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My Mum Caught Me Smoking

My mum caught me smoking?

alright well my mum dident catch me smoking she just figured out that i was doing something fishey and then gave me that look and i cant tell lies well so i admited it. im 18 meaning i can legally smoke in the UK were i live however my mum hates smoke drink drugs and anything else that affects ur health. now i dont smoke to be hard or cool i just do it becuse when i was 18 i just wanted to see what it was like and i dident like it at first but then it grew on me and now it relaxes me and helps me get by in life. pls dont go on about the health issues and get on my grill becuse im aware its bad but thier is alot of things out there that are bad but we still do them anyways. plus i went to school and was told about the affects plus my mum ranted at me 20 mins straight about the disadvantages of smoking. my mum now stares at me like i have murdered someone and wont talk to me. i said to her that im 18 meaning that i can legally do it and it my money im using to buy it. then she said aslong as u live under my house you do not smoke. however i sont smoke in the house i mostly do it outside. i know that not what she meant but still.

im still wanting to smoke but how can i now that my mum has become more aware of what i do and never trusts me and now questiones what i get to everytime i get away from her in like a minute. and pls to you non smokers dont tell me about my own health and dont tell me what i should and shouldent be doing my mother may have influence but not you

My mum caught me smoking !? HELP?

honestly if you were my daughter i don't know what i'd do, but it wouldn't be pretty. I'm a very relaxed and not strict parent, but as a parent we look out for our kids best interest and no parent wants to come and find their child potentially doing something that can kill them.

I teach my kids from the age of 6 what drugs and cigarettes can do to their body, and i tell them if they reach 18 and want to ruin their lungs go for it, but as long as they live under my roof no lung clogging cr*p shall enter their mouths, she obviously thought she could trust you to be around people who smoke and have a backbone and not join in, but now you have ruined any trust she has in you, and all respect she had for you.

tell your mother you are sorry, you are not a smoker, you tried it once, because you wanted to see what the fuss was about and you promise to never do it again, and if that doesn't work then you will just have to live with the consequences of your foolish actions.

My mom caught me smoking?

I was outside smoking a cigarette (I told my mom I was throwing a frisbee for my dog) and she unexpectedly came outside. It was like 10 at night and dark but I swear I checked the windows (You can see if someone is going to come out into the back yard from the windows) but still, I turned around to spit and when I looked back in front of me... There was my mom in her pink housecoat standing on the porch. I immidiately dropped the cigarette and hoped she hadn't seen it. She was like "Could you come here for a minute?" So I went up to her and she was like "So are you sure you put the cigarette out?" And I was thinking oh SHlT. And then she was like "So I guess everyone's right, I can't trust you, you're a liar, blah blah blah". She basically told me I was a ****-up. But finally she was like "I'm going inside, I have things I gotta do". And now she's being all grouchy and bitchy and when I came in I saw her crying. I feel really bad now, and I apologized and said I wouldn't do it again (lie). I also said that they weren't her cigarettes (lie) and that I had bought them (lie). I also said I didn't take her lighter (lie) and that I lit it with a match (lie). I feel soooo guilty now. Not guilty enough to quit, though. I couldn't even if I tried. I'm very very very very very very very very very addicted. So I'll spare myself the nightmare of trying to quit but... What can I do? I feel so bad :( I know I hurt her.

I'm 13 if it matters. I know smokings bad, but could you save me the lectures, PLEASE????

Mum caught me smoking?

I would take the cigarettes away and have you talk to a therypist. It's not good to smoke. Unless you want to die at a young age. And also, if you have plans on being a super model, forget it, your teeth will rot. Quit. Before it's too late and you destroy your future. You are screwed. And she will probably tell your father like she should and tell your friends parents. Who's fault is it? Also, if you are under 18 it's illegal, and you must've bought it from a street seller. You might end up in jail if you keep that up. Your mom should kick you out for that. It's a sick habbit, and these are all probably harsh, but well, it's not safe to smoke. Obviously, if you were in the house, you are younger than 18. Once your 18 smoke all you want, death is going to be faster for you, and more painful. Good luck with your life.

My mom caught me smoking?

Oh I know how you feel! My dad has caught me smoking before and I was just speechless. I was soo offguard, and embaressed and just desperate for a way to make him believe I wasnt. I know this isnt really the greatest solution for your parents, but if your gonna smoke (I know how it is) then just go somewhere where they wont be able to smell it. I go into my back yard, or somewhere outside where no one will see me. And then, afterwards, immediately change your clothes so they wont be able to smell it on you. If everyone is still on your case, tell your mom that you think cigarettes are sick, and that you dont even have a place where you could get them in the first place. Tell her how you think smoking is dumb, and that you would never ever even consider it! Even if its not how you feel, it should at least get everyone off your back! I know alot of people on here are probably gonna say just quit smoking but alot of them probably dont totally get it either... and believe me, Im a teen and I do! Just be a little more careful, hon, and you should be just fine! Other than that, if you really think it the right choice, quit smoking because it could do alot of harm.

My mom caught me smoking?

If your self esteem is so bad that you feel that you cannot quit smoking then there are more problems you need to face then cigs. Go get a cup of water and put your dead cig butts in it and let it soak. Put a lot of them in there so it smells real good. Now imagine that the dirty water that is in the cup is what is happening to your lungs. Cig smoking is a expensive habit. What is is going for now a days? $3.50 per pack? If you smoke one pack a day that is $21.00 per week, $84.00 per month, $1008.00 per year, for ten years that is 10080.00, times 20years that is $201,60.00 and that does not include the fact that the price is going to go up. If you put that money into an interest bearing account every week for the next 20 years instead you could buy and pay off a real nice home for your Mom to come to visit you and enjoy the smoke free environment because you do not want her to have a relapse because she will want to visit her grandchildren who have there Mom able to run and play with her not drag a oxygen tank along and gasp for breath. You must be smart enough to get on the computer and ask for help on what to do. Use your brains and throw those things away.

Are you ready to quit smoking?If really yes then first promise to yourself then go to your mom & say “ really very sorry”.Don't give any wrong excuse for your smoking.Promise her that you will never smoke.( Promise only when you really quit smoking).If you can't quit then better be clear to her that you can't quit,but you promise her to reduce the number gradually.

Well firstly i would like to suggest you that dont brake your parents trust. Comming to the question if parents caught you smoking.1.Easiest thing, if you have no known history of smoking, say you were gonna try it once and you'll never do it again. I've said that shit to so many people and it makes them think you're almost innocent =), i even got a cop to throw away a ticket he was writing me by sayin that haha.New Memberfrom the time your parents catch you with bud there is about a (depending on the parent) 2-6 month period where you have to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SHIT!!! theres not much you can do after they find out except do the right thing: do well in school, be obedient, be responsible, dont give her a hard time, (you get the point). if you mess up again she will more than likely say stuff like "thats what happens when you smoke weed and blah blah blah" which will lead to her keeping a closer eye on you and hounding you about if you've been smoking every time you come in the housejust focus on doing the right thing and she'll slowly ease off your back. trust me on this dood... i lived it . Thankyou..

My mom caught me smoking in my room, what should I do?

You question is a bit confusing but I'll give it a go.

Your mum is angry because you smoked in HER house, you showed no respect for your mum by doing this. As a parent I too would be just as annoyed. Smoking in the house is not good for other peoples health and is a major cause of house fires. If my son were to smoke I would rather he smoked openly than trying to hide it ( which you never can do effectively anyway ) as trying to be secretive is also disrespectful and makes it even more likely that you would accidentally cause a fire by trying to hide a cigarette when you heard your mum coming towards your room etc.

It's not clear from your question whether your mum is angry because you smoked in your room or that you are smoking at all but amusing that your mum is OK with you smoking just not in the house the best thing that you can do is to apologize to her, respect her wishes and make sure you always smoke outside from now on. Make sure you clear your cigarette buts up as well, there is nothing as irritating as finding these strewn all over the floor.

Apologize to your mum for yelling at her, tell her that you understand why she was cross and promise to never smoke in the house again and stick to it.

If your mum is angry because you are smoking at all then I also understand this, smoking is a dangerous habit to get into and a very cause of cancer etc, it is also incredibly expensive but mainly a massive health risk. What seems like a rebellious pushing of boundaries now will soon become a full on addiction. You will regret smoking when you are always short of cash, scrabbling around for coins to get your nicotine fix and coughing all the time. If you are serious about making amends with your mum make an effort to quit smoking for her sake and for the sake of your future health

Good luck

My mom caught me smoking pot?

My parents have been divorced for years now and just recently my mom has caught me smoking pot and she says this is unacceptable. As of right now I have stopped but on my dads side of the family pot is like a family thing, it has brought me far closer to my older brother and it is something we all can relate to. Before someone makes a comment about me being a stoner or something like that, I have been looking up and learning about the facts out of curiosity since i was about 8 years old (long before I started doing it), so i know whats going on with it and im not just smoking it. Since i started doing it my grades have skyrocketed and my mother says she is very proud of doing it and when i stopped for a few months my grades went down. Pot is a very important part of my life, as a friend, aid, and in a religious view in a way. My mom thinks i have only done it a couple times and doesnt know how important it is to my life and my school work. I have looked up many dilutants and things like that to try and get around spontaneous pee tests and there just isnt enough time for weed to get out of my system. Please, i want to hear some input on this, i feel slightly depressed knowing that i wont be able to do an activity that i love with my family or friends anymore.