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My Room Feels Too Big

My left eye feels as if its too big to fit in the hole!!?

Sounds like you might have glaucoma, which means your eye has too much internal pressure. Highly recommend you have your eye pressure checked as well as a general examination of your eyes. You might even have an infestation of Toxocara Canis, especially if you're around dogs. These are almost-visable microscopic worms which sometime migrate into the eye, usually the left eye, and which can destroy the central vision. If you don't have the money to pay for an extensive exam, go to the emergency room of any hospital , and they by law, have to take care of you, and make sure, if you're around dogs, to have them check your blood for sensitivity to Toxocara Canis.
Best of luck to you!

My room feels empty, deco ideas?

i seriously suggest the thrift store.

if you place your bed in the center of the room, you can make a head board with fabric pinned on the wall, use your favorite color of fabric-which you can buy at walmart for like 1.00 a yard, you dont have to sew just pin it right to the wall.

accent the headboard with little jewels that stick on, or you can use older earrings, necklaces etc.

you can also paint all your furniture to match your style. like you can paint everything one color and accent with fun fabrics and pillows, or paint them all different colors that are fun and fabulous.

also, try making a lamp or chandelier out of colored paper or covering a lamp shade with tissue paper and decopage which is so easy to use. and inexpensive!

if you look out for clearance necklaces and jewels, it really helps to liven up walls and picture frames. some superglue and a necklace that was taken apart and glued on makes the world of difference. especially since you're young you want to use lots of color.

if your not into bright or lots of color, you can be more modern and use one two or three toned down colors. if you dont have that color already PAINT IT. the walls, and furniture will be completely different with paint. with your parents permission of course!

the most important thing, HAVE FUN!

look up Do it yourself websites. like there are lots more just look! good luck

What changes can I make to my room so that it doesn't feel very hot?

When sunlight enters your house, it turns into heat. You’ll keep your house cooler if you reduce solar heat gain by keeping sunlight out.Close the drapes:Line them with light-colored fabric that reflects the sun, and close them during the hottest part of the day. Let them pillow onto the floor to block air movement.Add awnings:Install them on south- and west-facing windows to reduce solar heatgain by up to 77%. Make your own by tacking up sheets outside your windows and draping the ends over a railing or lawn chair.Install shutters:Interior and exterior shutters not only reduce heat gain and loss, but they also add security and protect against bad weather. Interior shutters with adjustable slats let you control how much sun you let in.Apply high-reflectivity window film:Install energy-saving window filmson east- and west-facing windows, which will keep you cool in summer, but let in warming sun in the winter. Mirror-like films are more effective than colored transparent filmsPower Down AppliancesYou’ll save money and reduce heat output by turning off appliances you’re not using, particularly your computer and television. Powering down multiple appliances is easier if you connect them to the same power strip.Don’t use heat- and steam-generating appliances — ranges, ovens, washers, dryers during the hottest part of the day. In fact, take advantage of the heat by drying clothes outside on a line.

What can I do to my room to make me feel better?

Get rid of all the clutter you don't need, best throw it away, don't put it in the attic or cellar. Be rigorous: if you haven't used it for a year or more you don't need it.Open your windows wide every morning, let the fresh air in, even if it's cold outside.If you have posters/paintings etc. remove them. Next choose three your really like and put one on each wall, leave the wall with door or window in it empty. Same goes for objects in your room which you hang on to for the memories attached to them: clean them all up and choose 5 which mean the most to you.Burn some incense or sage every day. Also put a bowl of water in your room and refresh it every day.Keep your bed, it's part of a normal life, people should own a bed, you need the comfort.If you have colored walls, make sure they aren't: bright red/purple/black/dark blue. Best is to have white walls or soft yellow ones.Often the way one feels about their house/room reflects the state of their mind. Maybe you need to clean up the clutter in your soul and let some fresh air in. It will be reflected in the way you experience your personal space.

Teens: what does your room look like?

It's medium-sized, I guess. I have a big dresser on one wall that's always covered in clothes and books and makeup and other crap, and then it has a mirror that goes up to the ceiling that I have college brochures pinned to. My closet door is next to that. On the adjacent wall is a window (I'm on the side of the house) and my full sized, beautiful bed with it's lovely black sheets and red silk pillowcases...(I'm on vacation, I miss my bed so much!) I've got a large photo edit above my bed, it's a house with roots coming out of it, extremely detailed and quite beautiful in my opinion, though it's black and's titled "Photosynthesis". The wall my headboard is up against has the night sky with all the summer constellations painted on it, I tried to keep that side empty so that you could see the whole thing when you walk into my room, but I needed a place to put my bookshelf. On the wall behind my door, I have my little computer desk that's surprisingly handy, I can put my laptop on one side and my homework next to that and I still have room for more paper, a basket I weaved myself that holds all my pencils and pens and stuff, and my omnipresent cup of tea. Since I don't have a desktop PC, where that would fit into my desk, I have my textbooks and old papers from previous school years instead. Very convenient. My posters (Pink Floyd, Paramore) and photos from a trip I took to Canada in February as well as other miscellaneous posters and some drawings are all pinned to the wall above my desk. I should really spread them out, they look kind of silly all bunched together on that one wall. On the wall my mirror is against, I display the dreamcatchers that I've been collecting for the past few years (I have about 7 or 8 so far, 1 really big one from Cherokee) and on the wall above my bed, I have shelves that hold my antique masks I also collect (these are expensive, so I only have 3 right now). The walls besides the night sky one are all the blue color that's also the background for when you answer a question on here. Pretty simple. I like my room, but sometimes I wish it was It feels too plain. I'm moving out in 2 years though, so I don't think there's any real need to change it too much. I'll re-organize at the very least. Someday.

Are my boobs too big?

you are a size 6 and 36D? (assuming that they are english sizes)
i am 5'7, size 10-12 and 34C. it is quite big
are you sure that you are a 36 or 38
i would be surprised if you were and if you were a size 6
if you want to measure yourself then
1. measure your under bust (above your waist kind of round your ribcage)

2. take that number. if it is an odd add 5, if it is even add 4 e.g if it is 29 add 5 which gives you 34

3. next measure around the fullest part of your bust. get this number and compare to the other.
if there is
1 inch difference you are A
2 inch difference B
3 inch difference C
4 inch difference D

measure yourself and see if it helps
and no that doesn't seem slutty just don't let your boobs hang out everywhere

How do you react when something feels too good?

On 12th December 2008I was interviewed by the panel consisting 9 people as a part of scholarship selection process in RV college of engineering. I cleared the interview & got selected as one among the first Indian students to bag it. Six years later.On 29th may 2014 (On my parents' 31st wedding anniversary)I got an opportunity to chair the panel consisting 5 people to interview students as a part of same scholarship selection process which went six years before. I interviewed 31 students. Picked only one as the required was only three. I was very happy at the end of the day. I was floating on cloud nine in fact. Never expected a day like that would pop up in life so soon. Yes, "Tables were Turned". No one could measure my happiness at that point of time. Here are the things which i did after i came out of the interview process. I called my parents, close friends & shared with them all the things went during the day. It felt very good. They all felt very happy for me. I came back home. Went into my room & locked myself up. "I jumped up in the air & shouted "Yahoo" up to the peak of my voice". Finally I thanked god for giving me such a great opportunity to make my parents happy on their 31st wedding anniversary. The day ended with an ever lasting smile on my face. :)

I feel a presence in my room every time I get in bed. It feels really negative. Has anyone ever experienced this or knows what it is?

I’m going to spoil something for you.There arent many really bad entities that hover around people’s homes.Which is a good thing.What you do have .. and its unfortunate .. is a lot of people who have no idea what they are doing still being around .. after they have died.People are people .. and good bad and ugly .. they are still just people.What most assaults a person who is in a room where there is or has been a negative person or thing .. is the emotion .. unfortunately if you arent on top of leaving the natural plane for the higher spiritual ones .. you are bound back by all the bad things that came with living and .. eventually dying.Regrets .. fears .. violence needing to be told .. and really all you have to express this is a singular outlet of projection .. and THAT is what you end up feeling.Its the little piece that exists as a primitive warning sign .. for a living person that danger is around .. and thats why it feels to you so negative.Here is another way you can feel it in a neutral sense. Hold a hand or fist at the back of a person .. without touching them .. just an inch or two away from them .. enough for it not to be either heat or contact. They will feel something .. and for their active senses .. that sensation will be quite disturbing.What you most likely have if you are getting into bed and feeling this presence . is the presence is watching you .. and it is setting off your primitive alarm systems .. totally terrifying you. You are most open to communication with a spirit when you are relaxed and void of mental garbage .. and where does that most likely happen?Either in meditation .. or contemplation .. as in .. just before you go to bed.A negative sensation may be a direct emote .. that as far as the spirit is concerned .. he/she is still territorial .. and YOU are there in his place.If it bothers you .. get someone in who knows their business in this area .. and get a cleansing .. some people say to burn Sage .. but all that does is suppress them .. not eliminate them .. best to have a professional who will either counsel the spirit away .. or provide the correct measures to remove him permanently.

How can you tell if your baby is too big or there isn't enough room for baby to move in the uterus???

Ask your doctor at the next prenatal exam to tell you if you have an adequate pelvis (most of us do). The chances of a vaginal birth regardless of size is huge if you a large pelvic opening, relatively good if an average pelvic opening and low that you can accommodate a vaginal birth if its narrow. The doctor will always measure your fundal height, which is one way of checking the baby's size - and they are thinking about that in relation to your size.

Yes some babies can be quite large, and can push on the inside of your ribs and hurt you that way - or potentially break a rib from the inside if they are strong enough (one gal I know had this happen). Some babies sit right on the sciatic nerve and that can be quite painful. But in general they will fill the space available and then, if its a healthy pregnancy, that will be the signal to get out. Most babies near the end do run out of room to do the gymnastics they were doing before, and that is one way to know its getting close to your time to birth that kid.

And yeah, sometimes my boys hurt when they were moving around - but I was glad they were healthy enough to do what they could before birth. For me it was reassuring that a baby born could be so strong.

Is my nose ring way too big?

Yes it is way too big an to be honest,it looks ugly. And you can't change it for 3 months so you're stuck with it until then. I suggest you go to a different piercing parlor and have them put in a smaller ring or stud for you. The person you went to is VERY unprofessional. No professional piercer runs out of studs,they always have them in stock and IF they ever run out they put in small nose rings. So I suggest you either take it out and get it re pierced,or else get a stud put in by a different piercer,hope i helped (=