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My Parents Want Me To Move Out I Suffer From Social Anxiety

Bad Parents and Social Anxiety?

Today I went to go eat with my dad, his mom and her mom. Now I'm 18 have bad social anxiety and have problems talking to people let alone eating out and talking to them. I hate going somewhere to eat since i'm not going to talk and I feel stupid when I don't say anything since the only time I do say something is when someone asks me a question and I usually respond with yeah, ok, no or shake my head up and down or to the side to indicate i'm saying yes or no. Well as my dad drops me off at home, he goes off and starts talking about how I need to learn how to talk to people and act normal and my mom goes and says "Oh, yeah, he always acts that way because hes mad". evem though I've TOLD HER THAT I HAVE SOCIAL ANXIETY.

At this point im feeling pretty upset because i'm being accused of something thats not even me and to make things worse, they're saying all these bad things about me and the only thing I can do is sit there guilty all because I cant say anything thanks to social anxiety. My dad goes off about how to speak to people even though I know how to, but I just cant because of my bad social anxiety. During them talking crap about me I manage to blurt out social anxiety, and my dad goes and says something to the extent of "oh you mean that **** you looked up online. you dont have that" and then he went on to tell me how some social disibility is because I don't ahve a strong enough mind... Oh yeah, he really knows what it feels like to have social anxiety... Only thing my mom did was agree with him on how I need to grow up and I need to stop acting like a ***** and how I have a ****** up attitude and how im lazy, mad, dont want to talk. I would love to talk, but I cant because I have social anxiety, its like these people dont understand ****. They keep on telling me how I have no proof I have social anxiety and then began to pretty much make fun of me. I'm sitting here thinking to myself "All this from eating out with family". Do you guys think this is how parents should treat their kid with problems? Its annoying having them believe im lazy or Ii'm an asshole and thats why I don't talk. They fail to realize, It would be like a dream come true if i was able to talk and express myself. Not to mention my mom is not a very nice person as she puts me down and starts arguments with me for no reason, as there is so much to this whole thing I've haven't gone in detail about.

What can I do if my parents give me anxiety?

Oh, great question. I’m going to answer anecdotally.Step One: Get some therapy or counseling. Just let it all out. Have a NORMAL conversation. Have the conversation you wish you could have with your parents but just can’t.Step Two: Get some boundaries. For me? That was remodeling my room, soundproofing it and getting a lock on the door.Step Three: Get some hobbies. Get out of the house as much as possible. I study at the library until like 9pm every day. I like it.Step Four: Save money to move out. Try to get a promotion. Or if you’re going to school, just focus on that. Then, move out as soon as possible.Now my issue is going to be making sure I see my parents enough so I don’t worry about them. Once every two weeks seems to be a happy medium.Good luck!

I think I have social anxiety disorder but my parents are not taking it seriously. What should I do?

✌️✌️✌Anxiety and worry are major challenges.Worry: a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems. A chain of negative laden thoughts reviewing past issues or projecting future results. Many times worry takes on a problem solving element. An attempt to "figure it out".A couple of things right off the jump: "uncertainty over actual of potential problems"--we must emphasize. In life there are real/actual problems to worry about.. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY IF YOU WORRY. It's normal. Some strategies.1) Try to stay in the present moment. Worry involves an almost compulsive tendency to project future outcomes and/or ruminate on past issues. Staying in the present moment is a SKILL that you can develop over time:a) Daily practice to stay grounded include meditation, prayer, and mindfulness exercises. A couple other exercises include: turning off the music/radio as you drive to work; pay attention to your surroundings; many times we drive to work on automatic pilot.b) In the moment exercises: When you find your mind wandering bring yourself back and place intentional focus on whatever activity is in front of your. Literally talk to yourself. In you mind walk yourself through the activity ("I am now calling the next customer"; "I am now grading these papers" etc...)2) DO NOT try and suppress the worry by berating yourself. DO NOT "worry about worry". As we try and push down a thought or an emotion it tends to gain strength. Instead try to accept and observe the worry and "ride it out".Check out my blog Home | Subscribe. And share.

Can people suffering from crippling forms of social anxiety receive welfare?

I am 20 years old and I have social anxiety. It has crippled me so much that I had to drop out of high school and I have quit 5 jobs since. The stress of trying to leave the house (let alone to go to a job) brings me on the brink of suicide. I am currently seeing a psychiatrist. My parents are letting me stay in an extra room they have but I pay for pretty much everything else(food and gas) with the money I can somehow keep together between jobs. I'm becoming exhausted with the stress of trying to function in a job. I want to so bad and the last thing I want is to ask for assistance from something like welfare. But My parents are moving and they are trying to hint that I need to find a way to live after that.
Can people get temporary assistance through welfare with social anxiety?

Can moving back in with parents trigger OCD/anxiety/panic?

Hi, everyone.

When I was in jr high and high school, I suffered terribly from generalized anxiety and panic attacks. When I moved out and went to college, it was liberating. Though I still had a mild degree of anxiety, especially social, it was manageable without medication and I had no panic attacks at all.

However, I finished grad school just as the economy bottomed out. I couldn't find a job despite a master's from a top-ranked university (I put myself in a lot of debt because I thought the reputation of the school would pay off).

I had to move back in with my mother. Now my anxiety is constantly out of control. I experienced several debilitating panic attacks, one which put me in the ER, but am now on medication. While it gets the panic, it doesn't get the anxiety or depression that has arisen as a result. I live in constant fear of death/dying/heart problems, even though when I went to the ER a chest x-ray, ECG, fluid test and blood test showed me to be fine. I keep fearing that there is something really wrong with me and I obsess over my heart.

I suppose my question is can my OCD/anxiety/panic be triggered by moving back in with my mom?

I love her more than anyone else in the world but am not sure I'm fit to live with her or anyone after experiencing living alone. But the job I'm working now (the only one I could find after nearly a year of being told I was overqualified and rejected) doesn't pay enough to let me move out.

Any tips?

I don´t have a job because I have bad social anxiety. I am 21. My parents see me as a failure. Any advice what I should do?

Anxiety is common amongst teenagers. Staggeringly, 1 in 4 suffer from severe anxiety. One of the causes can be a sense of failure. What if failure was a gift and not a curse?Often, failure can cause dejection to set in. But perhaps failure can act as a springboard for the path meant for us.Failure helps you find your home.Through my failures, I realized what I am most passionate about is presenting on stage and training others to be more than they ever thought possible – empowering others to transform their lives in ways they could never have imagined. As I get on stage and look into the eyes of the audience and feel their presence and energy, I feel alive.Failure will make you confront your fears – after, you can choose whether to let it make you.There is no failure, only learningsEveryone is doing the best they can with the resources they haveFailure can bring about an awareness of what changes are needed. It can enable improvements that may not have been possible before.If you have experienced failure and want to make peace with it and use it as a springboard for success, then contact us at Transforming LivesThis would be ideal for you.Love Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD)