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My Grandpa Found Someone New Help

Grandpa giving up can someone please help me...?

Your Grampa certainly seems to be exhibiting symptoms of depression and at this point he will probably need meds to help him begin to recover even though it may have been triggered by a situational event. It's not uncommon for people who have always had a very strong investment in their role as head of a family and breadwinner to be devastated by a change in circumstance that takes away this role. Your Grampa is grieving the loss of his role, but unfortunately he has become stuck in the grief and really may need meds to help pull him out. Once a person remains depressed for a long period, it does affect their biochemistry and it sounds like this happened to grampa as there was no previous history mentioned of a mood disorder. Once this is corrected he may be able to move on and develop new roles for himself that enable him to feel udeful and productive and he may no longer need the meds. You and your family can help by letting him know your concerns and how much you all obviously love him and need him and ask him to seek help for your sake as well as his own. He will need to redefine his life in a way that feels meaningful to him again. It's something people often experience when they retire too, especially men who's sense of self-esteem is often very connected to their work and role. If he gets some treatment to get him unstuck he has a really good prognosis.

If my uncle is someone else grandpa then what am i to that person?

You and the grandchild of your uncle are second cousins (as long as your Uncle is the brother of your Mother or Father - if he is your Uncle by marriage then you would not be related to any children he had with a woman unrelated to you). You are first cousins with his children.

How can I help my grandpa with dementia?

Well, let’s start with the term. Dementia doesn’t tell us much, as it’s a categorical term. It refers to multiple illnesses, all of which impede cognition and most of which progress.It will also be important to know in what country he resides.So, let’s start by getting him assessed by someone qualified to do so. It’s critical to get a thorough neuropsych workup because his symptoms could actually be something completely different than some form of dementia. It could be something that can be treated effectively.If it does end up being some form of dementia, it’s important to get as close a diagnosis as possible. Different forms will progress in different ways, and require different strategies, and planning. So, learn the type, if is is indeed dementia.If it is some form of progressive dementia, then your Grandfather needs to do some immediate planning, or have it done on his behalf. Who will care for him as the disease progresses? Where will that care be given. As the disease progresses, will he want heroic measures taken in the event of a physiological crisis? Antibiotics for pneumonia? Operations for various other problems? Those sorts of things need to be decided, and it’s best if it’s done when he can communicate his wishes.Then, look at his diet and exercise. He should be eating a largely plant based diet, and doing some form of exercise (walking, biking, swimming, dancing, etc.) on a daily basis. Resistance exercise is important too. He should reduce all processed foods, especially processes sugars. Naturally occurring sugars such as those found in dates, and other fruits, are acceptable. Some researchers say that a little (LITTLE) honey or maple syrup is ok, too. Remember, dates can be dried and ground into sugar, for sweetness. His cholesterol should be within normal limits, and if he has type II diabetes that needs to be brought under control. See the work of the doctors Sherzai, and Lustig for further direction on the processes to reduce the severity of symptoms for AD and other forms of dementia.Mostly, he needs to be treated with dignity, respect and love. He will respond to body language, tone of voice, smiles, etc. as the disease progresses, so keep that in mind.Remember, full circle, back to the top. Start with a full assessment by someone qualified to do so.

What do you say to someone who's grandpa has cancer?

My best friend in the world was just told her grandpa has cancer. I have no idea what to say to her, not having ever been in the situation myself. Her family is all very close and from what she told me on the phone, it sounds quite serious. Well, all cancer is serious to a point but this was like "start treatment tomorrow to stay alive" kind of serious. Like I said, I've never had something like this happen to me and I really just don't know what to tell her. I mean, I know it's important to just listen and be there, which has always just been a given between us, but I've never really not known what to say like this before. I've almost always been able to say "it's going to be okay and here's why" or something like that. Had some advice to make it better or make it easier to cope. Now I just have no idea what to say or what she wants to hear. Some advice would be wonderfully appreciated.

I don't know my grandpa well. He is dying. What can I do to help him physically, spiritually, or mentally when I go visit him?

This is most crucial time for one's life and it really requires maturity to deal with such situation.Physical Help:You could ask him if he needs any. May be you could offer him something he needs- either food he likes the most or caressing. May be better physical treatment. If disease is incurable and he may not like to stay hospitalised(if so). May be you could try could try getting him out of hospital, living at home with fresh air to breathe. Mental Help:The person undergoes tremendous mental anxiety. Now, one feels that everything is going to end. He just keep remembering of his whole life's journey. You could make him free from anxiety. How? Inform him that he has completed all his duties towards everyone. Now no more need to worry about the dependants. They are grown enough to take care of themselves. Also forget about the mistakes you may done in life. Show your gratitude that because of him, you got to grow in a good family and thus become a cultured and good person. Tell him not to worry about anything.Spiritual Help:Well! You could tell him that though body dies, the soul does not. Body is just like a dress but soul is the real person. That gives a lot of relief because then one understands that death is not the end of everything. You could read holy books like Bible, Quran, Gita, Guru Granth Sahib, Torah etc (depending upon your background) which reminds us of God. In Hindu religion, everyone believes that if one remembers God while leaving the body then the soul goes to the Kingdom of God. So you could remind him of God by chanting the holy names of God or reading stories about God from your holy books.

My grandpa is boycotting the NFL. How can I help him understand?

Have you ever considered that you could be doing harm to your relationship with your grandfather by trying to convert him to the way you think, rather than allowing him his own belief system?Have you considered that perhaps your values and ideas are equal in value to his values and ideas, simply different. Why is it so important that other people think exactly as you do for you to accept them as they are?.Perhaps your grandfather who has lived much longer than you and has experienced more life than you has reasons that are valid that you can not “educate” out of him by trying to force him to “understand”.Perhaps you should consider valuing his life experience and not dismiss his ideas and values as something you need to correct. If he doesn’t want to watch football, so what? Really is that any of your business to educate him to the reasons you think he must watch football? What if he tried to educate you and force you to watch some show you don’t want to watch, would that be right?Is there really any compelling reason to force a person to watch a football game when they don’t want to? That appears to be the crux of the question.Yes, ticket sales are down for football, viewership has plummeted for ESPN and for football games in general, and merchandise sales are down. But so what? If professional football disappeared tomorrow, it would not affect daily life in the US at all. Football is not necessary for the US to survive, it is not essential to American life and certainly isn’t worth rupturing your relationship with your grandfather over.I never have watched football and never will and the country has not suffered. No one in my family has ever tried to force me to watch football out of a conviction that it is politically necessary to the US and I appreciate that.

Why is that my dog barks at my grandpa and no one else???????????

mabby she doesnt like the way he smells or he has a cookie ing his pants :-)

Grandpa cheating on my grandma?

i have never talked to anyone about this, but i know for a fact that my grandpa is cheating on my grandma. my sister and i both know this.

we always see him on the phone talking to this one lady. in fact, he talks to her in front of us, but in tagalog (filipino) because we can't understand it. but we hear him say "i love you" and talk about someone finding out about them.

and also, he uses either one of our computers to email, and i see him emailing to one particular person saying "i love you", "i miss you" etc. he calls her his "babygirl".

my parents and my grandma don't know about my grandpa cheating. i was thinking about telling someone, but im afraid that there might be some problems if i do... my grandparents stays at my house and drives us to school when my parents work, and if i tell, my grandparents might divorce, they won't be around my house much, etc.

what should i do, tell a family member about this, or just keep secret?

How much is an evette clarinet worth? Someone help me!?

What you have here is a nice intermediate level Evette Master Model clarinet. If the pads are still okay, wood without cracks, keys not bent, and clean, you can sell it for at least $300.00 (some are willing to pay $500 for a well-setup and professionally overhauled Master Model). However it could go as low as $150 if the pads are old and leaking, NEVER sell it below $150.