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My Sons Father Is So Arrogant I Don

How can I deal with an arrogant father?

Is it your father? You ever stop to think how fortunate you are to have a relationship with him?Do you have kids or plan to in your future?Do you know how many sons and daughters have felt the way you do at the age you are right now? Since the beginning of civilation.First of all, if you are male or female, be a Man/Woman and stop behaving like a bitch!I say this hoping whoever asked this question can prove me wrong. Prove me wrong in front of whoever comes across this question. In your life you'll never meet anybody who wants to be more wrong than me.You shouldn't be crying on Quora, your friends house, Facebook, no where. Have you spoken to your father who this?Have you calmly sat with him, and specifically told him the traits and behaviors he exhibits which make you feel negative?SPECIFIC TRAITS AND CONDUCT ON HIS PART TO MAKE YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU DO! NOT ANY B.S. PITTY PARTY.Specific traitsTake a trait, then give him a SPECIFIC example of a time he behaved with you, how it made you feel and why.“Dad last week when you “Arrogantly” chose to… made me feel….because….You came to Quora, identified your father with the same mindset as universally accepted Narcissist Adolph Hitler.Be a man/woman, give him at minimum 5 examples, you Better use your chosen adjective to identify your father to the public of strangers “arrogent” .You do this, because I said so first of all :-) but also if you must have another reason, it's because a child has no idea how much there baby means to their father.Your words and calm demeanor articulating direct to him will have more impact than you realize. It's an experience you want to have in your life.Answering this got me EMO for the first time in a long while. If you don't have kids, you will understand the love when you do. Don't be afraid of your father, take my advise, yet it and see

Is a son, who is unable to look his father in the face, guilty, arrogant, timid, or ashamed?

The answer is E: All the above… It really depends on the situation… but the primary reason is not feeling loved… love keeps no record of wrong… one of the many attributes associated with love. If a son doesn't feel safe enough to tell the truth for fear of punishment that's totally understandable. I was scared to death of my step dad for all of my childhood years because he delivered blows with his statements… so if he asked me a question I was probably more likely to not look him in the eye…I hatred seeing his face let alone his eyes… it was the face of a wicked monster to me because I was never made to feel love…he didn't love me and therefore he had no reason to pretend he did. But over time as he matured and realized how terrible he was he suffered the guilty of all the beatings… and now that we're all grown, I do love him and he loves me… but then was a different story… we were enemies…I literally hatred him. But I thank God that there's forgiveness…I wasn't trapped in that lifetime of hate. So back to the question… while it can be any and all the above the important thing as a father is to convey love… that doesn't mean you have to forgo discipline… because that isn't love, we have to correct and that's a loving act, but just make sure he feels safe to tell the truth, safe to say he made a mistake, safe that no matter what's the problem, he'll know you won't reject him… then work on him looking you in the eyes… sometimes it's just simply fear. God knows I don't ever want to make my son shudder from fear of my actions… and I'm a yeller…I get loud. But they know, that no matter how loud I may get (it's not whacko loud) that I still love and cherish them and that my actions are purely human frustration… although I don't suggest the loud yelling approach, that normally has me apologizing for that. Love love love… it's not easy sometimes… but there's nothing easy about raising a child… we have to be the grown up… because they aren't… in my humble opinion… now, after giving this advise Im gonna be tested… Mark my word lol… but that's okay because I love my little buddy and he's worth every moment I get to be his dad…

How do I teach my arrogant and egoistic mother and father in-laws a lesson?

I am a male and exactly facing the same problem. My father in law and mother in law are the cunning cruel ones in the world.. My wife says they are correct though many a times they did against our relationship, even once my father in law was red handedly​ caught saying something wrong about me and my parents to her. When asked him, he claimed that he didn't say that. They say open lies. Still repeatedly my wife says I am only creating all the wrong things about them. They say some things and does other things.If I do any mistake, I go and openly say sorry to my wife. But she never says Sorry when she does incorrect. Now the situation is that my wife is with their parents and my daughter 9 months is with them. I am missing my daughter a lot. I saw her only once immediately after I returned from the other country, followed by verbal fight at their home. During my wife's delivery, I was away on job purpose as mentioned above, my parents and her parents were there with her then.All of them has blocked me in watsapp as if I did something wrong. My in-laws has brainwashed my wife and taking away my little angel. With all these experiences, it is evident for me that My in-laws wants me to listen to them for my money else the current situation i.e, to seperate me and my wife for the same money when we divorce..A saying Marriages are made in heaven, but mine is imported directly from Hell.I wish I have super powers to let my wife come out of their parents plot and realize what is happening exactly​.Whatever happens in the future but My strong wish is that My daughter princess should be happy forever wherever she will be.. My prayers are for her..I am writing this with a heavy painful heart.

Why are my parents so arrogant?

First of all I admit I am a bit arrogant and on the lazy side second I have been very imature in the past but I have been told I have matured a lot I'm 14 now but my mom treats me like a child and when we are arguing she still holds my past imaturity against me and even when she talks she laughs at me like I'm stupid and a kid I hate being laughed at like I'm some child same for my dad but when I argue with my dad he literaly thinks he's always right and everybody else is wrong so pretty much my mom and dad are both the same arrogant and ignorant but both of them think they are right that's part of the reason why their marrige is pretty much over that and my dad is the worst father/husband he is a piece of **** the only thing that makes me respect him is that he's hardworking and knows how to trust something my mom doesn't know how to do at all and although she doesn't reallize it she has the bigest mouth in the world she doesn't know when to stfu she trys to talk down to ppl and provoke ppl she trys to make herself feel superior that's why all her friends are old people and our family avoids contacting her she has at some points made me hate my life as well as my social life I'm sorry but I have no respect for her and my dad is just an arrogant cocky doushebag he Reyes to force me to take a college class in highschool that I didn't want to do he said I didn't want to help out the family because that class let's you take college in highschool he said he had no money for college but he bought a 26 thousand dollar BMW honestly I don't think I'm going to keep in contact with my parents when I grow up but Im 14 so is there anyway I can manage to stand them for the time being

How should I deal with my 4 year old daughter? She is so arrogant and is disrespectful.

“How should I deal with my 4 year old daughter? She is so arrogant and is disrespectful.”The More I Learn, The More I Realise How Much I Don’t Know Yet.Children can become little Know-It-Alls mostly because they are figuring things out and think that they hit upon the sole Truth, instead of understanding the nuances of truths. Their sheer confidence can be interpreted as arrogance.Respect is something that needs to be earned. If a parent behaves like a doormat, the child won’t respect that parent. Children will test your boundaries and if you bend over backwards to avoid conflicts, they will walk all over you. Part of being a parent is establishing boundaries, especially with young children.Four year olds tend to go to primary school, where they compare notes with other children on their home situation. If they can find a better deal out there, they will try to bring that home.Improper parenting breeds disrespect and entitlement, but the tide can still be turned by laying down boundaries and making sure the child(ren) ‘toe the line’. Personally, I’m fond of the Rights, Duties, and Privileges method as I’ve outlined here:Martyn V. Halm's answer to Why is it now considered abusive for a parent to put their foot down and let their children know who is in charge of the household?Martyn V. Halm's answer to My 6-year old does not take any instructions seriously until the time we scream. How do I make him listen and obey in one go?

Are my parents arrogant or something?

I really can't stand them,they don't get my point of view and don't give me a free will of education.

They think just because I am admitted from the one of the best school in province(my is rank 105th from 500),I'm not good enough to pick my own choices,and they think I'm just a clever one among stupids,they even think they're better than teachers in my school that most is graduated from teacher college!

Please help,I'm not born to be one's trophy but they raise me and treat me like one.

Why are kids/teens these days so arrogant and lazy?

I would like to add that I am ALSO a teenager and I know that my life is not bad and I am grateful for what I have.

I grew up in a household that was borderlining on physical/verbal abuse. I admit I was very angry and sad because of this but I know that I have it a lot better than other people. I get even more pissed off when kids these days complain about being "grounded". They ***** and whine when things become complicated and they don't even try and answer everything with "i don't know". Is it just me that thinks that?

My parents told me I was very arrogant, but most of the time I just don’t want to explain myself. I don’t have anything to show, and I don’t show anything tbh. Am I passive aggressive?

Yes, that’s a passive aggressive attitude (provided I interpret your question correctly, asker! See Melinda’s comment to make sure).I really understand your sentiment. You feel distrusted or disrespected, pushed to defend yourself. You resent having to do that and proudly refuse. “Trust me or go away”. I know that urge all too well.The passive aggression is not in feeling that way. Maybe your parents are pushy, distrustful or disrespectful. If so, I don’t blame you for being irked by that.But if you value them as people, you have to invest in your relationship with them, offering them the chance to get it right with you. On the one hand, they might not understand your boundaries, they may not know why their questions drive you away. On the other hand, they are probably frustrated or worried by some things you do: their feelings may be valid as well, and you’re not giving them a chance to explain.Let them know you’ll try to understand what makes it hard for them to trust your judgment. Then tell them what you find hurtful about the way they ask their questions, and what you need to be open with them.

How do I deal with my rude hurtful arrogant 24 year old son?

Since you did not provide any details, my answer will have to be vague as well.You deal with him as little as possible.  At 24, he is no longer your daily responsibility.  He should be consumed with work and/or school and have little time left to annoy his parent.  If he does not live with you, ask him to leave your home each time he disrespects you.  If you are at his place, get up and leave immediately. And follow through with it.If he does live with you, it is more difficult.  He needs to be made to understand that he is no longer welcome to live with you while treating you disrespectfully.  Stop all financial support, he can live without phone, cable, laundry,  internet, meals and all the other perks he is enjoying by living with you. You may need to get backup from other family members to get him out.Make it clear that when he grows up and treats you with respect, he is welcome again.