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Pls Help How I Am Supposed To Celebrate Birthday

I don't .. I didn't find any meaning in that type of celebrations. There are some other reasons..1)I don't like to waste others time only because I was born that day a 20 years ago.2) I hate artificial wishes.3)I hate to be under observations of a crowd.4)The people who treats you normally everyday will treat you differently and crazily that day like you are a different person.5) People behave so nicely and politely that day to impress us as we are giving a party.I hate when people behaves with me soo nicely.Because that forms uncomfortable and artificial conversations. Totally I don't wanna make my Birth day an Artifcial day..I will just dedicate that day for myself. And I will be far from this mechanical life and enjoy in my own way..

Birthdays have the potential to "go sideways"; some of the worst days of anyone's life can be birthdays. Because it's "supposed" to be special. And there are so many, many ways that it can be "Not Special". If your Mom made your birthdays really wonderful when you were a child and she's uninvolved, deceased or incapacitated, that lack of "special" can be overwhelmingly sad. Birthdays can describe the lack of connection in your life. When  you are alone on your birthday, or your friends and family fail to acknowledge that day, then you can feel isolated.  Even if people are making a big fuss over you, a birthday can feel like another step in the march towards death. If they are celebrating and you feel that you haven't achieved anything in the last year to feel good about personally, that birthday can feel like a heavy weight.I resolved this issue in my personal life by making my entire birth month a quiet celebration. I give myself something that I've been longing for but usually wouldn't spend the money on (I'm quite passionate about saving money). Some years this has been travel...some years it's been a gym membership, or a kayak. Once it was putting in a large vegetable garden. Last year it was buying a house in a better neighborhood. The point for me is that it isn't a reward, it's an incentive to go forward and to grow for another year. Thanks for the A2A

0:00-0:034 th November, 2017-It was my 20 th Birthday. Few of my friends remembered my birthday, thanks to Facebook. I was getting bored, so I thought of celebrating my birthday in a simple yet creative way.I used to regularly feed the stray dogs near my house, but this time I thought of feeding stray dogs randomly, by walking from one street to another.So, I accepted the mission and bought 10 packets of Pedigree from chemist. (₹20 each)Here is the first guest of my party (1km from my house).Soon, many other guests got to know about the “free party” and they joined their friend.Then after walking a little more, new guests joined.One random guard, told me that the dog’s (the one in the below pic) birthday was also today, so I served one full packet to that dog. (One selfie too)Then when I came home, my mom was packing some stuff (one packet chips, frooti, and some sweets) with a set of around 10. She told me to give it to the homeless. It was quite late, around 10 pm, so it was a little difficult for me to spot them around.Then near a park, I found 4 kids (around 13–14 years of age), smoking cigarette (sharing it one by one) . They saw me, and threw that cigarette away.I asked, as to why were they smoking at such a young age, and told them about the ill effects of doing so.They said, “Bhaiya, we don’t get anything to eat. We saw an uncle smoking it outside a shop, so we thought that smoking this would fill our empty stomach. So, when he threw that half smoked cigarette, we picked it up and came here.”After hearing their reply, I felt really bad. Then I gave them those packets. (8 packets, I gave the rest 2 to other homeless kids, whom I saw on my way back to home)But I felt helpless, because I knew after finishing the food I gave to them, they’ll again start smoking/inhaling different stuffs, maybe drugs. It's a major problem, which needs to be taken care of.

Aren't people supposed to bring gifts to an adult birthday party?

I don't think an adult should expect presents except from family or very close friends. At my own 40th party I did not expect anything other than the pleasure of their presence and conversation. A card is welcome, but even that is unnecessary.

I'm in a similar situation right now. I'm invited to an adult birthday party for Saturday night. I've known this woman and her husband for years, but we are not close. They were at my housewarming party last month. They brought a bottle of wine (this is what I typically bring to similar parties). I have no desire to give her a birthday present. She was at my 40th and I have no memory of her bringing me a gift. We've never exchanged presents before. I don't want to get started now. Some of our mutual friends have asked me to join in on a group gift and I declined. Now I feel conflicted. But I think I'll stick with original intention and not give her a gift, but I will present a card. As the party is not at her home I won't be bringing wine (and they consider themselves wine experts, so I wouldn't dare do that anyway).

No longer celebrate births, and therefore birthdays, but maybe take time out to reflect and console myself.Given that people are also paying you attention that day, it might be a good opportunity, after having thanked them for remembering you and for what they mean to you, to educate them on antinatalism.Applies to other people’s births and birthdays too and to Christmas of course, where a man was created in full omnipotent knowledge he would suffer, even perhaps for that purpose. It could be a good time to remind people what you think, whilst wishing them whatever.

You are lovable.  It is possible that your family does not love you - but I hope that isn't your situation!  'Attention' is a food group, though, and it does sound like you're not being well-fed within your family.  (True, some families don't celebrate birthdays, and you want to follow Anthony Stenta suggestion that you ask them.I grew up feeling weird, awkward, and profoundly afraid I would not have the courage to live a fulfilling life - although my family did celebrate birthdays, I still felt unlovable.  I had to go out and take enough risks in life to build my own courage so that I could find love and nourishment in the world.If your family is not emotionally expressive, find others in life who can nourish you more strongly.  And, as suggested by Linne DVhee learning to love and nourish yourself is key!Please, please also go out and explore what you like to do (or find out what you like to do) so that you can meet others who will be able to feed you emotionally like you deserve!Yes, you are lovable.

Say a thank you.Oh! And don't forget to put a smileAn ex and the attached to her should remain in the past, burried well.Not your present, neither your future should be spent dwelling upon you past.You moved on for a reason, stick to it.Do not, turn back to see what all you left behind, no matter how tempted you are.