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My Friend Wants To Switch Schools


I am sorry you are miserable at this school. But one thing I think is usually true: In every school in America there are some good and decent students in your grade level. There's no way every student at a school is someone who steals stuff, or insults, and so on. So, there MUST be some good and decent students at your school. Yet, for some reason or reasons, you are not finding them or are not connecting with them. What is that? Why, instead, are you talking to and associating with these people who mistreat you? As a person who doesn't know you, I can't answer these questions. But maybe you can. I suspect that there is something about the way you act or talk or look or dress that involved in this. I am not saying this to insult you, but to get you to look at YOU. You can't change other people. There are always rude, mean, and nasty people in every school and every workplace. But there are also always some good and decent people who treat others well. When people complaint about all the sucky people they are interacting with, the real truth is that real cause of this misery is in the qualities or lack of certain qualities of the person making doing the complaining? Do you see what I mean? You can't change these other people's behavior. I don't doubt that they are mean and sucky. I just mean that you can't change their attitude or behavior. They are who and what they are. But, you can change your own attitude and behavior, and by making certain changes you can find yourself associating with a better lot of people. Just what you may need to change about you is something you'll have to figure out. But look around your school. You must be able to see at least one person, or one group of persons, that you'd like to hang out with. Okay then, start having the same behaviors and attitudes as those people have. Like attracts like. Similar people end up together. At least, think about this point of view. Perhaps people where nicer at your other school. Or maybe they were nicer simply because that was a younger grade level. At students move up in grade level, the general meanness of the students increases. Whatever you do, don't do nothing and just keep suffering. These years of your life should be rich and full ones, with lots of hard work, but also lots of fun and friendship. Do NOT put up with months and years of being mistreated! That is a big waste!

My Best Friend is switching schools.?

Well I'm 14 year old guy and im in 8th grade. Last year my best friend, a boy, moved out of the state and I will be lucky to see him again. We text every once in a while but it really sucked. Now, my best friend, a girl, told me she is switching HS, but will still live in my city. We were just friends, but I recently started having feelings for her. She has a boyfriend, but I just want to tell her how I feel. Also, she has told me that she does not like her boyfriend anymore. The issue is that I don't want our relationship to be trashed. The even worse part is that I go to a private school, and the social scene is much more different than your average public school. People overreact at stuff like this, so it's hard to say something like this and get away without be seen as weird or creepy. I guess I just want to feel closure and to tell her how I feel.

I want to switch schools but I'm scared of what my friends will say?

After being stressed for quite a while I've decided to turn to others for help. I really would like to switch to the school I was originally supposed to attended and where all my peers went. However my best friend attends my school I'm currently at and I'm scared if I leave she'll hate, most likely try to get back at me through social media. The pros at the new school definitely are way higher than the cons. I don't know what to do. Should I do what I want? Or should I stay and just try to make the best of the next few years? I mean I really want to attend the school a lot of my other friends went to and I know another good friend of mine transferring in December but at the same time I can't bring myself to do so because of losing my best friend... If anything should I use an excuse? If so what excuse?

So my best friend is switching schools?

Oh and your friend can be friends forever no matter where you or her are..see my best friend moved 3 years ago to another state and as HARD as that was on both of us, I let her go. We had been best friends for 8 years before she left and continue to be best friends 3 years after she moved..its not the distance honey. If you and her want to stay friends and you both work at it meaning you call eachother and e-mail eachother you can still remain best friends and it could be as if she never left!! I have the bestest friend in the world..she may not be physically here with me but shes here in my heart for always!!!

Should I tell my parents I want to switch schools?

Yes you should tell your parents you want to switch schools. Since you are probably stuck there until end of this year perhaps you can tell your school counselor. This is assuming your school as mental health counselors. Shame on your teacher for not handling the situation better. Maybe you can at least tell your mom or grandparent. If you can't tell anyone and want to change schools you will probably have to give some good reasons why the other school is better. Find out what the school you are considering going to offers that yours does not like after school programs or more electives, etc.

Another possible alternative is some districts offer "independent study" which in my area requires going to school to meet teacher on your own 3 times a week for 1/2 hour (which is for 3 different subjects). It is located far enough from the high school to not have to worry about interacting with their students. Each quarter counts for a semester since there is a lot of hw. This is not continuation school.

Keep your head up, and remember it will be over some day. Also, going through horrible experiences as a young person can lead to helping others when you are an adult.

How to tell your parents you want to switch schools?


Would you be mad if your child told you they wanted to move schools?


Anyways, how to I go about telling my parents I want to change schools, I'm extremely depressed and need to get out of there.

I want to switch schools, but I know my friends will resent me for it. How can I maintain there friendship and still transfer?

You should be able to. In all honesty, if they wish to end a friendship over a mere school transfer, they clearly do not see the friendship as a priority and neither should you. I don’t mean to be blunt, but holding yourself back from doing what you want to do solely because your so-called “friends” will resent you is not a way to live life. I have had close friendships that lasted one of us moving miles away; a mere school transfer can only be the end of a friendship if one or both parties wishes it to be so.

How to tell my friends that I'm switching schools?

Switching schools can be challenging for everyone! When it comes to telling your friends, their is no better way, then to come out and say it. It will be hard for them to prosper, but keep each others phone numbers close by. Make sure you tell them before someone else does.

How can I switch schools? I have no friends.

Hey, I know how it feels to be a lone wanderer. I send my love to you <3No need to switch schools! Start with this:“Hey, how are you?”Trust me, please, it’s the most magical pick-up line. It's friendly and not too personal so people won’t feel like you're creepin.When you sit next to someone, say it! Then go from there. Practice making small talk, because it always leads to something bigger.Compliment shoes, but turn that into something like about how you wanted similar shoes, but didn't know how to wear them, etc. The goal is to keep talking and asking questions that the person can happily answer.Just wait, you'll have friends in no time. I know this from experience. You can also talk to me any time you want to, I'm always available:)

Should I switch schools because of my friends not treating me well?

I have to disagree with the people who want you to stay at your current school and simply cut off ties with your friends.It is not that easy.When I was in high school, I had “friends” who treated me like crap quite often. And I took their crap because I had no other friends.School is a place where you learn but you also need a good social circle to develop yourself. As humans, we crave the presence of another person. We want to be loved and supported, and we also want to love and support others.I really regret not changing schools. I thought it would be nice for me to get a fresh start. I had even convinced my parents that this was the right decision. However, I changed my mind later. I chickened out because I thought I would not be able to make new friends. And I would have rather had bad friends here, then no friends there.It sucked. I was stuck in an environment that was toxic, and I had to mingle around with people I disliked.I would strongly advise you to think this through carefully. If you think it is worth moving to a new school, and just giving yourself a fresh start, then DO IT!