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Nine Phases Of Marriage How To Make It Break It Keep It Part 2

What changes happened in your marriage after the honeymoon phase?

We live with my parents, which makes it four of us in the house. I and my wife dated each other for 6 years before taking the plunge. In our pre-marital relationship, we had decided that we will try to take as much responsibility of the household chores as we can, to lighten the burden on my ageing parents. After the 'honeymoon phase' we decided to put that decision into effect.Before marriage, we would imagine how romantic it'll be when the two of us will cook together, or make the bedroom and stuff like that. Post marriage, we have come to realise that the cute part will remain an imagination forever. We imagined how being together all the time would feel so great. Now, most of out together time is spent in household chores, which is , well, not so great.We divide our work equally and obviously, it's not fun, not always. In the honeymoon phase, it was romance time before bedtime on all (read most) nights. Now, its future planning time before bed time. Romance would take a back seat and financial planning would drive the conversation. Not that it’s gone, it’s just not that frequent.During the honeymoon phase, my wife would tell me that all husbands change with time. She would fear that I'll change too. Almost one year post marriage, she tells me I've changed. She tells me that I've changed for the better, and have become more loving.Of the few things that haven't changed, is the fact that we're still fond of each other the way we were before. I wouldn't want to change one small bit about it, and neither does she.

Is the last phase of Ketu Mahadasha more troublesome?

Thanks for A2A.Ketu has been an obsession for me and I have found several conflicting opinions around this.While some learned astrologers insist that Ketu tends to get worse with time, others say that it is not so.In my personal experience, I have seen that the worst parts come in patches. Typically it is the the FIRST 1/3 part which is really bad (Ketu-Ketu and Ketu-Shukra bhukti), which tear a man apart.After that you kind of get numb. Then a briefly good time is Ketu-Moon and Ketu-Mars period which is reasonably okay.The Ketu-Rahu period which falls in the mid is SCARY and I have seen it give intense and unpredictable results.The upcoming Ketu-Guru period is often the period of RELIEF.Ketu-Saturn : Is “too busy to be depressed period” of hard work and penance but Saturn brings you back from Ketu’s “Wandering Monk” phases and with some struggle brings you back on the earthly track of Karma.The final Ketu-Mercury period is somewhat easy where Ketu lets go and slowly you grow your “head back” (read mercury). And are ready for the world again.HOWEVER, there is the fabled KETU STING, where Ketu Stings you one last time in Mercury period with a painful incident. In practice, I have seen that at times happens and at times doesn’t. But even if it happens, it proves to be beneficial in the long run.So in Ketu Dasha you burn up a boatload of bad karma and come out of it purified.I WOULD STILL SAY THAT AS PER MY EXPERIENCE AND STUDY, THE FIRST HALF IS MORE POISONOUS THAN THE SECOND HALF.

Is it possible to get married in Rahu Dasha Rahu Bhukti?

Hello Truth Seeker:Greetings to you, yours and all that is around you,Thank you for your question on Quora. I will be delighted to contribute my opinion.Being on worldwide forum “Quora” it is my desire to help you - the seeker, it is my aparigraha (selfless service).The bottom line answer is: Affirmative. Yes. Not only one can get married during Rahu dasha (18 years) and , I have also seen that by time Rahu dasha ends, the same marriage ends in divorce, separation or widowhood also.It all depends on the placement of Rahu and other planets in one’s birth chart. There are nine antardashas in Rahu dasha as explained below, and my general experience spanning over more than four decades is as follows (this may not apply to every one’s birth chart):Rahu dasha/Rahu antardasha: Native is helpless, wanders searching for a partner, gradually finds one, gets engaged (some seekers got married as well). The following overlapping of Jupiter antardasha may have brought marriage to the native.Rahu dasha/Jupiter antardasha: Native gets married. Separation and legal issues.Rahu dasha/Saturn antardasha: Living separate from spouse, court matters and divorce. Rahu dasha/Mercury antardasha: Native gets into lots of relationship (including prostitution). Seriously wanting to get married. Native get married. Rahu dasha/Ketu antardasha: Separation from spouse/lover. No timely meals, native suffers from mental issues (suicidal tendencies). Rahu dasha/Venus antardasha: Native finds a lover and marries, wonderful life with partner, travels far and wide. Rahu dasha/Sun antardasha: Native moves out, apply for divorce. Wanders and changes houses within a short space of time. Rahu dasha/Moon antardasha: Cohabits with other women (prostitution). Rahu dasha/Mars antardasha: Losses through legal matters, divorce.The above sequence of events I have seen in more than 200 plus birth charts, where native got married one or multiple times.This is my opinion, trust it helps you in your quest to know!Enjoy your quest… explore, educate, experience and enlighten.Vivek E. ParasWith best wishes from Trinidad and Tobago, West IndiesFootnotes: [1] For more info on Jyotish - Vedic Astrology, view my Blog and Posts at Quora, click here.[2] What is the best way to ask a personal astrological question on Quora?[3] My DISCLAIMER, CAVEAT and NOTE (of being on Quora)[4] Jyotish Remedy for a better life

After four years in a relationship I'm losing interest in my boyfriend. I think I don't love him now. What should I do?

I am amazed at the response to this question..I mean seriously I can’t believe so many are trying to ascertain the fact that you should break up with him. First of all, let me clear something for you.A relationship is not a fancy thing used as a means to pass time. Seriously what do you expect from it? If you think that the spark is lost rethink on the statement itself. It is called a spark because it is never meant to last forever. Coming to the losing interest part, you have known him for 4 years must know him inside out by now. Okay lets say, you found someone “interesting” again. What then? Can you guarantee that you will never lose interest in him? What is your other alternative then? Find another?Think rationally..relationship is a responsibility, a commitment given by each of you to each other,assuring that one will stand by the other through joy and sorrow. Relationship is a mixture of emotions and feelings, and he has invested all his feelings, channeling every bit of care and affection to keep you happy. And here you are blatantly telling that you lost interest in him, just like a child loses interest in his/her old toy.Go ahead and tell it to him. He would probably be shattered, he will probably plead you, try to rationalize all your feelings, defend what you have shared for four years with each other: and then all of a sudden you would probably find him more annoying and get more cruel in your ways to convey your message. In the end he will back off with a smile on his face respecting your decision with the only consolation that you will probably be happy without him in your life. But every night before he goes to bed, he will have a smile on his face as a result of all the cherished memories and also a tear drop rolling down his cheek at the same time.If he is really loyal to you and if he really cared for you, don’t let him go. You don’t know painful it is to break up without a valid reason. You will probably pray to god that even your worst enemies should never go through something like that, if you get a taste of what you are about to bring upon him.

What are the reasons why couples break up after a long relationship?

Thanks for the A2A.I'm a breakup coach, and that means that I probably have a lot more experience with the exact causes of a breakup than the average person.And really.. the real reason why a relationship breaks up is always because of:UnhappinessReally, that's it.Every single thing like cheating, taking one another for granted, jealousy, insecurity, etc, can be linked to or come from unhappiness.Cheating comes from unhappiness within oneself or from the relationship.Taking one another for granted leads to unhappiness.Jealousy and insecurity stems from unhappiness within oneself.The magic ratio of staying together:Instead of looking at why people break up, let's look at why people stay together.The magic ratio to a long lasting relationship, as explained by the acclaimed Dr Gottman, a leading researcher of marital stability and relationships, is five times positivity as there is negativity.In other words, as long as there are five times as many positive interactions between partners as there are negative, the relationship is likely to be stable. It doesn't matter how many fights you have. It's your ability to resolve it and turn it into a positive interaction that counts.Most of the time, a couple never had the tools to ensure that magic 5:1 ratio to begin with.And that means that unhappiness in the relationship was always a given, and that it was always doomed from the start.The relationship was never meant to succeed.How to achieve that magic ratio:Remember this, and remember this well - you can't be in a happy, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship when you are not happy or fulfilled yourself.That means that if you are dissatisfied in life, you will be dissatisfied in any relationship.Time to write out your self-improvement goals, because that's the only thing keeping you from the relationship and life that you really want.Hope this helps!

What does it mean when a guy puts his hands in your shirt and in your pants?

i have been going out with this amazing guy for nine months now and hes a really sweet guy. we meet at church. we both are planning to wait and save sex for when we get married.(probably to other people). this is both of our first like relationship where we go on lots of dates and make-out, etc...
im 15 and hes 16...his 17th bday is next week.
after about one month of going out we were at his house and i got up to get some water...he pulled me down and wouldnt let me up, he told me that i couldnt leave his side, so i got him to go to the kitchen with me and when we were in there he turned me around and put his hands on my butt, i was ok with this and kissed him on the cheek, we stood there hugging, the i started to break off to go watch our movie and he pulles me back and stuck his hands in my pants and in my undies(he kept his hands on my butt,,,he never came to the front). i wasnt ok with this but i let him do this. he still does it today.
now about a month later we kissed
about a month after that we started making out and frenching.
i was fine with this.
about 5 weeks ago he decided to touch my boob on top of my bra. i was ok with this.
then, the next week he stuck his hand in my bra and for some reason really likes roughly grabbing my boobs in his hands. im not ok with this but i told him i was.
i feel dumb for letting him get into my clothing but i thought it was normal and didnt really have time to stop and think about what i was confortable with him doing.
please help.

why does he like to tough me on my bare bottom and feel my boobs?
what do these things mean?

I love my boyfriend, but I feel like the spark has gone?

I've been with my boyfriend for eight, nearly nine months (I'm 17, he's 18) For the first few months everything was so great, and I loved spending time with him and I could picture a future together. I definitely thought I loved him. Now there is just no spark at all - not for me anyway. And sometimes when he tells me he loves me, I almost feel guilty saying it back because part of me thinks it's not true. I rarely have the desire to have sex with him anymore, like, it is enjoyable but it just doesn't feel like it means as much as it used to. He also talks about coming to uni with me and getting a job close by. In a way I think it's a sweet idea but I think the idea of uni, for me, is about starting fresh (not necessarily ending a relationship) and independence. I also want to go travelling for a longish period of time, and I kind of want to do it alone. I guess I just see myself as an independent person.

That being said, I just don't think I could handle breaking up with him. He's the closest I've ever let myself get to a person, he's sweet, he treats me well, and we do actually have some lovely times together. And excuse me for saying this but I know he loves me A LOT. He has no idea I feel like this and if it did, it would break his heart.

I can't bare the thought of not being with him. There are still so many great things about our relationship, and even though 'the spark' has gone (for me), I'm kind of hoping it will come back? Yet at the same time, I hate the thought of not being able to meet new people and see the world. I don't know what to do. Any advice?

Where In the Bible dose it say "7 years Tribulation"?

Revelation 7:14
Rev 7:14 I answered, “Sir, you know.”
And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

Revelation 7-14
First, the perfect number of the remnant of Israel is sealed, before the providential instruments of God's judgments are allowed to act; 144,000=12 x 12 x 1000. They are secured for blessing according to God's purposes and set apart by Him; not yet seen in their blessings, but secured for them. Afterwards the vast multitude from among the gentiles is seen. We must remark here, there is no previous prophetic announcement of the blessing of the spared ones in the great tribulation (not the three years and-a-half of Matthew 24-this refers to Jews-but that mentioned in the epistle to the church at Philadelphia). this is fully given to us here, and we are distinctly told who they are. A multitude of Gentiles is seen standing not as around the throne, but before it and before the Lamb, their righteousness owned and themselves victorious. They ascribe salvation to God thus revealed, that is, to God on the throne, and to the Lamb. They belong to these earthly scenes, not to the assembly. This is answered by the angels who are around the throne, the elders, and the living creatures -all together composing the heavenly part of the scene already connected with the throne; the angels surrounding the others, which form the centre and immediate circle of the throne, the white-robed multitude before it. The angels give their Amen, and pronounce the praise of their God too.

My 9 year old daughter told me she likes girls...?

My second daughter, 9 year old "Claire", has confided in me that she likes other girls. She has explained that her older sister (11) told her that when SHE was 9 she got a "funny feeling" in her stomach when boys were near her and touched her and things, a feeling she likes. Claire also explained that her friends had the same feelings. Then she confessed that boys don't interest her at all and that recently (from what she explained i gather about the last 3 months or so) she has had those feelings about her female friends. Claire says she wants to kiss them like she sees boys and girls do on tv and that she doesn't want to kiss boys...

Despite being a christian, and being married to a christian, the idea of her being homosexual doesn't bother me. I'd hope that she wouldn't be, but it's not that big a deal to me.

Please understand that me and my wife do not molest her, and to my knowlege she nas never BEEN molested.

My question is.....what's likely the cause of this attraction, psychologically? is it healthy? why or why not?