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My Mum Is Unhappy That I Am Keeping In Touch With My Former Teacher

Keeping in touch with teacher after sixth form?

I'm an 18 year old girl, I finish sixth form this June and I was wondering if it is weird to ask a teacher to meet up for coffee (after I finish sixth form)?
To put this into context she's in her early thirties and my drama teacher for the last year and a half. We aren't super close but she's my favourite teacher and the only person who really makes school enjoyable - it makes me feel sooo sad to think that I could never see her again.

Would you keep in contact with a teacher that you used to have?

Without a doubt, yes, I would.I had a teacher for two different classes during my sophomore and junior year who effectively changed my life.For context, I’d spent most of my life breezing through classes. That came to a halt my sophomore year, and I found myself genuinely struggling in one of my classes. The instructor of this course terrified the living bejeezus out of me at the time, and I couldn’t even imagine approaching him for help.I don’t know why I refused to just drop the class, but I insisted on suffering through the semester anyways. He noticed early on that I was effectively on the path of failing the class, and listened, offered tutoring. If I remember correctly, it didn’t seem to help me that much at the time, and he honestly could’ve (or should’ve) just given up on me at the point, but for some reason, he basically did everything he could to intervene.He was there to remind me that he still believed in me and my abilities even when I couldn’t. I did eventually drop the class at the semester, but somehow in some odd sort of irony ended up in a different class of his my junior year (he taught multiple subjects). I was a much better student the second time around, and by this time, he became some sort of mentor to me.One year later, he wrote my scholarship recommendations, and listened as I agonized over college applications. And when I was eventually rejected by my dream school, he sent me an email that said, “Their loss. Keep your chin up. I believe in you and I am very proud that you were my student.”To myself, and my parents, I was a failure. No one had ever told me that they were proud of me, or that I’d done everything I could. I’d almost failed his first class, but somehow he was proud of me, for reasons I still don’t quite understand.And sometimes, when it seems like everything I’m doing is wrong, I pull up that email to remind myself that at some point, someone saw something worth believing in.I honestly doubt he knows just how much he impacted and inspired me in those three years, and I don’t think I could’ve told him what it meant to me then.I haven’t talked to him in months, but I think I just might go and shoot him an email.

Can you be friends with a former teacher after you have graduated if they have made a big impact on your life?

Absolutely. I had two art teachers in high school that I remained friends with after graduation, both of them old enough to be my parents.Mr. T was my favorite teacher ever, and helped me through a very difficult time in my life (the death of my mother from cancer during my senior year - he had recently lost his wife to cancer, while his own son and daughter were teenagers). He and I remained friends until his very sad and untimely death at age 48 a few years after I had graduated. (Some people have found this questionable, and suggested that a man in his 40’s can’t be friends with a girl of 18, 19, 20 without it being suspect, but I assure you, he had no ulterior motive and was never anything but kind and supportive.)Mrs. D was around the same age as Mr. T (and they were great friends also, having taught together for 20 years or so), and she was one of the kindest ladies you could ever meet, as well as one of the coolest. We would often meet for lunch or go antiques shopping (her home was filled with the most beautiful antique furniture!), and in fact, when Mr. T passed away, we attended his funeral together and cried on each other’s shoulders. We lost touch when I moved away several years after graduation, but I recently spoke to a mutual friend who said that she is doing well, and I would really like to get back in touch with her.

Why do i feel so sad because my teacher is moving?

Today was the last day of junior year and Im happy that its going to be summer but sad at the same time. My physics teacher is moving to seattle and will not be teaching anymore at my school. Im incredibly sad for some reason. In the beginning of this semester like (February and March) he lost his mother and had to go to Seattle for those two months. He came back April and i was happy that he came back. Today he told us that he is moving to Seattle to help out his dad and i was really sad after that. He was my favorite teacher this semester and he has taught me a lot. Knowing that when i go back to school makes me sad when hes not there anymore. My friend was telling him that he should add him on facebook and my teacher said he might make one like a teacher Facebook but i don't even have a facebook so idk. Man my teacher has literally made an impact on me and now that he's gone idk what to do.

I miss my high school teacher so much?

I've been graduated for half a year now and one person in particular crosses my mind daily. That happens to be my previous English teacher. She was such a sweetheart and very caring. She helped me a lot and always told me to never to hesitate if i ever need anything, etc. Sometimes i want to go visit and say hi or e-mail her but i feel like that'd be awkward. What would you do? Also, no - I'm not romantically interested in her. I actually see her much like a mother. It's so sad finding people in life that you relate to in many levels and then there's this weird distance.

Period leaked at school. TEACHER?

I got my first period on Thursday (I'm 13) luckily at home so my mum helped me and it wasn't heavy at all. The next day I went to school wearing a pad but not the biggest size ones because I didn't really understand they get heavy. My mum did tell me though and put pads in my school bag.

During one of my lessons in the morning I could feel something wasn't right. My teacher was in a really really bad mood usually she is super nice to us so I guess she was having a bad day and she looked like she had been crying, but I could feel I'm leaking so I put my hand up and asked if I could go to the bathroom and she just screamed "NO". I was freaking out I had no idea what to do so I just sat through the whole lesson! When it was over and everyone ran out, I stood up and saw blood all over my seat!! I sat back down and I don't know why but I just broke down crying:( My teacher immediately ran up to me and asked whats wrong I could even speak and I didn't even know what to say I'm shy in front of teachers so I stood up and showed her. Then straight away she started to apologize and said I should of told her it was an emergency but its not like I would say something like that in front of my WHOLE class! But then she was really nice she told me to calm down and it happens to everyone. She rang the office to tell them to ring my mum and tell her to pick me up and tied her jacket around my waist and took me outside and stayed with me until my mum arrived.

So it was ok in the end, but Im still upset that she screamed at me and didnt let me go to the bathroom when I HAD to!

I also feel really embarrassed. I have to see her again on Monday for my English lesson and I know every woman understands and has periods and so does my teacher she is in her 30's but just the fact that she saw me like that its so embarrassing! And who cleaned the chair? Thinking about it is making me cry:((

Has something like this ever happened to anyone else????

And can you give me some advice because I really hate feeling like this ;((((

Why do teachers always tell some students to stay in touch? Is it an easy way to end a school year without it being awkward, or do they seriously mean it?

Many teachers are genuine about this.At my school we did not have an appointed advisor system, and you could appoint any teacher should one be required. One day I was on track for a competition, and I picked Mrs. L out of her kind personality and her guidance as a person. My goal was computer engineering, she taught chemistry, but anyways. (Advisorship for this competition was more of an administrative nature, so I just wanted someone who actually gives better advice.)I won gold that year. At an international level. Mrs. L didn’t even teach me in a class or staffed my homeroom, but I somehow fatefully approached for her signature.1 year later, I joined a university at my target department and program. 4 years, graduated with gold honors. 5–9 years, full of scholarships. 7th year in particular, got valedictorian as masters graduate. Now, assistant professor.She could not be happier. Every bit of news I (or my mother) shared with Mrs. L seems to only add to her eternal happiness.Currently, Mrs. L is retired from my school and is serving as a headmaster of a private kindergarten. When I visited her at her job, she introduced me to the entire faculty and staff like I was her son.On another note, not about exactly a teacher, my family used to visit Rev. S, a local monk near Bangkok. He knew of my academic exploits, and literally bragged about me all the way to heaven. (Rev. S passed away from cancer and old age.) He only wished for me to treat my family well and stay in school.

I miss my old teacher terribly, what should I do?

This past year, I had a teacher whom I absolutely loved. She made a big impact on me, and sort of filled a void I've had since my mom left me..

It was her last year of teaching before retirement and I knew I would regret it if I didn't tell her how I felt, so I wrote her a letter and handed it to her on the last day of school..

I miss her so much.

I have no idea how she reacted to the letter because obviously I haven't seen her since then.

I know she has a Facebook, but I'm afraid that it will seem creepy if I add her.

I just don't know what to do.

I'm sorry if I'm not making much sense; it's sorta 4:49 AM haha.

Should I get over my fear of seeming creepy, and just add her?
Or should I just not think about it, and hope someday I stop missing her?

Or any other suggestions..?

My favourite teacher is going on maternity leave going to miss her so much what do I do??

were so close, and I never even thought she might leave
Her best friend saw me crying and asked me what was wrong, and I fell apart.
She had a word with my favourite teacher and she told me to walk with her. I told her why I was so upset. She told me even though she is going on maternity leave she still cares about me.
I have really bad trust issues and suffer from depression
I started crying in front of her and she told me how worried she is about me
I don't know how I'm going to cope when she goes on maternity leave. I'll have no one to turn to. I love seeing her around college and having small talk. I can't cope I can't eat or sleep and all I ever think about is that she's having a baby, and how lucky that baby is to have such a great mother.
She has helped me so much with my depression and I don't know what to do when she goes
Somebody please give me coping strategies
She doesn't understand how much I'll miss her
What should I do???