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My Mother Wants Me To Give Her 1300 Dollars

Do you take care of your mother when she is old? And does she live with you?

Absolutely… without a doubt…I'm a single child for my parents. My father passed away while I was still quite young. It was my mother who stood the test of time, dealt with hardships while she let me focus on my studies. Now I'm not saying this was special from one lady, probably every mother would have done the same for her child in that situation.Time passed by and now I'm independent, working and earning a well to do amount. And my mother stays with me.. its our choice;not hers, not mine.She looks after me as a mother looks after her child. I take care of her as every child should.The parent-child relation is the most pure and honest relation to ever exist in this world and each day I relish that. I relish the fact that we share a healthy friendly bond and stand by each other through good and bad.So for me to live with my mother and take care of her isn't an obligation, social norm or a thing to show off. Its my choice and my way of life. :)

What do you think of a mother who spent over two thousand dollars on 300 Christmas gifts for her 3 kids?

That's actually not that extreme. I spend a thousand on my parents every Christmas and about a thousand on my "under the age of 18" nieces and nephews (there are five of them). Rick and I don't give Christmas gifts (we save our gold doubloons for vacation. . . January 1st won't come soon enough). My grandfather (before he passed away), used to give us $10,000 each Christmas. My semi-wealthy friends (they have two kids), spend about $2,000 on each kid for Christmas. Different families with different means, pressures and beliefs celebrate differently. So what?I sense (though I admit that I could be wrong) a bit of criticism-elicitation here. "Oh, how dare she act so frivolously!" Look. As long as the person can afford it, then it's not an issue. If you're asserting (again, I'm stretching here) that it's wrong to spend like that whilst people somewhere on Earth are starving, then I submit that there's a problem with your logic.We all spend money on frivolities. What is the limit then? Are you (or anybody else) positing that your values on what is appropriate should be the standard for everybody? For instance, most of the people writing on Quora have access to the internet at home. Is that required for life? Could they not spare that extra change and give it to the poor? Or have we now decided that internet access is a basic human necessity (someone tell that to my older family members who refuse to get it).If we don't enjoy the life we have, then it's wasted. My husband and I work hard all year long. I'm a recruiter. He's an ICU nurse. We make good money, we save for our retirement, we avoid spending money on things we believe have little value (*stuff* -- the wealth trap: buying things just to buy them and accumulating things). We save for our two or three vacations each year and otherwise live comfortable, humble lives.But we spend a good amount on vacations. That's our right. It's the very thing we save for and plan for and get excited about all year long. In this partciular question, the mother may save and/or be excited all year long to see that look on her kids' faces. I know that that is one of the reasons I give gifts to my parents, nieces and nephews: It's so nice to see that look on their faces.

I am 26 years old. I resigned my job and I am living with my parents. What would you do next, if you were me?

You are eighteen. By definition, you are an adult, and you can live anywhere you want without gaining your parent’s permission, provided the people you choose to live with will have you. Your parents are no longer legally responsible for you any more, you are no longer subject to their wishes or commands, and they are under no obligation to provide you a place to live.You don’t have to tell anyone anything if you don’t want to. You can make your arrangements with your mom, tell your dad and stepmom that you feel your life will be better if you go live with your mother, and call some friends to help you move.If you feel you must explain yourself, tell them exactly what you have said here-they are too controlling and will not let you grow up. If they decide they want to change, then give them a chance if you are so inclined to do so. Otherwise, exercise your right as a adult to live where you want to live, and move out.

My mom is charging me rent?

I am 18 years old. I graduated from high school early about two years ago. I've been working in retail for about a year. My job is 40 hours a week and I'm making $10 an hour. I've had a very hard time saving my money, because I wind up spending most of it on food. I also have to pay for my car payment, gas, my phone bill, and my gym membership. My mom has decided to start charging me $200 in rent every month. Originally, she said she would save it for me. And give it to me once I needed to make a first payment on an apartment. But now she is saying that she will deduct $50 per week if I don't have my room clean at all times and if I don't help her clean the house. I feel like this is completely unfair. If I'm paying for my room, i should be able to do what I want with it, right? Or am I overreacting? Is it fair what she is asking? I feel like it's unfair to me to have to pay the money and not get it back if I don't do chores. Please help. What should I do?

Would you pay 1200 dollars for a golden retriever puppy?

Do you mean a health gaurantee? I dont care if the animals have papers stating that they are "disease free" -anything- could happen.

I know a woman who breeds labs in the Franklin and she has a fine record for producing beautiful and healthy pups. But one of them did get hip dysplacia. It *can* happen, to any of them. Its just less likely if they are of good breeding, and not some backyard nonsense.

Any reputable breeder will tell you there is abosolutley no gaurantee on health. And most will offer atleast a 2 year gaurantee for atleast hip dysplacia. (meaning, if they get it, you can replace the pup or recieve a refund) Id have him see a someone else if his heart is set on getting a pure bred.

What do i do about my freeloading mother?

A previous comment about you owing your mother is completely the wrong way around: she decided to bring you into the world, so she owes you everything!

Anyway, you're adult now, and you are your own person. You have been giving into her totally selfish blackmail for too long, and you simply say you haven't got it. Try to make that the truth by putting the money that you have been giving her into a savings account that you cannot touch without notice. Better still, tell her you will no longer discuss any money issues due to her blackmailing you. If necessary put the phone down. You MUST stick to your decision, even though she will call you names and try to blackmail you over and over again: just REFUSE to discuss money. It will cost you your relationship with your mother for a time, but she will come round eventually when she sees how determined you are.

An alternative would be to discover why she needs the money and what she really does with it. Then you may be able to help her with the issues ahe has, but you may not.

You must realize that the more you give her the more she will want from you, and that you are actually not doing her any favors by bailing her out. As said, she very probably has an addiction to gambling or something, or is giving it to some man.

You absolutely have to stop NOW!!

You have to be strong! If you really do love your mother you'll do this for her. She will try to tell you it's the other way around, but she is desperate and lying. Please do not give in to her emotional blackmail.

I'm a relationships coach in England, so if you'd like some more help with this, please email me. Yahoo answers email address doesn't accept emails, so you'll need to trust me with yours.

I dont want my dad to walk me down the aisle?

My dad moved away when i was 10, left my mom to raise me and my sister alone. My mom died in September 2010, he moved back. He borrowed 100 dollars from me took him over a month to pay me back. He makes 1300 A WEEK. I told him i was getting married and he said mike (my soon to be husband) NEEDS TO ASK HIM FOR MY HAND IN MARRIAGE!! (he hasnt been here for 11years, and never calls me at all) OK so my dad says he wants to pay for things, i say ok. He has only gave me $380 for my wedding... he promised he would pay for my the dress payment comes due and he says he doesnt have any money. Mind you my father lives on his brothers couch and pays $75 a week for rent...but he makes $1300 PER WEEK. My wedding is May 7th, 2011...and still nothing.. he just treats me like sh*t. NEVER CALLS yet promises every week to help. My grandparents raised me.... i want my grandfather to walk me down the aisle. Actually my grandfather cried when he thought he wouldnt walk me down the aisle, i told him he AND my father would walk me down the aisle. But i honestly just want my grandpa who RAISED ME from a baby to do it.. (also my grandparents have given me more than anyone else for my wedding) But my grandparents do so much for me, have been my mom and dad sense i was a baby and my dad thinks he can "demand respect" (in his words)

My grandfather deserves to walk me down the aisle..not my "dad" (me and my husband have paid for almost the entire wedding ourselves WHICH IS NO PROBLEM AT ALL) But my dad is the one wanting to pay....then stands me up. My grandfather has been there for every scrape, every milestone, every second... from the moment i was born. My dad just thinks he knows me.