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Pink Converse On Guys

Converse Pink High Tops for boys?

I knew a guy once who wore hot pink pants nearly every day to school, and not only did no one think he was gay (to my knowledge) but he was one of the most popular guys in school and all the girls drooled over him. Not saying that's going to happen to you, as some immature boys may make fun of you for it, but I'm a firm believer in 'real men wear pink' and my favorite characters on tv shows are the badass men who aren't afraid to sport a little color. So personally I would find it hot, but you may get a different reaction from other people.

Are converse gay for guys?

yes, yes. I LOVE converse. I wear them just about 24/7. It's just my guy friend was wondering what syle and color to get, and he's afraid if they'd be "gay" or him. lolz...

Weird for guys to wear converse?

I just wanna see how many people can give me an honest opinion on this. Girls and guys. Just wondering if anyone thinks its weird or girly for guys to wear low top converse. I wear them with jeans if that paints a picture and it seems like when I wear them out into public I feel like i'm getting weird vibes or unusual looks from some people. Not everyone just some. Sometimes I like to rock out and wear the black with blue or black jeans with a black rock tee or something(not emo like just kinda punk or its more like heavy metal 80s look really. And the blue when i'm just going casual with blue jeans and whatever. Idk, maybe its just me, because i'm sure theirs always someone who will always seem weird to someone else. Normal people who try and act ghetto seem weird to me so go figure. But I guess I just don't wanna seem more weird than everyone lol.

Is it gay for a guy to wear converse?

if it is then 99.9% of the guys at my high school are gay.


Do gay guys usually wear converse?

-_- just as much as straight guys

Do Converse shoes look gay on guys?

I really want to buy a pair. Here is a vid of how they look and here a pic

what do you think guys?? I don't want to look feminine or gay. I am skinny.

Do girls like guys who wear converse all stars?

I do but not all girls will we all have different tastes and it's not just the shoes who make a person (:

Is there a difference between girl/guy Converse?

I'm looking for some more Converse, but on all the websites I keep seeing men's/women' there actually a difference at all?

There are some great purple ones I LOVE, but they're listed as "men's".
Does that actually mean anything?

My mom hates my pink CONVERSE, can a dude wear em?

i went to the mall yesturday night and dropped 50 bucks on a pair of pink CONVERSE ALL STARS and I think they look sweet with my black skinny jeans and a grafic T. My mom hates them and doesnt want me to wear them. GIRLS: Can a guy (Im 15) wear pink CONVERSE ALL STARS (low cut)?

Is it still possible to buy Pink Floyd Converse anywhere?

If Converse is not still making them then your best place for a limited edition sneaker like this would be eBay. Just set up a saved search with email notification and wait. Sooner or later something will pop up.