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My Nutritionist Told Me To Stop Working Out

Best way to lose weight without working out.?

Congratulations on getting concerned.
First, lets talk about diet. You sound pretty well educated so you probably know what you need to do. Make a list of the easiest to hardest things and add one thing each week. Maybe this week you switch to diet sodas. Next week you stop ordering french fries. Things like that.
As you know besides cutting calories, burning calories is just as important. Again, a lot can be done with little things. At work, park at the far end of the parking lot and walk the rest of the way. Take the stairs, meet your friends in a park instead of a bar, etc. There are some exercises you can do at work. And there are lots of exercise routines that take just 5 minutes at home. You can make big changes by doing lots of little things. Here is an example of a little thing: Keep your water in your frig. Your body has to burn calories to heat that water in your tummy. Eight ice cold glasses a day for a year adds up to about 10 lbs a year.
Ideal Body weight can be estimated quickly for a fast and approximate answer or calculated more scientifically. The more measurements the calculation calls for the more accurate the answer will be. But I wouldn't worry much about that for now. You need to lose at least 80 pounds.
Most experts agree that safe permanent weight loss can't exceed 1 - 2 pounds a week. So this is going to take a while - if obesity runs in your family - it's going to be a life long thing. So you're not going on a diet - you are changing your lifestyle. Treat it that way.
If you can afford it, buy a subscription to Men's Health. That way each month you can learn something else to add to your arsenal.

Here are some exercises you can do at work
Here are some quick exercises you can do at home
Here are some good suggestions to cut out calories easily
Here is a web site that is free and full of tools for people who want to live more healthy
and here is link to Mens' Health

Anyway, I want to commend you on your attitude. Good Luck!

Help me stop eating. period.?

If it's not working its because you're doing something wrong.

Exercise: You want to lose fat, are you SURE you're doing at least 20mins of cardio every day? 20-45mins is usually the recommended range depending on fitness and goals. Your heart rate MUST be elevated high enough to be in the fat burning zone. Consider buying a heart rate monitor to help you pick up pace if your heart beats per minute starts going too low.

Eating: This is the most important. Find out your recommended calorie intake per day. MAKE SURE you do not eat more than that. KEEP TRACK of the calories you put in your mouth, and try eating 5-6 meals a day, at 3 hours interval or so between each meal to keep your metabolism high.

You should not stop eating, That will actually help you get FATTER, because your body will hold on to as much fats as it can from anything you eat to keep your body alive for as long as possible without being fed again for a long time.

Tips to stop binge-eating?

A lot of people have this problem, although most of them are obese or overweight. ( Unless they purge the food back up) If you are bulimic and you participate in purging, I would reccomend going to see a counselor immediately, or if it is bad enough, going to a rehab center for those with eating disorders. You can talk to others who are like you and you will be forbidden to binge at all and you will be watched carefully to make sure you don't purge. 115 pounds isn't underweight for someone your height , especially for a girl, but it is on the lower end of the healthy spectrum. If you do not purge and you strictly are a binger, there are steps you can take on your own to cease it. Don't buy bundle packages of food, like the boxes you get from Costco, as you'll most likely be tempted to eat it all. Also try to keep snack like items out of your house and more fruits, lean meats, and vegetables. If you feel it's to the point of major addiction,, you may need some sort of program to help you out. Also try not to stay in your house all day, as it makes you want to eat. Try to go somewhere every day so you don't get bored. When you eat out, always order the smallest size so you won't be tempted by the large portions. If you cook, begin weighing your foods and keeping an eye on your calorie intake. Women don't need as many calories as men do a day, also it depends on height, weight, and age, it also depends on how athletic a person is. If you work out regularly or play sports, you may need more calories, but don't go overboard or make that an excuse. Even if you are not bulimic, I would still reccomend going to see a counselor, as they can find the source of the binging and talk you through your emotional problems and your addiction to food. Hope this helped Hun

Why is my dietitian telling me not to exercise?

I would find another dietitian if I was you, this seems to be the worst advice I've ever heard given, unless you have a medical problem that exercise could have a negative effect on (in which case it should be the Doctor giving you the advice)

What kind of doctor do I consult to help me gain weight?

This was exactly me a few years ago so i know. I got a full body check up and realized a thing or two. So basically have a full body check up and get a feedback from any genral practice doctor, a nutritionist or dietician are also more preferred.I followed eat everything in sight and increased my appetite. I went to gym as well to help increase my appetite and well results not bad. From being stuck at 56 kgs ever since till 21 from 17, now I'm 72kgs at 23 and now making sure i don't go any further.Edit 1: a small little details i forgot, i did not have any supplements or anything special. Just increase your diet in first place and eat till you feel its full up to your throat. That was my mantra

Lost 10 LBS Second Trimester Pregnancy?

I am 23 weeks and I have already gained 25 LBS. Ouch. The most I have gained with any pregnancy. Most of the weight came from scaling back my P90X workout and the holiday season.

Anyway, my doctor told me to see a nutritionist. Within a week I actually lost weight. 10 LBS to be exact and I am afraid I might lose more.

I am hoping this is OK.....I have contacted my doctor but we have been playing phone tag for the past three days. Has anyone had this experience.