for war. These classified missions are difficult for families because they can be sudden and of unknown length.I experienced something similar. During my time serving in the Navy, my ship was returning to the USA from WESTPAC (the WESTern PACific ocean). Shortly after leaving the Philippines we set condition EMCON (EMission CONtrol) where we stopped transmitting on all frequencies in attempt to hide from Soviet reconnaissance aircraft. We were allowed to receive messages but anything transmitted could be detected and triangulated to determine our location.Then my ship received a Red Cross message that one of my parents had passed away and the doctor was requesting a reply and my presence. Here we were in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and I was not allowed to reply. I had to wait until we neared Hawaii about a week later before I could send a message that I would leave the ship in Hawaii. So my family and sibling not only grieved the loss of a parent, but they also worried about the long delay for my reply.So inform your family that such disappearances do happen and can happen suddenly and without warning. They may be rare occurences but they do happen.

Did my husband have sex with coworker?

ok, they both slept together in the hotel room during business trip because they ran out of room. i found out when she posted their sleeping picture in instagram. I was so mad and he said he didnt want me to be mad so didnt tell me what happened. there was no other room so they were forced to sleep together and swore to god nothing happened. the thing is the picture clearly shows that both of us AT LEAST half naked because her bra and panties were on the side. he said he always slept half naked and he did not pay attention to her and fell asleep early. he said he would only get erection in front of me. but the thing is this biiittch gave him a french kiss on his birthday and always called him "hubby" " wanna be his mistress" in her tweeter and instagram. I knew he bought her underwear as a gift because of the receipt from Victoria secret, he said that was to build teamwork and morale and i am thinking too much. She is just out of college, very attractive and sexy. we had married 10 years.

should i trust him? did he cheat? they two always go to business trip together and this is the first time i found out they shared the same bed.

My brother-in-law is cheating on his wife..Should I tell her?

When my husband and I go out to the club my brother-in-law comes along. And everytime he talk and dances with other girls, and gets other numbers. Also I know that he is sleeping with another woman that lives 2 houses down from him. Also, I have other woman always asking me of my brother-in-law and they tell me things that they have done together. And also in the past my mother-in-law has caught my brother-in-law with another woman in the past.

I am very good friends with his wife. When I see her my heart aches for her. Cause she thinks her huband is great man! I know that she really loves him, I dont know if i should let her know. Or continue with my silence

What am I supposed to do if my brother touched me inappropriately?

Last summer, my older brother touched me very inappropriately.

We had to share a bed when we went on vacation last summer. I woke up to him touching me 'down there' I freaked. I didn't know what to do. He acted like he was asleep...I turned on my side but he touched me down there again. I felt like I was going to throw up I was so uncomfortable. I pretended I had to go to the bathroom and that's when I really freaked out. The next day I told my parents that I wanted to sleep on the couch because my brother snored too loudly...of course that was just an excuse so I didn't have to share a room with him.

In the past i've woke up to him in my room but when I ask what he wants he just makes up some lame excuse that he was looking for something.

He hasn't touched me since nor done anything weird....but he's made comments. Its affected me some what. I'm really down a lot, i'm stressed and overall not happy.

I can't talk to anyone about this because it will really destroy my family. We're so close and I just can't tell them. But I feel I need to talk to someone, because its really bugging me...can someone help me?