Owning And Driving A Porsche 911 S Vs Corvette Stingray

Owning and driving a porsche 911 S vs corvette stingray?

I've been looking for a fun to drive sports car (only manual transmission) cars and am between these two. I considered the Audi R8, but eliminated it because is has so little stroage space I couldn't use it for a trip for 2 and b/c it would be tough to park (wide car, wide turning radius).

Most comparison tests I've seen give you track times and performance numbers, which is interesting, but doesn't really help me decide what car is better day to day. I doubt I'll ever race it on the track.

Which car is more fun as a daily driver? Usually I'm driving between 30 and 50 and want something with power even at low rpm. It seems like the corvette may sit lower and has difficult visibility on the front sides. Does anyone know if this is an issue? On the other hand the corvette is half the price and seemingly has better technology, such as rev matching, more driving modes and a backup camera that either aren't available or are out of my price range expensive options on the Porsche.

What about image and comfort? I'd like to drive girls on dates and want a good cabin that's comfortable for me and my date.

Any thoughts?

Porsche 911 (991) CS vs Corvette Stingray vs Tesla Model S vs Maserati GranTurismo S?

I'm looking for an exotic daily driver under $70k. I prefer luxury over performance, but would like to stay in the middle. Which is the best?

Corvette Stingray Z51 package
Tesla Model S
Porsche 991 Carrera S
Porsche Cayman S
Maserati GranTurismo S
Jaguar F-Type V8 Coupe

I'm sure there are many other names I've missed, so any other suggestions would be well appreciated.

Corvette vs. Porsche...................?

get the corvette cause its a sports car but ur gonna need to buy 2 so u can give me one!!!!!

Which is a better car, the Porsche 911 or the Corvette (C7)?

The C7 Vette is such a big step forward, especially the Z06 iteration, that it's a sensible question.First, how do we define better?  Faster, better made, more practical, better ride quality, better handling, better interior materials?  Should we throw in brand equity?Well, let's ignore snobbery, and focus on the cars for their intrinsic merits.  I'll argue that the 911 is a better car, principally by virtue of being an overall better solution.  Both cars are quick, but the Vette is a bit quicker (or massively quicker in Z06 form if you compare price-equivalent models).  Both cars are pretty reliable for the performance they offer.  The Porsche is more refined, has a better interior (which matters once you start paying more than $30k for a car), and is more usable in a variety of situations, insofar as its window of accessible performance is wider.When you drive a Porsche, you really can feel the millions of miles of testing that have gone into that platform, and there's a definite sense that whatever driving conditions you find yourself in, a Porsche test driver has already experienced them, taken copious notes, which were then reviewed carefully and methodically by a team of engineers who muttered solutions quietly in German, and modifications were made to address that particular situation in a way that doesn't negatively affect lap times at the Nordschleife.The gap between the 911 and Vette is certainly less than it's ever been.  Until recently, if you could afford a 911 at all, most people would say, "I'd love to save $50k and get a Vette, but I just can't do it.  It drives OK, but it's just too tacky and plasticky, and that kills it for me".  With the C7, the differences are much smaller, and maybe you can live with it.  I've been seriously looking at a 991 GT3 or a C7 Z06 Vette, and it's not a simple decision (even though the GT3 is 50% more expensive).  The Z06 will be faster, but both cars are plenty quick for me.  My heart belongs to the GT3, but the Z06 is a world-class car  as well.So, the Porsche is 'better', but I don't know if it's better.