Name The Crazy Family

Name this crazy family!?

Quadruplets - 3 G, 1 B
1. Isabella Esme
2. Rosaliey Amiah (uh-my-ah)
3. Aaliyah Grace
4. Emmett Ryker

Sextuplets - 3 G, 3 B
1. Kinsley Faye
2. Zella Adalyn
3. Genevieve Ada (aye-duh)
4. Jasper Wyatt
5. Caspian (cas-pee-an) Rhett
6. Noah Elam

Dectuplets - 5 G, 5 B
1. Leylah Carys (care-iss)
2. Hadley Rowan
3. Paisley Aven (aye-ven)
4. Everleigh Rayah
5. Aspen Elyse
6. Gannon Jayce
7. Killian (kill-ee-an) Daniel
8. Whiley (why-lee) Auden
9. Beckette Kai
10. William Tate

The words in parentheses ( ), are how the name is pronounced.

BQ. I like some of your names but not alot of the matches. I like Everett, Willow, Nova, and Emmeline. For the most part though, your names do go together, just not exactly my style.
Do you like my names?

What are the most crazy names on your family?

Probably my grandma's name Genevieve (which I don't think is that out there). The names in my family are mostly pretty normal. However, I did have an aunt who passed away that we called Aunt Sister. I have no idea why. I think because when my sister and I were kids they explained it that she was my dad's sister and the name stuck.

My parents: Nancy and Charles
My sister and I: Kristina and Katherine
My half-siblings: Amy, Alan, Mark
My niece/nephews: Margaret (Maggie), Zachary, Evan
My cousins: Robert, Carolyn, John, Judy, Sara
My uncles: Charles, James, Lewis, Robert
My aunts: Marie, Karen
My grandmothers: Frances, Genevieve
My grandfathers: Clyde, Paul
My cousin's kids: Kate, Brandon, Jonathan, Elizabeth (Ella), Oliver

Crazy, weird girls names?

Eleanor (or Eleanora, Nora)

I personally suggest Aphra, Hesper, Corinne or Twyla. :)

Whats the Name of the Crazy Fitness Guy?

I think you're thinking of Tony Little...

Why do people give their children crazy names?

I would assume because they either liked the way the names sounds, like what it means, or they name their children after other family members. And yeah, I know it's not a black thing because one of my best friends is named Makeesha Jackson and she's white. No, she wasn't adopted by a black family either. Oh, I almost forgot. Ashanti Dyson, Sequoyia Marksman, Deangelo Wright, and Leroy Butler. They all are also white. Sequoyia is a dentist.

I don't think your theory hold water. I know too many people, black, white, and hispanic who have unusual names and hold professional jobs.

Also, and I'm not calling you racist or anything, but any employer who looks at a job application and doesn't grant an interview solely based on the name of the applicant, is a racist and can be held on federal EEO charges. So, I'd like to see in 2010, someone reverting themselves back to a "standard" some folks followed more than 20yrs ago. Some people think that it's hard to prove racial discrimination, but it isn't. Racism is too alive in the US for an EEO charge based on racial discrimination to be completely unfounded, and any good attorney can argue it successfully. Knowing the law, and knowing it enough to apply it practically is an immeasurable tool.

Anyone have crazy family legends? Were they correct or incorrect?

My great-grandmother passed down an "old Indian remedy" (her grandmother was Cherokee, I think it was, or maybe it was her great-grandmother) to get rid of a high fever.
You take a thin slice of a white onion, barely warm it in a skillet, and then place it in a light-colored wash cloth or piece of cloth, and pin it around the feverish person's foot--with the onion against the sole of the foot. Then put a white sock on that foot. When you can literally smell the onion "cooking", it means it is drawing the fever out of the body. Believe it or not, the person's foot will NOT smell like an onion when it's done its job. You may have to launder the wash cloth/piece of cloth, but it does not retain the onion smell either.
I've had people tell me I'm crazy or nuts, but once they try it for themselves, they realize I'm telling the honest truth. :)

My maid making me crazy?

lei lei, that the maid name came to our house for work two month ago, the agency send us three maid to choose, we choose lei lei cos she have a charming face and look like honest girl and also can speak english a bit. we pay agency 6 month salary for lei lei in advance, that normal in malaysia..we also agree give lei lei every third sunday off for personal time and time for relax..when lei lei come to our house she does a good job each day, always a smiling face and nice to child and wife, the last three weeks she become sour face girl and stubborn alot and sometime she talk nasty to my wife, when lei lei come to our house she a skin and bone, now she become chubby girl with sour face and bad moods each the xmas time we buy her gift of mobile phone with pay card for her she can phone her family iin china..and she even a buddist girl, not believe in xmas, but we still buy her gift..she not even say thanks you, she just asks if we have some chocolates for her cos she say she likes chocolates alot, we not have chocolates but my wife agree to give her more money for when lei lei go shoppiing at mall of malaysia next time..also when lei lei go shopping for foods we agree she can buy chinese foods she likes cos she not like malaysian diet too much, but she forgets lots of items and wife has to stop at mall after she work all day and get what lei lei time i notice bottle of wine missing off my desk at home office, i know wife not take cos my wife muslim girl and not drink the alcohol , i not ask lei lei if she take, but i think she take..i notice lots messy areas not clean by lei lei, she say she already clean that area but maybe the child make it a mess after she clean, but baby only one year olds...she always argue with wife and have rough words for at end of rope in mind and patience..have anyone else have problem with maid with lazy mind and sour face..thank you my yahoo friends for your concern..happy news year and prosper please in 2011

My wife is driving me crazy trying to pick out a girls name. Any good girls names out there?

a million. Alicia Renée. i'm getting a job as a journalist for a mag. 2. Tyler Daniel 3. Paris, France, Paris, France. Honeymoon in Rome, Italy 4. Brielle Scarlett- Wavy Blonde Hair, massive Blue Eyes, lovable and satisfied 5. Jackson Connor & Grace Madeline 6. Paris, France. 7 bedroom 5 bathing room 7. Amelia Rose, Chocolate Brown Hair, Ocean Blue Eyes. Giggly and eye-catching. 8. Benjamin Kyle. We flow to a French eating position. 9. Berlin, Germany. Honeymoon is contained in the Carribbean 10. Ethan Jace, Evan James and Ella Jade 11. Carter Thomas & Violet Isabella 12. Orlando, Florida 13. Montreal, Quebec 14. Arabella, Landon, Kaitlyn, Charlotte, Ava, Tanner, Connor, Madison, Olivia, Audrey, Kayla, Danielle, and Nathaniel.