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New School Is Really Hard For Me

School is too hard for me?

its sad but what you are talking about is just part of life and i feel bad that you dont have friends best advice i can give you is dont rush it sometime you make your best friends from life out of problem u would have never though i met my best friend from doing a science project with her back 3 years agoas for boys most boys dont know what to say so its easier to pretend u arent even there.

my last piece of andive is school school is never easy and i get what u mean about the classes best thing to do is do what u know how to do best frist as for homework which leaves u the rest of the night to do the hard stuff , whenu dont know an answer asks either your mom or dad , or look it up online IM NOT SAYING CHEAT ... im saying just use your resources to help you instead of harm you

My new school is really hard for me i need help?

Oh dear...things are quite rotten for you just now. You should tell your mum how you feel..or is there an aunt or somebody who could talk to her for you? At least then you would know if there's any chance at all of you going back to your previous school. If that's not an option, you're going to have to try and be a bit bad. Not enough to get you into trouble, but enough to let the hooligans know that you're not siding with the teachers. I'm sorry to sound negative, but you CAN do this! Use the odd swear word when the teacher can't hear you and quietly laugh when the others act up in class. Don't show your disapproval of their behaviour! You can look as if you're joining in without being the same as them. You're young - you can do this and a whole lot more..have confidence, keep your head up and..GOOD LUCK:)

If i were in your place i would Go and attend a few schools as a guest student.Sit amongst students. Don't feel stupid to sit around children.Become friends with them. Observe what students go through in schools everyday. Try doing what they do. Understand their psychologies.  Other things which I think can be useful areDo not use chalk and blackboards.And as much as possible, use audio visuals on every topic. And as the school goes on, somethings should be shown or shared which make students laugh or make them surprised. Catching and keeping attention of students is the challenge everywhere. And also, as a school goer, I used to love the games periods, so incorporate as many sports events as u can! I guess my answer was slightly vague and discontinuous but I hope u get my points.Good luck to u buddy. Hope u become very successful!

High school isn't going to be all fluff and bunnies. The transition is going to be hard. For some people it can take a month to fit into High School, for other it can take a year or two to find their footing.I can't tell you it's going to be easy. I can't tell you that you are going to be great at everything. But I can tell you this. High School is going to create some of the best memories in your life.There will be ups and downs. There will be mistakes made. There will be impulse decisions. There will be times where you regret everything in your life. There will be weeks where all you want to do is hide under your covers and cry and there will be weeks where you are on an ultimate high, top of the world kinda feeling. Weeks where you are doing great and everything is clicking.But in the end, it's your life. Make the next four years your life. Make it your worth.Try hard and do your best and I promise things will fall into place if you make the effort to reach out when you need help.

Why is school so hard for me?

School is hard for you because your brain is hard wired to learn differently than the way schools teach. Our culture and society has said that you must be good at reading, writing, and math in order to be successful. If you were bron in a culture where the most important thing was to be able to protect yourself physically, you would be among the best, wouldn't you? Saying someone is smart or dumb is stupid, because we all are a little bit of both. I am pretty smart at school stuff ( I'm a teacher) but I"m really dumb at technology and I would cringe and cry if I got punched in the face. If kids at school are unkind it is your responsibility to be sure a teacher knows about it, and it is the teachers' responsibility to take care of it and to protect you and others from bullying. Work hard to learn as much as you can, and learn ways to cope with your weak areas. Use a calculator. Practice your reading. Every day. Read easy books everyday for at least 30 minutes. The more you do what you can, the better you'll get at the things you can't do yet. Work very hard to learn so that you can read your boxing contract when you get one, run your own boxing gym, whatever you want.

I just started a new school and i really like this girl when i look at her she looks at me and she offered to ?

I was almost scared to find out what she offered to do. LOL I know how you feel though, I am as shy around men as you are around women. You kinda just have to gut it out. Get your bearings (to put it nicely) and just walk up to her and maybe ask her if she'd like to sit with you in the lunch room sometime or just talk and relate to her...this will at least let you know if she is somewhat interested...but you aren't taking things too far yet. Good luck.

High School is too hard?

yes i know this sounds really stupid because everyone has to go through it and im just a lazy teenager....but putting that aside, im in year 11, and the thought of going through another 1 year and 10 months of hours a night just studying and doing assignments is a really difficult thought for me. I don't consider myself a bad student, I've always done all my work, and try to get above average results.

I really do want to do well in my future, like going to university and get a good job and have a good life, but I cannot sacrifice all my spare time and happiness now just to improve my future. Yes I know it will pay off, but can you honestly motivate a child by saying "its only 2 years, then you can relax". What ?

I think about how I'm struggling to keep up with assignments and revision right now, and how bad it will be in 6 months - 1 year. Its just such a depressing thing to think about, I'm not smart enough to do a little work then go hang out with friends....right now i need to revise a few hours each night just to keep up with whats going on in class. How can i possibly survive later on ?? I refuse to be locked up in my bedroom so i can study for the majority of my senior school life. My sisters were like that and i didnt worry about it then, but i do now. somehow they had the motivation, but i don't...

When I think about how things are going downhill for me, I think I'd rather be dead.. I really would prefer to suicide then try to do my best for the next couple of years. I can't give it a "half-arsed" effort, thats just pointless. and AFTER high school im expected to get a uni degree by my parents, so thats a few more years of studying...isnt that just great ??

I know it really sounds dumb that i'm complaining, but you just don't understand unless your still at school, afterwards you can just say "ive done it, who cares about it now".
did anyone feel the same way at all ? did you get through it without having a breakdown ? do you know of many people who have committed suicide over study pressures ?

thank you for your help

Depends on which school you go to. It can be extremely easy, or demonically difficult. It all depends on which classes you choose.Taking a bunch of AP or other advanced classes? You’ll be closer to the 3–5 hours end of the spectrum, although it depends on the class, and your teacher.Taking easier classes, you’ll be closer to the jobs, friend, family, dating, and extracurriculars side.Of course, there are those among us who straddle the line: some people I know take the hardest classes available, have a job, and do extracurriculars. Nerds. (I mean this in the best possible way; if I call you a nerd, it’s a compliment)How do they do it?It turns out that (this is surprising, bear with me here) homework take different people different amounts of time. Procrastinating or distracted? You’re gonna be “studying” awhile. You’re some kind of mythical being with self-discipline? 1 hour most nights, easy peasy (can someone in the comments section tell me if those people actually exist?).Or, you can take the route that most of us do: “During the week, sleep is for the weak. During the weekend, sleep is for the weakened.”

Algebra 2 Is Really Hard for Me...? is what i used after 10 years after high school with no math classes and straight into a college precalculus course, did only get a C in that course, but went on to get a B in Calculus 1 and grades keep improving.

Math is intense, but fun if you allow yourself to rise to the challenge. And the concepts don't always click right away. Seriously, your brain takes takes days to comprehend new concepts so patience is important. khan academy is great, but also using youtube or google to find math tutorial videos. getting a different approach than your teacher is helpful even if your teacher is very good

Why is high-school so hard for me?

Junior yr was once via some distance the toughest however are doing the correct factor taking AP categories. I'm presently in institution and I am most often grateful that my Junior yr was once tough w/ AP categories for the reason that I have extra intensive heritage in my discipline and it fairly prepares you. The factor: well activity! Now recommendation: without doubt you are gonna need to manipulate a while. Actually research for exams to the factor wherein you believe constructive instructing the field to anyone else. Don't procrastinate (junior yr was once the primary time the truth of pulling an over-nighter slapped me within the face). Your mother could no longer like this however your taking institution categories so deal with it like institution: paintings tough play tough. Obviously it does not need to be detrimental or something, however be definite to have a laugh with peers and de-strain with physical games, yoga--anything works for you. Good good fortune! Just hold considering how a laugh senior yr shall be now! :)