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Nervous About Working In Mcdonalds

Got a job at McDonald's, nervous about training?

Don't sweat it, the point of "training" is to learn. No one expects you to be perfect.

Here are some pointers, though:

1) Get a good night's sleep. Being well rested helps with reaction time.

2) Make sure your uniform is clean (and ironed, if it needs it)

3) Wear your hair tied back, if it's long. (You'll be working with food, and while you could just slip it through the hat (unless you get a visor) it will pinch your hair if you do, and trust me, that hurts :(

4) Be on time. If you get there a few minutes early, you can prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for the day, and also put your stuff away or make any emergency bathroom breaks ;)

5) Don't take anything personally. Customers or coworkers who get angry are a part of the job.

6) Don't get frustrated. Mistakes happen, and you will learn as you go.

7) Pay close attention to the rules and try to remember as much as you can!

8) Smile alot

9) When you aren't doing anything else, if no one is around to tell you what to do, clean stuff. Managers usually don't like to see people standing around doing nothing.

10) Don't talk on your phone, text people, or chew gum unless you're on your break. When you are on break, make sure your personal conversations stay personal, by taking those calls in private.

11) Wash your hands after um, pretty much everything.

12) Try to enjoy the experience. :)

And remember, your first check may take a while to come, and it probably won't be as much as you calculated. It may be a partial check and it WILL have a lot of taxes taken out. Ask your parents or your supervisor if you don't understand something :)

First Day working at Mcdonalds?

I know how you feel. I have been working at McDonald's for only seven months.

I only had training for three days, listen to your trainer well and ask questions if you are still curious. That McFlurry machine isn't friendly sometimes. Remember clean hands before every shift and after cleaning.

I remember my first day on my own, because my trainer didn't teach me and another girl so well on counter we both had trouble. You simply learn as you work there, you get faster.

On your first day you will be put on counter (unless you were trained in kitchen that i don't know.) And you will be put into dinning room a lot cleaning tables, changing bins. Maybe even Be the main person making up the fries and filling up FRANKIE. (The fries machine is Frankie fyi.)

You might look up and depend on others at times, people shouldn't mind too much. Just think, in a couple of months some new crew will look up too you :)

Just have fun, smile a lot even if the times get tough, trust me. i dread fund raisers because you get a HEAP of families coming in for an hour - 2 hours wanting food. But anyways good luck and have fun.

Nervous about working as a runner at mcdonalds?

This means that you'll be mostly taking orders, but when the runners need you, they'll put you on running. Usually when you run, you'll be making drinks anyways.

So with running, you will have to let the back end people know if you're waiting on something like a double cheeseburger. And you'll also have to yell the order out when you bring it so if the person is far away, they can still hear it. It's not that hard. I'm kind of shy, so if I can do it, so can you.

Running step by step: Okay well first, you look at the screen, and first check if it says take out or eat in total. That will let you know whether to bag it or just put it on a tray. Also look at the first number in the order, if it says 3, then it's for till 3.

Then you always make coffee drinks/smoothies first. You make those, then move on to burgers and wraps. After that, fries and finally ice cream or mcflurrys. You can usually read on the package which burger it is. Then as you get your last item, you press a button under the screen to clear the order. The coke cups are usually right beside the cashier, so you get those when you bring the food to the counter.

Finally you say the order out so the person knows that it's theirs, and then you give their food and say "Have a nice day"

You see, not that hard. You'll do fine, it's easy once you get the hang of it. Good luck :)

Nervous about working in Mcdonalds?

I started my first shift of training of watching videos on Sunday. I start my second day tommrow. What do i do expect?

Do i just go to the counter when i show for my shifts and request for the manager or what?!.

I did my paid training on Sunday. Payday was Wednesday. Paydays are weekly so should i have picked up my paycheck or wait until next week since it's not that much. Should i wait until i work a number of days until i get my first paycheck. Is it okay to not pick up your paychecks weekly and wait until you want to get it?!?!?

This is my first job.

What was your first day working at McDonald's like?

The store I was hired for didn't have space or time to accommodate training new staff so, I was sent to a different location to train. So, excluding that.... My first day working at my store, which is in a very busy mall wasn't great. The mall had two McDonald's locations and both made good profit. I was hired at the food court location right when school was starting so a lot of their students were taking days off for school and the location was now short on staff, hence me getting hired.In the intermediate, they borrowed staff from other locations to work at store. So, when I started, they assumed I was from another store and basically "beat me up" for being slow and not knowing what to do.I cried. I explained I am new, right from the get go... But they didn't really understood it until I cried. I was ready to just take off and quit. A manager spoke to me and said, "Sorry you are treated this way. On behalf of the others, I apologize. Our store is really busy, so it can get really hectic and people forget you're new."I managed to keep up with coworkers eventually. But, this kind of work environment and the treatment I got from my coworkers weren't any good. I'm surprised myself that I stayed there for two years. And, through that two years, I've actually just left in the middle of my shift, at least twice, not telling anyone because I was very frustrated by how everyone was treating me and the workload they out on me. Of course, they had to give the talk everytime. But, I stayed until I found a better workplace.Over the course of my employment there, I learned which positions/stations I had to talk least with my coworkers or be able to work independently while still helping the team. That's how I became the Grill Master. I can cook all the meats, fry the fried stuff, and wash dishes nearly all at the same time. I liked that routine. They kept me on that routine for a good portion because nobody really liked the grill station, and nobody really had the time to wash dishes efficiently.

I'm scared to work at McDonalds!!?

I'm going in for a job interview this afternoon at McDonalds and this morning I was looking things up on yahoo about people who worked there. It looks like a LOT of people have had a LOT of bad experiences. I've never had a real job like that before, and I don't really care for the pay, it is the experience that I am looking for. But from the sounds of it, it won't be nice at all. I'm quite shy, and not used to dealing with people, and I am 19!! Most everyone has had a job by the time they were my age, but this is my first chance, and I am really scared. I had a baby sitting job for 3 weeks where I watched some really spoiled childern 52 hours a week, and never got paid. But the worst part was when I had to watch them at their house I got really home sick. This is silly I know, but I need some advice on all this. Do you think I can handle working here? Any ideas on how to keep form being homesick? I know most ppl will think oh come on, your 19. Get over it, grow up and get a life. :(

What should I expect for the first day of working at McDonald's? Should I walk in and find the manager?

You're in luck cause you'll be introduced to the manager(s) right away. Assuming everything goes as it should, they will be expecting you. If you don't already have your uniform they'll give it you to put on. You'll need black pants and slip-resistant black shoes. A pair of black slacks is a safe bet cause it looks professional and some McDs don't allow jeans.After that you'll be introduced to your trainer and they will get you started working on whatever position you've been placed. Try to put a smile on and just do your best with it. And don't get discouraged if the position they put you in first doesn't seem a good fit. People are often shuffled around after learning their first ‘station' to see how they are in other areas or times of day. I've seen people start in service taking orders and then find they are better in the kitchen. They're all valued as important roles.Ask questions and it's best to have the 'love to learn' attitude in this environment. You'll shadow you're trainer usually and they'll really just show you stuff in as the day goes on.

What to expect my first day working at McDonalds?

I'm so nervous! I know I will be on the computers and leaning how to clock in and out. I just turned 16 and never had a job. I get really shy when talking to people. I'm worried that my coworkers won't like me.
I'm worried that since they are all older than me they won't like talking to the "16 year old."
Also, all the guy coworkers are hot so ill be twice as shy!

And I think I'm doing cash register, I'm scared of having to get a drunk persons order, a group of hot guys, one hot dude, etc.


First day of work at McDonald's?

Nothing to be nervous about! I started at McD's at 16. On my first day, I watched a few how to videos, and they put me on fries, and had me stock certain items. Of course they don't automatically bombard you with order-taking, especially if there is a crowd, and if so you will have plenty of help. They usually let you leave early. The next couple of days after, you will get trained on the register. I messed up all the time, and I still do 3 years later. It takes time to familiarize yourself with the screen, and my customers understood that whenever I would apologize. "sorry sir/mam this is my first day/week of work" usually eases the situation. I went from nervous wreck mixing up orders to becoming a crew trainer mixing up a few every now and then. :) It happens to the best of us! I'm sure you'll do fine! Hope all goes well!

Nervous for McDonalds Training/orientation tomorrow?

I got called in for an interview a week ago, got the job, and went in yesterday to sign the paperwork and she said to come in today at 4 to start with training and stuff and I did but after I came in and told a cashier why I was there and she went to the the assistant manager, the assistant manager said it was tomorrow (wednesday) at 4 not today. I know the interviewer said 4 today, but I didn't argue. I had to work up so much courage to get dressed up and walk in there my anxiety level was through the roof and than they said it was tomorrow.. I'm nervous about tomorrow walking in that there will be tons of people and stuff and I got stared at by a worker when I got out of my car after parking where I was told where you have to walk across the drive thru... Is there anything to make it less nervous tomorrow? I'm 16.. extremely overweight and wearing the uniform makes me feel more anxious. I know a few people there but im just nervous about the first part coming in, everything else won't bother me