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My Daddy Never Makes Me His Profile/wall Picture On Facebook What Should I Do

Nobody likes or comments on my profile pictures on facebook?

I have around 550 friends and the most likes got on a profile picture was 5 but there was a regular picture I got 11 likes I usually get 4 comments and there all from girls. I just feel bad since other girls get 100+ likes and 40 comments and I feel ugly!

I want to hide comments on my profile picture on Facebook. How do I do it?

There is no need to delete comment. You can keep this comment on page and hide from everyone. Only you can see it. You have to follow these steps. Go in privacy setting.Open your profile photoClick the audience selector which looks like a globe icon.Change the privacy setting if you would like a more private audience to be able to view your profile photo’s details.Or Hover over and you’ll see PEN icon on top-right on your Post. Here you will see Edit or Remove or set Privacy Settings.Now, for your own comment on your own post,hover over and click pen icon to edit or remove or set privacy settings. Select me only.For Friends comments on your Post hover to Hide and Report the comment as Spam. I think it enough. If still some problem, mention in comment section. Upvote it satisfied. You can visit latestgadgets-tech for such kind o problems.

Can I like my ex's Facebook posts and pictures?

The answer you are looking for is NO, YOU CANNOT. Since you guys broke up, I would suggest you to maintain some distance.I am quite sure that you would have surely searched for her profile and looked at her activities and some other harmless stalking one usually does after break up.But you should never do all this and most importantly don't 'like' or comment (it'll further remind you of her by notifying each time the comment thread increases) on her Facebook activities. It might give her wrong signals also that you want her back or in worst case she might feel that  you are miserable without her and are liking her pics being all so depressed.So I would suggest you to unfollow her, yes you heard it write, UNFOLLOW HER ( it's a option that Facebook provides in case you don't feel like getting notification from someone while still maintaining the 'friends' tag) because it'll make your news feed 'ex-free' that would help you to avoid unintentionally looking at her updates due to default Facebook settings. Now that we solved the matter of not getting her updates in the news feed, the problem left is not ending up searching for her profile because you felt like giving just a so called 'glance' over her profile . The solution here could be either unfriending her (this could lead to some heated arguments demanding reasons for your action because she'll still be able to see you through mutual contacts) or something a bit harsher unfriending her followed by blocking her. This might seem very harsh at first but it's a long term solution if you actually want to get completely over her and move forward in your life. Also if you want to her to know that you are moving on then one thing I can possibly sense in your statement is that she's still on your mind. So just use one of the options and be 'ex-free'.I understand it's difficult but it's for good for you and for her.And yeah do get in touch with all the girls you lost connection while you were with her. It'll help you move out of this situation easily. ;)

What are some good ways to hide your face in profile pictures?

Hm. Well you could possibly do the coy looking over the shoulder kind of thing. You could wear a mask, a full one or one of those half masks that just cover the area around your eyes. You could do a silhouette photo so you can just see a shape, no details or similarly take a photo in dim lighting so your facial features aren't clear. You could also try putting your nose in a flower - I know it sounds silly but I have a profile picture where I'm bending my head down to smell a flower so my face isn't visible and I got a lot of positive feedback on it. Hope that helps :)

Facebook: I can't view a friend's profile on Facebook. She didn't block me. How can I fix this?

I’ve been wondering the same thing since I have the same problem with one of my friends from school.*cough* my crush..Yeah, sometimes her profile won’t show in the search bar, and even if somehow I manage to find her profile through past activities, the profile won’t load, it just shows an error message.She doesn’t appear on past notifications or won’t show activity on any post for a few hours at most. However, I’ve noticed that she does appear when I type her username on the chat, I can open the chat but it says “you were friends on facebook”.I know she didn’t blocked me, she has no reason. I know she didn’t unfriend me, because like I previously mentioned…everything seems to go back to normal after a few hours, maybe one or two days. This has happened to me about 3 or 4 times with the same person, eventually it all goes back to normal.Maybe people make changes to their profile and it takes a while for FB to process it. It is like a glitch, an error. Wait a few hours and maybe her profile will be available for you again.

Fake/Random Friend Requests on Facebook.. Who are these people?


They are stalkers.

Here are my experiences (of the ones I figured out)

#1 I bookmarked the name. One day I checked back and the person changed their name to my co-workers name.

#2 This one day a name kept popping up ...apparently it was my sisters 'spare' account

#3 This person added me. I added them, but there were no other contacts this person had.... It was a newly created account with zero information on it, so I deleted and bookmarked. After a (long) while I check back to see the person added a musician to their pages.

THIS IS WHEN AN ALARM WENT OFF. Way back there was this girl who didn't understand that I didn't like her as a friend but she would constantly stalk me. Guess what, that happened to be her all-time favorite musician! CREEPY

#4 I suspected once it could be my boss trying to spy on me because their contacts were all of the head management staff at the place I worked at..........I ended up adding their name to my blocked list.

#5 I also have noticed fake names pop up who apparently are instructors at my school....Some of them never bothered with their privacy settings so under network it says (the name of the school, Faculty) *Yes, FACULTY

#6 Some people just add you because they think your profile picture looks'll find this kind of thing happening a lot if you have a unique hairstyle..... but I don't mind this as much as the faker accounts from real people I have actually met before........

Bottom line. Add them to your block list.
Or bookmark them if you want to try to figure them out...

Here's a helpful link as well...

WELL it's outdated..but you get my drift..
Use your privacy settings to your advantage!

How come no one "likes" my profile pictures?

I have 700 friends about, on facebook. Granted only like 100 of those people are people that I actually do intereact with or are aquaintances. The rest are just people from school and stuff. High school and college. I only have like 14 profile pictures, but none of them get any likes. Only two people liked my last photo, and the one before that i got two other likes. thats it. On my current that ive had for about two months, no one has liked it.

Do people think you are pathetic if you get no likes on ur pictures? I know people who get like 30 likes on their pictures...i dont get it.

People tell me in person that i am very pretty, they just dont say it online.

Is it true that on Facebook, the first people that show up on your friends list look at your wall the most?

the friends shown on your profile ARE NOT randomized! i always reload the page, restart my computer, use facebook on other computers and it's generally the same people over and over.

so how do i know it's true?
1. my cousin and my friend admit to going on my profile pretty much every other day if not everyday cus they like to stay updated on my statuses and what not, and those 2 show on my friends list.
2. if you're like me, and you have a crush, you go on their profile like a million times a day. so there's this guy who told me he likes me, and i assume he stalks my profile a million times a day as i do this other guy. and he's one of the people that show up on my profile's friends list all the time

it is true

HOW can my parents see my facebook?!!?!?

im a senior in highschool and have a facebook.. but ive set the privacy settings so that no one can see my wall or pictures unless they are my facebook friend. BUT NOW my dad got a facebook and some mysterious way he can see everything on my facebook?! is there some secret way for parents to be able to look at facebooks!? i mean total invasion of privacy and i KNOW that the privacy settings are working because ive tried them out but god