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My Guinea Pig Is Scared Silly And He Usually Is Not Help

My dog killed my guinea pig?

Dogs have an instinct to chase and catch anything that moves. He knows not to if you teach him, but this only applies when your there. When you arent there his instinct will overpower him without anyone saying no!
This is what dogs do, which is why you can never fully trust any dog. You cant stop a cat trying to kill birds and mice, same with your dog.
He isnt going to be human aggressive instinctively so dont worry, that you have to teach and train (unless you have a german shepherd from a guard dog line, then human aggression is bred into them)
But dont worry, its normal and he isnt crazy!

Why are Guinea pigs to stupid and scared and boring?

They run away when you try to catch them then u could be a threat to them, and some pigs are more scared than others. My pigs won't let me pick them up most of the time but I I wait they will stand on the cage and let me pick them up and pet them. Also they don't move when you do catch them becaue they are freezing, its because they are frightened. The poo they eat is actually not poo at all because it hasnt fully digested, they don't eat actual poo. And no they don't often close their eyes because they are still instinctively scared of predators, it isn't their fault. Once they warm up they will do things around you but they are prey animals remember. And I am pretty sure they don't like you because my pigs have never been scared of me unless you adopted them then maybe they are scared because of where they came from, so take that into consideration. You just aren't made for guinea pigs they aren't the right pet for you that's y u don't like them.

Will dogs try to kill guinea pigs?

YES! Unless the dog has been brought up with guinea pigs from a puppy then it will likely see them as prey and kill them. Everyone I know whose dogs are fine with GPs have been brought up with them from young and they mention that is why they are fine with them. It’s stupid to try otherwise as you will end up with a dead GP and have subjected a poor animal to torture and death for no reason. Have a look on Google to see most stories are of dogs killing prey pet animals - be it GP, rabbit or other.Dogs are predators and GPs are prey. Dogs will always have their predator instinct in them as it is written in their genes from thousands of years of breeding and inherited behaviours. You cannot remove this but they can be trained from young to relax this somewhat. Some dogs even maul and kill babies through jealousy or other even though they may be tame and family pets.Better to keep the GPs in the neighbours home. They don’t need constant attention, only feeding twice a day and replenishing with limitless hay and fresh water whenever it is finished.

How to bathe a nervous guinea pig?

Its about time for a bath for my little piggy! Yes, I know you shouldn't bathe your guinea pig often, but I haven't bathed this one(her name is Nutmeg) in 7-8 months, and she has a medium length white coat which is dirty, so yes it's time for a bathe, trust me!
The only thing is, I am nervous to bathe her, because she is so nervous! Usually my younger sister bathes her for me because the first experience WAS NOT good. My sister usually gets into her swimsuit and sits in the bathtub with Nutmeg to bathe her. She doesn't put her under the spout but just fills up the tub with a little water and gently rubs it on her coat. I don't want to go into the whole shabang of it but that's basically what she does. My sister is gone though for 4 more months with my father so she won't be able to, and I'm not comfortable with bathing like my sister does.
So I was wondering if anyone had any tips or ideas? I really would like to bathe her now but I am afraid she will jump out and hurt herself, thats why I like when my sister bathes her for me because if Nutmeg gets scared she jumps on her lap. Please please help anyone! Thank you!

Guinea pig suicide!!!?

No your piggie is not depressed.

Guinea pigs have very very poor depth perception and if not supervised, will walk right off of any surface. They are also easily injured by falls of less than 12 inches, so be very careful with your piggie that he is protected from hurting himself accidentally.

You should, however, consider getting him a buddy. Guinea pigs are happier and healthier if paired with another piggie. They really need that interaction with another of their own kind. I hope you'll consider it.

Lost guinea pig outside?


I am sorry to say this, but it is extremely unlikely you will see your guinea pig again. Since guinea pigs don't know where they are going, because they are never out of the garden (unless for the occasional vet emergency) they won't know how to get home again.

If you are quick enough, you can rush outside around your garden, in nearby bushes to look for her, because she may be scared and guinea pigs like cosy corners.

Guinea pigs can only survive up to 24 hours without water, and 36 hours with out food. Since she is not used to living in the wild, she won't find food, and it is unlikely she will find water.

In the near future, instead of being silly and leaving her on the grass with no cage around her, you should get a guinea pig run, so she ca eat for a couple of hours on the grass each day. It is much safer that way, and doesn't risk it running away whilst unsupervised.

Hope I helped! (And hope you see your piggy again)!

My guinea pig shakes when i pet him ?

i got a new guinea pig today and whenever i pet him he shivers but its only when i pet his back and he seems very nervous the lady at the pet store said hes about 4-5 months old is he like this cause its his first day or something??