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My Dad Forgot My Birthday Yesterday And It Really Hurt How To Get Over It

My dad forgot my birthday?

I just turned 21, and my mom came by with a bottle of wine for me, and I got presents and cards from my siblings, grandparents, in law, even my husband's boss gave me a present, but my dad didn't even tell me happy birthday! He didn't call or come by, and I work with my step mother, and he didn't even talk to me there! I'm really hurt. I now, I'm 21 and an adult now, but does that mean my birthday doesn't matter? WOuld you be hurt if your dad didn't bother to even say happy birthdya to you? I've seen him three times this week and he never mentioned it, but he gave my son a birthday present, and his birthday isn't for two and ha lf weeks

It's was my 21st Birthday yesterday and my parents acted like it was another day. My friends forgot?

I know it shouldn't have had such a big effect, but it was my 21st Birthday yesterday and my parents acted like it was another day. My Dad came in in the morning to tell me he'd put £100 in my bank account as a present and that he was going to work and would be back at 5. My mother came into my room to ask if I would mind doing some shopping for her. I said, no of course I don't and she gave me £10 and left saying she was helping her friend today and would be back at 7. I asked her if any relatives had remembered my 21st and she seemed sad and said no they must have forgotten. It's nothing personal they just have busy lives.But it can't take too much effort to remember your niece's 21st! None of them have more then 3 nieces or nephews and it was a special birthday. My best friend whom I have been friends with for 12 years forgot completely even though I was texting her on the day. And my other close friends forgot too which I find heartbreaking because I remember all of theirs and go to the extents of making them a card from scratch which takes me several days. And I always call to wish them a happy birthday. Not even my Grandparents remembered. My brother didn't either.
It's actually had a devestating effect on me. Is this normal for people to forget? I feel really effect by it

If anything a text would be nice, but I havent even gotten that!

Forgot my dad's birthday?

Thank you guys for the answers. I just spoke with my family - they don't seem disappointed or angry which is pretty surprising. I guess I just have to make my dad be more open towards me not my mom...

The moment I come back home I'll cook a nice dinner for everyone and make him a cake (not chocolate)

I promised to get him a good bottle of scotch from here (Scotland) - so that's what Im going to do.
I'll also ask him more about his work and spend more time with him...I guess he really does miss that.

My dad forgot my birthday of today, is it normal?

my birthday was today but my dad as always forgets about my birthday tho. but this time as i turn out 25 i'm starting to feel bad and think more about it. is it normal to have a father like that? does this means i'm not special at all for him or for others?

What would you do if your mother forgot your birthday?

I have always been extremely close to my mother. In fact, we talk to each other several times a week. I am the youngest of two kids for her & just yesterday celebrated a milestone birthday. Everyone in my family called me (including my father with whom I rarely ever speak to) but yet my mother never called me. At first I thought that maybe something was wrong or that she was going to call in the evening, but she never called. She doesn't have memory issues.... I actually talked with her the day before my birthday & she commented on how she'd talk to me again to wish me a happy birthday. We've always been extremely close to each other & this is very much not like her. I was "hopeful" that there was a good reason, you know like something happened to her that she couldn't call me. So I waited and called today to make sure she was ok but when I called her cell, her first words were "oh, I completely forgot to call you" - OMG!!! I was so angry & hurt I hung up. (Remember I talked with her the day before my birthday & she remembered then) Now she's trying to reach me but I won't take her calls.

What would you do, having an extremely close relationship with your mom--how would you feel if she "forgot". (No major life events happen to her to 'forget this' and she doesn't suffer memory loss) Would you forgive her? Would you talk to her about it or just not take her calls? I just don't want to hear empty apologizes and sad excuses.. Thanks

What did you do when your parents forgot your birthday?

My parents forgot my 19th birthday. Almost.I had just finished my last exams and graduated high school. Because I went to a boarding school, it meant moving back home (which wasn’t far at all). Since I hadn’t been home in a while due to said exams, my sister wanted me to make pancakes, which was my specialty (aka I was the only one patient enough to make a double batter for 6–7 people).It was my birthday, but I complied because why not.This happened late in the afternoon. My friends and my sisters had wished me a happy birthday. My brother barely remembers his own, but he did figure it out by dinner time. My parents, however, had a busy day and didn’t really do much other than greet me. This was how it went down:Me: “Busy day at work?”Mom: “Yeah, it’s always rough on this day.” (Fridays)Me: “Do you know what day today is?”Mom: “It’s the weekend, right?”Me: “Look at the calendar.”Mom goes to look, turns back to me, looks back at the calendar and lets out this huge sigh.Mom: “Happy birthday, honey.”Me: “Thanks, mom! Pancakes are almost done!”She told my dad when he got back from work, and we had a nice day.Usually, they’re better than me at remembering it! :P

It's my 21st birthday and my best friends forgot about it. When it's their birthday I am expected to drop everything for them on that day. My dad also forgot. What can I do to stop feeling so hurt?

Happy Belated Birthday! Now for my answer:First and foremost: STOP! Do not react until you take a deep breath and remember this was just one day out of many.Second: Try to figure out why it seems that your friends and family forgot. Are there any little clues that they’re planning something at a later time? Are they going through something personal that should take precedence? Did you imply you didn’t want a birthday party? Have you already done something to celebrate and commemorate the event?Third: Casually mention something you saw on your birthday, something you picked up as a treat for yourself. Chances are, if they truly forgot, they’ll apologize and make it up to you, if appropriate. My own sister did this just last month and took me out for lunch so we could catch up. Having that time with her was more important than a gift or party, and I hold no hard feelings over it.

If your child forgot your birthday, would you intentionally forget his/her birthday??

well, my mom's birthday is in November, right before thanksgiving.. I forgot her birthday.. I have felt very guilty ever since... My birthday was yesterday, and she hasnt called me.. Not even so much as an email from her... I know it is on purpose because she is just a vendictive person that way... I am furious but at the same time I dont want to let her know how mad or upset I am... I would like some opinions on this and hopefully so what to do's..... Thanks for any help...

Help!!! My husband forgot my birthday, what should I do to punish him?

When my brothers and sisters forgot to buy my mom presents for mothers day, she bought herself presents and put it at each of our place settings. We got really excited and when we sat down as a family, she asked for them (to give to her) and she ended up buying herself things she wanted and made it look like she bought us presents. She got us really excited thinking we were getting presents and then we all realized how guilty we should feel when she took them back for herself. It may come out as selfish but we never forgot mothers day again!! I know a lot of people are saying that revenge is a bad thing but he is your husband..he should know your birthday by now!!