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New Storyline For The Wyatt Family What Do You Think

What do you think Brock Lesnar gonna do to the Wyatt Family after what they did to him?

The images and a video that you have put up are from the last year. That storyline is long finished. Brock’s current rival is Goldberg and as per the current storyline, he will focus on Goldberg.

WWE: The Wyatt Family vs The Authority?

that'll be cool, it'll be like the generations ministry vs the corporation.

What are the most interesting storylines for Bray Wyatt after his return to the WWE?

Bray Wyatt is such a good professional wrestler but Vince and his storylines had not done any justice to his talent.After his return he should be packaged fresh and interesting to the viewer and should not be like the old ones in which he plays mind games and in the end ,his counterpart rips him apart and then he vanishes in nothingness like his fued with Randy and last being with Hardy.1)Storyline with a new NXT prospect like with Aleister Black can be mind-blowing. Black can be a great opponent for Bray, As he is a right mix of technicality & Aggression against someone like Bray who is great at Promos but weak at technicality, but if this fued doesn't have any Strong storyline it might lead to similar end as that with Hardy, as both have this creepy persona which is hard to be portraited as a storyline.2) Strong Wyatt family return Luke, Eric & Bray in it would be a great idea, the Wyatt's causing chaos on the whole roster, it could be like the ministry of dark which was ran by Undertaker & co. This can involve great matches like with Shield or return of DX or any other stable to counter the Wyatt Family which will surely involve the audience to there TV sets till the end.3) Wyatt family can also be revamped by including Aleister Black, Nikki Cross, Insanity members forming a group of delusional wrestlers together owning the whole roster both on Raw & Smackdown.But most importantly back to reality, Vince have used Bray mostly as a filler or so called “Jobber” of the fued in the past, so will he be using him in the future, so don't expect something great from his side.Until Hunter comes to RAW and SMACKDOWN as main head of creative division nothing will change, Results of his works can be seen in the shows NXT are putting up together at NXT Takeovers in the last 1–2 years are exceptionally good.

Who would win a fight between Brock Lesnar and The Wyatt Family? Like Bray Wyatt?

These hypothetical questions about WWE are getting out of hand. I've seen too many questions about Lesnar and Braun Strowman in particular. To answer your question, in WWE, it purely depends on the booking decision. Although it is highly improbable and next to impossible, Lesnar would look good in kicking all four of their asses and make it seem believable.But in real life, even if he is Brock Lesnar, fighting against all four guys of the Wyatt Family at the same time would be impossible. Brock would get his ass handed to him.There's your answer. I just had to write that Brock would get beaten. Now he's angry!You happy?

Why does Randy Orton join the Wyatt family in WWE? Is he playing some kind of a game with them and would he RKO them some day or has he joined them truly?

I definitely think Randy Orton hasn't joined The Wyatt Family. Considering his recent history, he's not that good with alliances and he's someone with a lot of attitude.I can't believe that someone like Randy Orton loses 2–3 matches due to attacks by the entire Wyatt family and then just joins them because he lost. If anyone is regular with WWE, he/she can definitely observe that. He's surely playing a game with Wyatt Family and will betray them very soon. He's searching for the right moment. And in my opinion that moment will surely be in the Royal Rumble match. Randy is one of the smartest out there in the roster. He's himself said once that- He'll wait patiently and will strike whenever Bray thinks there's least danger.Now, what I want to happen is something close to impossible right now. But still lemme tell you because I want to. :)Suppose during the Royal Rumble match, Wyatts (including Randy) are in the ring and the countdown starts for next entrant. And then, music of Cody Rhodes hits. And the next one is Ted Dibiase. It'll be an electrifying moment to aee THE LEGACY reunite. Then, the Wyatt Family and the LEGACY eliminate each other building up a storyline for a 3 vs 3 at WrestleMania. That'll be something I definitely want to see. :D

Parents/Kids Groups "Offended" at the Wyatt Family...Your Thoughts?

Maybe the dumbass parents should just let their kids watch SpongeBob and Dora all day so the little brats don't pee the bed. Not everyone has kids..or even wants kids, but parents have to act like we all need to be family friendly. The world is full of criminals, but I'm sure they'd all stop if a mom or dad politely said "would you please stop"...that or get killed.

The Wyatt Family is interesting. Tell the dumbass parents to go f**k themselves. If you're worried it'll give your brat nightmares, tell that brat not to watch. If they want to watch, let them. When I was a kid, I watched scary stuff all the time. Sure it freaked me out, but I didn't have to go to therapy over it. Nowadays it seems like kids have to see a shrink if they see something scary on TV,

What do you think about the card for World Wrestling Entertainment Battleground?

Becky Lynch Vs. Natalya Neidhart
-I love Becky so I can get excited for this match.

Highlight Reel Ft. Randy Orton
-Don't care. The only reason I will watch is for Jericho's mic work. Otherwise, I will be snacking and using the restroom

WWE United States Championship match: Rusev(c) w/ Lana Vs. Zack Ryder
-I love Rusev and his work as champion. I don't mind Ryder, so I guess im looking forward to this one.

WWE Intercontinental Championship match: The Miz(c) w/ Maryse Vs. Darren Young w/ Bob Backlund
-I love The Miz's heel work and though I don't agree with the Darren Young push, at least its something different. Should be interesting.

Sasha Banks & ? Vs. WWE Women's Champion Charlotte Flair & Dana Brooke
- I don't buy into the Sasha Banks hype; I hope Nia Jax is her partner. So if that's the case, I am excited for her debut. I hate Dana, But I LOVE Charlotte. I know you don't agree, Dave, but whenever shes on im watching <3

The New Day Vs. The Wyatt Family
-Love both groups. should be interesting. I like the build up and would like to see some more action between Bray and Big E

Sami Zayn Vs. Kevin Owens
- On paper this seems boring, but it always delivers. KO and Sami both know this is the 500th time wrestling each other this year, so they have to make it special, interesting and worth caring for. So I am excited for this.

John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass Vs. The [Bullet] Club
-Intersted to see how Enzo and Cass do in the spotlight with some major players (Cena and Aj) Hopefully this will be an entertaining match with some good wrestling and not just a drawn out match with hot tags and comebacks from Cass and Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Dean Ambrose(c) Vs. Roman Reigns Vs. Seth Rollins
-This is the whole show right here. This is why I am watching and what I am looking forward to the most. I cant wait to see Roman back in the ring. I am eager to see how they book him and where they will go with his character (probably still babyface; ugh) this one is the biggest question mark. I can see any of these three guys walking out champion and it will be a great match. The three shield members wrestling against each other for the first time is huge and they do not want to disappoint. I cant wait for this.

What do I think about the show? It'll be ok; The main event will be awesome!