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Ongoing Medical Issue Any Advice Or Comfort

My friend is going through some health issues and has been feeling very gloomy. How can I help comfort her?

Thanks for A2A!Depression isn't something that can be validated by how someone who isn't a professional thinks. It is validated after counselling and optimised or eliminated with therapies. I assume you aren't a professional and thus request you to not do anything about it. It will harm the person.But then, there are certain things you can do in an attempt to help your friend:Take them to a psychologist. Get them counselled first.If you have taken the first step, understand how important it is now for you to never retreat. Infact, that's not an option anymore.Be patient and don't be harsh on him or her.If they want to talk, let them. It's rare that they will articulate their thoughts but when they do, listen.If at any point of time, you see any marks on their body which is explained by some unacceptable reason. Inform the therapist as soon as possible. They are resolving to self harm.Don't vent out your frustration on them, they won't be able to fathom it.

What advice do you have for someone considering adopting a senior dog?

I’ve adopted 2 senior dogs and I 100% recommend adopting one. I have a few tips of advice for anyone preparing for your senior pet.Prepare for an adjustment period.My one senior never had a steady place to live. The shelter said she was bounced around households and in and out of various different city shelters. I can’t really blame her for taking her time getting comfortable with us. It took about 6 months until she finally felt safe and secure enough to show love. It takes time, but it’s so worth it.Prepare for health issues.Unfortunately it’s a rule of life. The older the dog, the more health problems. Pet insurance doesn’t cover most seniors, and if they do it’s a fortune per month. Get ready to pay out of pocket for vet visits and special treatments. My senior girl left the shelter with a clean bill of health, but one year later she had mutilple tumors that had to be removed. They definitely were not cheap.Be patient.We adopted our seniors 2 years ago, and one is still not fully housebroken. She can’t control when she pees, so accidents are regular at our place. They might not know tricks, or be willing to do them.Be ready for a best friend.Seniors dogs are still amazing souls. It showed me that being old doesn’t slow anyone down, and they’re up for anything! Let them live the golden years with you, everything is worth it!Prepare for heartbreak.You might not have a long time with your senior pal. Depending on health, genetics, and other past factors your new friend might only get a few years with you. But remember they will enjoy every moment and so will you. Age isn’t a factor in this relationship, adopt a senior!

Thinking of going to a pain management clinic?

I've been to a pain clinic before. My first visit they looked at alternatives besides medication. I had 8 nerve blocks done in my back before being prescribed narcotics. I wouldn't suggest that you mention the ultram, let them suggest some things and if it does not work let them know immediately. I'm currently on OC and I suggested something alot less stronger, well I got yelled at basically. I guess because I'm the patient and not the doctor. But hey all doctors are different. Good luck and I hope you can get some relief soon!

Does yelling harm your vocal cords, like for singing? I yelled tonight & my throat hurts & I can't sing!?

Constant yelling will cause damage.
One episode or 2 spaced apart will not. You will be sore or a few days, and unless you constantly abuse your vocal cords, should be ok.

In the meantime, ease off talking, yelling, singing etc.

For Relief:
Take 1 glass of warm water. Add 1/2 shot glass of honey, and 1/2 shot glass of lemon juice. Stir until thouroughly mixed up.

Sip slowly, over the space of a couple of hours. Do not drink all at once!!!

Chewing some gum during this process, will also help, as it produces saliva which you swallow, and will ease throat pain.

Before you start the lemon/honey drink, hydrate yourself with a large glass of cool water.

Sucking on crushed ice will also help you.

How can I get experience in medicine during my undergrad that will help me to get into the best medical schools in the USA?

I am not on the admissions committee but doubt that experience alone will make all the difference but it can certainly help. I would say there are lesser ways such as shadowing, or working as a scribe which seem fairly common, I think better experience comes from working/volunteering where one gets to interact with patients more, for me this was in EMS. I knew I wanted to be in medicine since my early teen years and knew I could join my local first aid squad at 16, so I did. I became an EMT-B and volunteered through high school and undergrad, worked during summers as an EMT and volunteered with the local Fire dept as a volunteer FF/EMT in undergrad. For me personally and I think for the admissions committee interest over a period of time is more important than some shadowing or a mission trip, additionally experiences like this where you get hands on experience and interact with patients rather than being a wall fly really help. When I started my clinical experiences in medical school, my background made me much more comfortable dealing with patients and the perspective of a non physician healthcare provider also gives me insight to my interdisciplinary colleagues that continues to benefit me to this day. So volunteer for health fairs, shadow, become a scribe, become an EMT, do all of it if you can the experiences will all pay off and your ongoing devotion to learning the multifaceted world of healthcare will yield dividends.

There is something wrong with my singing voice...My neck/throat is tight and it hurts. Need Advice?

Only TIME and COMPLETE VOCAL REST can heal most of those symptoms, so your voice is not yet in a big danger. But if the hoarseness and pain continues for more than some days, then there is a huge risk that you might have vocal nodules which are down to an unhealthy singing technique and/or excessive singing. And that requires both a visit to the ear-nose-throat specialist as well as some TOTAL voice rest. It is absolutely crucial for you to learn how to use your voice in a HEALTHY way and how to breathe right (i.e. by activating your diapraghm), so that's why singing lessons are highly recommended!! Also, you need to keep your throat moist by drinking enough room-temperature water every day. Avoid caffeinated drinks, spicy food and dairy products before singing, and remember to do those voice warmups!!