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Phrase In English Help

Verbal phrases in english - help!?

Read the sentence and correctly complete the statements.

Joe has never objected to my going to church with him.
The verbal phrase in this sentence is ____________
The verbal phrase is a ___________ (Type gerund, participle, or infinitive.)
The verbal phrase functions as a(n) ____________

Help in meaning of a phrase in English?

Hi all,
I heard in an e-learning software, these sentences in English:
At first teacher asks a student: "Ask me if you should keep going?"
and then the student must answer like this: "I will carry on."
What do these two sentences really mean?
Also if you are Irani, please say the meaning in persian.
I really appreciate you to help me.

Help me translate a pinyin phrase to english?

The phrase I wish to translate is "shen tsai wo hern kai shing",

I realise this is probably pretty bad and is not quite proper pinyin but I hope someone can help. I have been able to translate a few other phrases through google etc. but this one is proving very difficult.

English Help!! (Prepositional Phrases)?

1.) We hung the picture on the wall.
hung/ on the wall
wall/ the picture
no prepositional phrase
2.) The little boy likes stories about brave knights.
boy/likes stories
stories/about brave knights
no prepositional phrase
3.) The field with its rows of corn was well kept.
field/with its rows of corn
field/ was well kept
no prepositional phrase
4.) The dog is friendly and energetic.
dog/ friendly and energetic
friendly/ and energetic
no prepositonal phrse
5.) We heard the sound of trumpets.
heard/ the sound
sound/ of trumpets
no prespositonal phrase
6.) Treasure Island was written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Treasure Island/ was written
written/ by Robert Louis Stevenson
no prespositonal phrase
7.) The disagreement between the children was quickly settled.
disagreement/ quickly settled
disagreement /between the children
no prepositonal phrase
8.) The dog ran around the living room.
ran / around the living room
dog / around the living room
no prepositional phrase
9.) I would like a bottle of water.
like / a bottle
bottle / of water
no prepositional phrase
10.) The new student came from Phoenix.
student / from Phoenix.
came / from Phoenix
no prepositional phrase

How do I find someone to help me translate an English phrase into Hebrew?

Hi, you can try me out, hope I'll be able to help when I’m available.

Need help translating Latin phrase into English.?

The phrase is Dum tagat glamat. I saw it on a family tombstone that was from the 1800s. But I'm having trouble translating it. I'm not even 100% sure it's Latin. Any assistance from the learned would be greatly appreciated.

Can someone help me translate this phrase from Khmer to English Please??

Snaeha Amatak directly translate "Eternal Love" in khmer.

Snaeha = Love
Amatak = Eternal

Can someone help me translate an English 'phrase' to Sindarin?

The 'phrase' is: Riders of The Prince of Wales.
I'd like it in Sindarin, not Quenya.
Oh, and I'd like accurate translations, not a mix of both Sindarin and Quenya, etc.
If you could include the Tengwar to the translation, that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Can someobdy help translte this latin phrase to english?

We saw a large number of spectators standing near Pompey's theater.

I need help translating a phrase from English to Gaelic?

As Draoi says, the standard expression is "Nollaig shona agus athbhliain faoi mhaise duit/daoibh" (happy Christmas and a prosperous new year".

If you want a more literal translation of your phrase, you need to be more careful of cultural meaning. "holiday", in the american sense that's used here, is best given as "féile" (festival day), not "laethanta saoire", which usually refers to vacations in Irish.

Also, adding "guí" for "wishing" is redundant which makes bad Irish.

So a better literal translation is:

"Féile shona agus athbhliain iontach duit/daoibh"