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My Yahoo China Email Was Shutted Off. And I Can Not Access My Samll Business Email Now.

Can I access my Yahoo! email account in China?

Lots of answers here say “of course you can access your yahoo mail from China!”, but the correct answer is “it depends”, which you can take to mean “probably not”.Presently, as of mid-2017, the answer is “No, you can not access your yahoo email from (mainland) China.” (This has been the case for at least the past few months, possibly longer.)And gmail (google mail) is also completely blocked. Visiting China several times per year over the course of the past decade, I noticed gmail & google-related services slowly going away over the course of several years — sort of intermittent access, then “nothing”. (The most inconvenient are sites using facebook or google to login, with no other option to login — thee sites become also unusable from China.) It’s possible yahoo mail will go the same route as gmail.If you have a VPN you use for work, that’s your best option. (Assuming you trust your work’s IT team with your personal use of their services.)When people recommend “just try any free VPN”, note that (1) some of these are not safe/credible, and not to be trusted with your data and/or may install spyware onto your device; and, (2) good third-party VPNs periodically are also shut down by the Chinese govt.As a result, it’s going to be difficult for anyone here in this (already & perpetually) old and out-of-date thread to recommend a VPN to use.

How do I access my e-mail from home?

Follow the link below. There's some steps involve, follow instruction (step by step and by number, there's a reason for it), download those DOD certificates and install your CAC reader. It will help you to connect to those site or able to check email at home. Not sure how the, but working for us so far.

What Western email service works in China?

Yes, you can use Yahoo and Hotmail.  You cannot use Gmail and you cannot use Chrome.  You can usually use Bing as a search enging by not Google.  You can also use Firefox.  However, if you have a VPN, you can access anything.  It is a cheap cost to circumvent the Chinese government's cowardice and stupidity...VPN is the only way to access everything.  However, you can access BBC and Yahoo News etc without one.  There is little rhyme or reason to the blockages.  But you can also use Chinese email services.  They can all be accessed by the Chinese government and often are.  This also applies to the mobile email apps.  Usually, when doing business with Chinese organisations, I use Yahoo for personal and Gmail for business.  Keeps them separate and does limit the access by the PRC.

How can I access my military email from home?

I am in the Marine Corps and have a DoD email (, is there a way to access my account from home? Currently I can only check it at work, but I'm about to take extended leave and need access to my idiots...I mean junior marines.

I got this message from yahoo saying they got a request for cancellation of my account, i don't know what to do because i didn't make that?

Request. I will paste the message I got, Dear Yahoo! User,
we received a request to terminate your Yahoo! email account and the process has commenced, it will take 24 wrk hrs.

to cancell termination; download, fill and submit the cancellation form  to cancel request.

Note: Access to your mail address will be denied

Yahoo! mail Customer Experience Team
Please do not reply to this message. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered

How do I turn on predictive text on my yahoo mail account? Right now, I have to type full e-mail addrs?

This feature is called "AutoComplete" and is not something that can be turned on or off. If it is not working, then there could be an issue with the web browser you are using to access Yahoo! Mail. You can use the steps listed in the following help article to troubleshoot the issue:

I hope this helps!


Is Google banned in China?

“We want to be in China serving Chinese users” - Sundar Pichai, current Google CEO.[1]Let’s clear up a misconception: Google is blocked, but not banned in China. The Google office is located within the Fifth ring road in Beijing and they had recently moved into a new office premise within the Fourth-Ring road. Google has never left China[2] , they just shifted their main operations (search and advertising) to another Chinese city: Hong Kong.Let’s examine the factors that prompted the Google founders to make this decision to relocate on March 23, 2009.Google refused to continue censoring (“filtering”) content on behalf of the Chinese government, in the aftermath of a spate of hacking attacks on Google’s servers, while continuing to do so for the US government.[3] [4] (Talk about double standards)Sergey Brin was instrumental in convincing both co-founder Larry Page and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to defy Chinese authorities by not complying with local censorship laws. Eric was not in favor of running afoul with the Chinese government while Larry was sort of neutral.Google co-founder Sergey Brin was a hard nut with a Soviet-era mentality. He believes the Chinese government will dissolve and the Chinese economy collapse just like his former resident country the Soviet Union, after which Google can monopolize the Chinese search engine market with at least 90% penetration just like most other countries on Earth. (As of 2009, Google only managed to capture 30% of the mainland Chinese search engine market, Baidu has 68%)[5]Truth is, Google learned the hard way by pandering to a Cold-War mindset (Don’t be evil… unless I am the devil?) and now they are planning a comeback to the mainland Chinese market after several years of self-imposed absence and probably had to work extra hard to be permitted re-entry to the cities in the mainland.Footnotes[1] http://e in China serving Chines...[2] Google is hiring AI talent from China even though it’s still blocked in the country[3] Petition to Ban Google's Blatant Suppression of Free Speech[4] Google now cites obscure ad code in old blog posts in a blogs subdomain as their reason for blacklisting the entire website… INSANE[5] Google Gained Market Share in China in Last Six Months | StatCounter Global Stats