People Having So Many Hunting Dogs

Starving hunting dogs?

Okay, calm down

DOGS ARE NOT PEOPLE, which means they have different wants and desires and tolerances. Dogs decended from wolves remember, and wolves don't get fed 3 meals a day.

Dogs, like wolves, are genetically predispositioned to overstuff themselves with food (if it is in their belly other animals cannot take it and it won't spoil) and then to be lazy for a few days, and after that a dog can go more than a month without eating, because as wolves that is exactly what they had to do. In reality, the average wolf pack only successfully kills a large animal every 2 weeks. individual animals may manage to eat a fieldmouse or something here and there, but they go for long periods of famine and then a big feast.

That is the way they are made.

I also suspect both you and the tourists aren't used to seeing dogs in good shape, especially dogs with short hair. look at top athletes in long distance running, look how skinny they are! That is because as americans we are all fat and lazy and our dogs are fat and lazy too. If you can't see or feel the ribs on a dog, the dog is overweight. The only reason you don't see the ribs on healthy people is our pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles cover them up, for a dog, his pecs and abdominals are located differently, so you can see the sides of his ribs quite easily.

look at how skinny this human runner is, the only real bulk he (she?) has is pectoral, which as i said before, don't hide the ribs on dogs

Why do people think using hunting dogs is cruel to the dog?

Pure idiocy.Dogs are predators. Puppies display stalking behavior as young as three weeks old and chase moving objects by four to five weeks old. By two or three months of age, they're capable of killing small animals (this is also a good time to teach them not to kill/chase/harass chickens and other poultry).Ever see a dog or puppy shake a toy? That's what I call the “death shake.”It's used to stun or kill small/moderate sized prey. It's purely instinctive. It needn't be taught.Oh, and those inch and a half long daggers in their mouths? They're not there for decoration. Those are weapons… and tools of the hunt.Set a dog loose in the woods and he'll run after the first thing that moves. He probably won't catch it, but he'll give it his all.Dogs might be domestic, but they are still predators with every fibre of their being. That's literally the #1 reason we co-evolved with them. Without them, there would be no us and without us, there would be no them.Some people are just so disconnected from nature that they've forgotten that.Sometimes even the sighted are blind.

How do dogs help people hunt?

Their far superior senses of smell and hearing are one factor. Dogs have about 300 million olfactory receptors in their noses compared to our 6 million making them approx. 40 times better at smelling stuff than us.Dog's eyesight is overall poorer than ours but they have more rods than we do thus allowing them to see much better in the dark than we can. It’s also why dogs ignored older analog televisions because they could see the flicker whereas our brains glossed over it.A dog’s hearing is superior to ours, their ear muscles are more developed and they hear a frequency range of 40 to 60,000 Hz while a human range is between 20 and 20,000.Also, dogs are smaller than us and can follow critters like rabbits into their burrows. They can run through the brambles and run through the bushes swifter and better than we can. Let’s see, what else? They’re significantly faster…Basically, ask yourself how useful it would be to have an apex predator like this:Hunting alongside you without fear of it ripping out your throat. And that’s how useful dogs are to humans in a hunt.In fact, one of the theories that attempts to explain how modern humans (Cro-Magnons) out-hunted and out-survived their Neanderthal competitors is because Cro-Magnons utilized dogs in their hunts.We share a deep and ancient bond with our furry friends.

Can you use a deaf dog for pig hunting?

i purchased her for that very reason 'pig hunting' the only set back is she is deaf,(did not know that at the time) she comes from hunting lines which is y i want to breed her and as for my other dogs, my finder has seen her days and is too old for it now, which is why i am asking this question and would appreciate answers from people who have or know of it being done before.

Are hunting dogs usually spayed/neutered?

neutering makes a dog bigger healthier happier and easier to train overall, but i don't know if the lowered aggression would affect his hunting. i want to say no because while he might not be as hyper, i don't see how that would affect his tracking skills.
a bigger dog would be an ideal hog hunter though, since hogs can be pretty fierce.
in my opinion, and don't take this offensively, they were all intact males because of the owners. the type of men that enjoy the hunt are not the type that want an emasculated dog. they're prolly the type of man that's just too manly to let that happen to their dog...i'm sure you know the type. ask the dog owners, you'll see. they'll answer you with loud passionate reasons about how they want their dog manly but wont have a good scientific reason
but really there's so many reasons to neuter your pet i don't understand why you wouldn't

i'd check other sources though, i don't hunt with dogs. my hunting friend however, has a dog (with testicles)

Are Bernese hunting dogs? BeSt AnSweR!!!?

These gentle, cheerful dogs love children. They are very intelligent, easy to train and are natural watchdogs, but not overly aggressive. A friend for life. They are very loyal and may have trouble adjusting to a new owner after they are 18 months old. Self-confident, alert and good-natured. They are fairly friendly with strangers, and are generally good with other pets and dogs. Never sharp or shy. These dogs may by slow to mature, remaining boisterous and puppy-like for quite awhile. The Bernese needs to be with people and not relegated to the backyard or kennel run. Like any dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog should be well socialized as a puppy. These dogs are sensitive and should be trained gently.

Although the exact origins of the Bernese Mountain Dog are unclear, this breed probably began as a farm dog in the Swiss mountains. Paintings from the end of the 18th century show the Bernese type. By the end of the 19th century, however, many foreign dogs were being imported to Switzerland and there was a danger that the native breeds would be lost. Professor Albert Heim, Franz Schertenleib and others led the effort to preserve native Swiss breeds by finding remaining specimens and stabilizing the Berner Sennenhund (Bernese Alpine Herdsman's dog) as a distinct breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog was named after the Berne canton of Switzerland where the breed is widely known. The sturdy Bernese has been used for driving livestock, for draft work and as a farm guardian. Because of his gentle, happy temperament, the Bernese Mountain Dog makes a fine family companion. Its talents are tracking, herding, watchdogging, guarding, search & rescue, carting, and competitive obedience.

What do I do with my hunting dog (puppy) that is just too much for me to handle?

Puppies by their very nature are playful and high energy. My advice is to first get your puppy to some obedience classes and see if that helps some. Besides attending classes, you will need to practice consistently every day, so that will require some commitment on your part. I recommend group classes for purposes of socialization, but you might find the additional services of a private trainer beneficial as well.Did you obtain your puppy from a reputable breeder? If so, reach out to them. They can probably give you some suggestions, as well as take the puppy back if training doesn't help.If the breeder is not willing to take the puppy back, please look for a rescue group to take it. If you decide to rehome it yourself, please do not advertise it as free to a good home; too many unsavory people take advantage of this.

Why do people care oh so much about dogs' "natural diet" when...?

The gene coding for amylase production is literally 28 times more active in a dogs' pancreas than in a wolf's and dogs without allergies can and do digest starches and plant proteins like corn gluten without a problem?

The thing is, dogs have lived with humans for millennia. Of course their teeth and digestive tract is still the same as that of a wolf.. humans cook their grains and tubers after all. Why would they evolve the digestive tract of a herbivore when a lot of what people would be providing them with was already smashed and cooked? Paleolithic man in some areas ate up to a 100 grams of fiber per day. That didn't come from meat and fat, so I doubt their dogs were regularly getting the meaty feasts that people imagine they were.

Basically I'm trying to say that a dog is not a wolf. They didn't even come from those big fluffy big game hunting North American wolves either. Feeding a dog cow (something it couldn't even kill) is not more natural than feeding it corn or soy. What dogs would eat "in the wild" is irrelevant and has been for millions of years because dogs are not wild. Their "natural diet" is whatever people decide to feed them.

I'm just tired of people being berated for feeding cheap foods or even vegan/vegetarian foods and I don't understand why it's a thing, so I'm asking, because it doesn't make sense to me. Some dogs may not do well on those foods, but that doesn't mean all dogs won't, you know?

Why are mixed breed dogs looked down upon by so many people? They can be healthier than "purebred" dogs.

When my first dog, Bella, was a puppy we took her to a park I’d known and loved my entire life. As soon as we hit the trail an older woman with her dog approached us and our dogs exchanged their hello sniffs. The woman asked my wife what breed our puppy was and my wife happily replied, “she’s a mutt.” This woman looked at Bella, my wife and I like we just smeared shit across her face! She quickly yanked her dog away from Bella and stormed off, looking back at the three of us with total disgust.That was the first time I experienced “breedism” which in my opinion is the same as racism. It made me sick and my blood boil.Bella was rescued from a puppy mill. I have always been and will always be proud that my dogs are rescues. I could not care less what breed they are. Is Bella a genuine mutt? She’s definitely got lab and chow genes but I don’t know and I don’t care. She’s 15 years old now and has overcome a plethora of health issues. My old girl has osteoarthritis but she’s still playing, swimming and living life to the fullest! Her awesome vet even has her in a stem cell study that uses stem cells from c-section born puppies.To answer your question, “Why are mixed breed dogs looked down upon by so many people? They can be healthier than purebred dogs.” I think some people use their dogs breed as a status symbol, they think “papers” mean something. People forget that for the most part we’re all mixed breeds. Most people have two or more nationalities. I’m a mutt!Edit: WOWZAH! I’ve never received 160 upvotes! Thanks everyone!Edit #2: Over 400 upvotes! I’m so thankful! ❤️ Mutts Rule!!!