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Need Help With Fixing My Iphone If You Can

If I get a Mac, do I need an iPhone?

I hate iPhones so much. Have only had two and they were the worst phones I've ever owned. I have a Galaxy S9+ and it is the best phone I've ever had.

I'm thinking of getting a Mac because my PC always gets viruses. If I get a Mac, do I need an iPhone?

How to fix my iphone?

My iphone has been dropped from table and after that its not starting up. If I connect it to charger only apple logo appears and gets stuck there. Sometimes the logo disappears with a red screen. This phone is out of apple service and I took it to a local mechanic. He said its a software problem but he couldn't fix it either. I tried hard reset but it didn't work. How can I fix this phone?

Can i fix my iphone if it got wet?

my son droped my iphone in the toilet and i didn't find it till like 5 hours later... so it was submerged in water for like well 5 hours now it just wont turn on! question is, is there any way to fix it?

I need help to delete apps on my iPhone because it dropped and wont turn on at all. Can someone please help ASAP?

So let me get this straight: you had apps on this phone that your parents presumably didn't want you to have, you dropped it and so your parents kindly took it into get it repaired, and you're worried that they're going to look at it and see your contraband on it.Now to answer your question.As far as I know, you can't easily delete apps from your phone remotely. Imagine how disastrous this would be if your phone got hacked! The only thing that you can do is use find my iPhone on a PC, Mac, iPad, or really any other device with a web browser and remotely wipe your iPhone. Then, the next time it connects to the Internet, it will reset to factory settings.If you don't have find my iPhone enabled, or you haven't set your iPhone up with iCloud yet, then this method will not work.I'm guessing this doesn't really solve your problem, because more questions would probably be asked if you had a totally reset phone as opposed to one that you actually been using for a while, but maybe you could pass it off at some mistake the repair guys made.But honestly, you should just come clean with your parents. You'll get in a lot more trouble if your parents find out that you tried to wipe your device to hide what you were doing. I don't suggest it.Hope this helps!

I need help with my iPad Air?

Ok, so about 2.5-3 years ago the screen on my iPad broke. I don't want to get into all the details, but I could no longer use the touch screen. It turns on and everything, but I can't actually use it because the screens broken. It is still running on like IOS 8 obviously because I can't update it. I want to back it up tp my computer but It keeps telling me to "respond on the iPad" which I can't do... what would you guys suggest I do.

Note: Id rather not fix It because I already have a new iPad and the broken one is obsolete at this point. I just want to move all my data over from one to the other. Thanks!!

GUYS HELP!! How to fix a broken iPhone charger!!!!?

do you want to not use a charger than fallow this these helpful steps.
1. Get Marker, chalk, paint etc.
2.Draw a pentagram on the floor
3.Perform a blood sacrifice. If you have like a little brother or sister, that will do.
4.Offer your soul to the devil
5.Chant bible verses backwards
6.Summon Satan
7.Ask Satan to charge your phone
hopes that helps

HELP!!!! I broke my iPhone charger and idk how to fix it!!!?

Hi guys i need help ASAP!!! My iPhone charger broke and i need to fix it by tomorrow!!! The part that goes into the connector for the wall broke. The wires got disconnected and now it won't charge...there's the little square connector that goes into the wall,the part of the chord that goes into it is what broke..PLEASE help me!!!i can't buy a new one because its my friends and its custom made to be a super long chord!!

How do you fix the lock button on an iPhone?

Just like the GSM iPhone 4, the CDMA variant of the iPhone 4 is just as prone to power button issues. If you find your power button to be recessed or it has stopped registering presses, this DIY repair can help you correct the problem. As in other iPhone models, the actual power button isn't the issue, again it's the cable that lies beneath it. After so many presses, it just becomes worn down and too thin to register when you're pressing it.While this repair is a little easier than replacing the power button flex cable in the iPhone 4s, we'd still rate it at moderate to advanced. As long as you have some patience and a steady hand, we're confident you can get your Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4 power button back in working condition in around 60 minutes.

Where can I fix my cracked iPhone plus screen in Istanbul??? Please help(tourist)?

Hello I have cracked I phone 6 plus screen :( I want to fix it here in Istanbul .. Where can I fix the cracked screen in Istanbul???? Please give me some store names in malls/esteklal avenue and .. ) I want to fix the screen
Please help me Turkish people