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My Kitten Has The Shits What Do I Do

My kitten/cat keeps having diarrhea and i think its purina cat food doing it, what is the best cat food to buy?

Purina is a bad food. Fancy Feast is just as bad if not worse. I've seen several cats come into our hospital suffering from some kind of organ failure/diabetes/obesity/some combination of the three because of their dry, bad-brand cat food. Most of the big name cat foods you buy in stores have huge amounts of grainy fillers like corn and wheat, which is not what cats are meant to eat at all. Look for a food WITHOUT corn products, wheat, or soy, which are cheap (bad) sources of protein that pet food companies add to bulk up their diets. That's why they're so cheap. Make sure the first three ingredients, at least, are all meat sources (chicken, turkey, fish).

Wellness and Innova are good foods. Wellness in particular has controlled mineral levels, cranberry extract, and urine acidifiers that help prevent urinary problems. At least provide some wet if you can't afford all wet. Add some water to their food before you give it to them as well.

Always introduce a new food slowly, preferably over the course of a week, especially if they seem to have sensitive digestive systems. Gradually add in a little of the new food each day in increasing amounts until they are fully transitioned.

Monitor their feces and urine. Bad dry food brands are also highly likely to give cats urinary tract infections which can kill them quite rapidly. Cats don't drink very often of their own will, which is why wet food helps with this problem.

Kitten leaks poop out of the butt?

My tonkinese kitten is 3 months old and eversince i've had him he's had poop problems. He had a lot of diarrhea and saw several vets, he got all his shots, worm stuff, took lots of anti-biotics and now he's a normal kitten that plays all day, eats a lot, poops a lot, etc. His poop is ok, not totally hard but not soft either. The problem is that when he sleeps on my bed he leaves behind poop trails, sometimes he drips on the carpet around the house, i have the floors covered in towels and keep him in the bathroom quite often when he gets more leaky. Sometimes he's leak free but most of the time it just seems to ooze out of his butt. I wipe his butt everytime he poops and if i wipe 10, 20 or 60 min later there will still be some poop on the toilet paper. I don't even want him to walk around the house anymore...what do i do??? The 2 vets i've seen don't seen to have a clue.

Why is my kitten eating her own poop?

Maybe she's lacking some nutrients. Feed her whenever she wants and give her as much as she wants. Kittens need to eat a lot of food because they are super active. How much food do you give her? What brand of cat food do you feed her?

When she poops, make sure she covers it up and then immediately scoop it out.

If she continues to do this for another week then you need to take her to the vet.

EDIT: Science Diet isn't the best cat food out on the market. If you can, try looking for EVO or Nature's Variety Instinct, you will find them in smaller pet stores. Canned food would be best for a kittens/cats health. Here's an article on why cats need canned food>>>

My kitten is having diarrhea a lot. What do I do?

Thanks for the A2A. Most of what I would recommend has already been mentioned by others.  Lots of things can cause diarrhea in kittens.  Changing a cat's food suddenly can cause diarrhea in grown cats as well as kittens. A lot of cats and kittens (including all of mine) can't tolerate cow's milk. Most kittens have worms, which can cause diarrhea, and most vets routinely check for parasites and administer deworming medications.  You really need to have an expert look at the little critter in order to to find out what is really wrong. Diarrhea just by itself is dangerous in kittens, because they dehydrate so easily, but if the diarrhea is present as a component of some larger illness it can be very serious indeed. Distemper, for example, can kill a kitten fairly quickly.  This is not to say your kitten has any such problem, of course, just that there is no easy way of telling what the diarrhea is caused by.  tl;dr:  Take the kitten to the vet as soon as possible.

My one month old kitten has diarrhea and throws up. What should I do?

Take her to the vet NOW! Kittens dehydrate very quickly - she should still be feeding from her mother anyway as too young to be fully weaned. so is she the only one or have the rest of the litter all got it? If she has been taken from her mother - shame on you, (unless she is a 'foundling') You are probably giving her the wrong food, you can get suitable formula for weaning kittens from the vet but if you haven't taken her already drop everything and go straight away and get weaning advice from an expert

My kitten is pooping on itself and has bad watery diarrhea?

well she has really bad diarrhea its watery with mucus like stuff and it smells reallys bad and she poops on herself wen i carry her or she makes to much movement but i dont have any money i dont work were can i take here were they wont charge me??please contact me if u have any info

What are the white, wiggly worms in my cat's poop?

Those are tape worms and unless you eat a flea you cannot get the worms. The life cycle of the tapeworm goes like this: worm infests flea; flea gets on cat; cat eats flea and then the flea eggs hatch inside the intestine--not the stomach or the stomach acid would kill them. Once they are hatched into the intestine the cat poops the fleas and then the cycle starts over. You cannot get worms by eating the poop...not that anyone would eat the poop anyway..the fleas will die inside your stomach because of the acid in your would get very sick from the E. Coli in the cat poop before you got worms.
You really cannot do anything for her other than take her to a vet once the blizzard is over. Over the counter medications do not work for tapeworms and she will need to be weighed to make sure she gets the right amount of medication. Hopefully the freezing weather will kill any remaining fleas in your area but if not the only way to stop the tapeworm cycle is to get rid of the fleas. Ask your vet for Frontline or Advantage or what ever flea repellent he suggests. Once you get that then you can treat the house and where the cat sleeps. You may have to get flea bombs if the fleas in the house are really bad but the that means you and kitty have to leave the home for many hours. The most effective way I found to combat fleas is to pay an exterminator to come out and spray the house and yard. The upside to this is that there will be no other bugs in your house either.