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Pls Tell Me The Manga Where The Teacher Asks The Boy To Help Tutor Shy Girl

Manga help about a boy and his tutor?

ok so i stopped like a little after the middle of the first chapter, so this is what happened?!?!!?!?

so there's this girl like colleage age. she isn't lucky with guys. she meets a cute boy, but he turns out to be this really young highschooler. Later she goes to tutor someone who ends up being that highschool boy. While she's tutoring him she realizes that if she trains him to grow up like her ideal guy then it'll be perfect. So she writes a list of all the grown-up character traits she likes. When she goes to the bathroom the hs boy sees it and when she comes back his smoking a cirgarette talking all bad-boyish. THE END or at least where I stopped!


My teacher sexually assaulted me, what do I do?

Are you really telling the truth, or are you trying to set this teacher up because you dislike him?

At every school where I've taught (and I've taught for 12 years at a total of 8 different schools), there are very clear policies on how and when after-school tutoring can be conducted. For instance, the student has to have written consent from the parent and must sign in and out so that school officials know who's in the building and which teacher s/he's seeing. Second, tutoring usually takes place immediately after school when other staff is likely to be in the building. Third, every teacher I know ALWAYS keeps his or her door open while working one-on-one with a student. These standard policies make it quite unlikely that a teacher would have any opportunity to perpetrate the blatant sort of asault you've described -- which is why I doubt your story.

That sexual assault DOES occur, however, is a fact; at least once a year, it seems, I read about some such dispicable incident in the local paper. Usually, the abuse is much more subtle and develops over a long period in which the perpretrator gains his victim's trust. So if what you've told us really did happen, of course you have to tell someone! You can tell your parents, an administrator, your guidance counselor, or even another teacher.

Do teachers know which students have crushes on them? How?

I can answer this question in the best way only by sharing my personal experience.During my 1st year of Engineering, our Electrical Engineering female professor had caught my attention. I was a nerd back in the university and my primary goal was to top in the exams but her lectures are something that were always heavenly for me. I would worry myself to death if I ever missed her lectures, I had that kind of admiration for her. It was not sexual attraction but I really liked her as an individual. I did not want anything from her, I just loved watching her from distance. She always showered me with good grades, and complements. She also helped me get funding from our University for my projects. Also, I was made the Class Representative just because of the recognition and appreciation I got from her. In my final year, I was the first student of my university to construct a quadrotor(3 Idiots) and a strong reason behind it was the impression on her face I will get to see when I show it to her.Once during a lecture in my final year, I was upset about the fact that Engineering is getting over and I won't be able to see her anymore. Hence, I chose to click photos of her from my first bench in the classroom. Just when I pressed the shutter button on my Samsung Omnia i900(This smartphone is special because it has her pictures), I just remembered that I did not turn the flash off. Bam! The flash struck her eyes, and she did something to me that I will never forget in my life.She looked at me for a second, tilted her head portraying a "Please, Asim. Everyone is watching, please don't do it. I know you like me, but please don't."Those were commanding eyes.. demanding eyes.. but there also was a softness.. a warmth dripping in them, meant only for her best student in the Electrical Department. Then I knew that she knows that I like her from the core of my heart. She can be the most cruel teacher as she has already yelled a thousand times on other students, and slapped sometimes too, but that violent persona of her’s was not shown to me ever.. Not even once in a period of 4 years where I spent 2 hours watching her each day, 6 days in a week.. I knew she was aware of my feelings, hence she never tried to hurt me.. Clearly, I knew I was special and different for her..That night, I had the best sleep of my life.P.S. I'm deeply praying that she does not find this answer.P.S.2. I still have that lovely photo with me. (I got what I wanted i.e. victorious)

Why is my Little brother so stupid, annoying, gay, childish, immature and ignorant?

He is 11 and he acts like he is 6, he still watches cartoons like spongebob, he plays all day gayass computer nerd vieeogames and he cries over everything i say! Plus in school he is so dumb he has no friends and he gets bad grades all the time like he has no qualities and he's my brother I love him and i want him to be better. he plays with pokemon cards and he is such a ignorant... he is dumb i called him ignorant and he said they don't teach that in canada! he is so stupid.... like wtf is wrong with him at his age i was hanging out with friends. he is so gay that everytime i ask him if he likes any girl in his school he says no and screams he will have a girlfriend like he is 11 already is not a 5 year old we talking about.

Looking for good (shoujo) manga where the main character has a teacher-student relationship?

Hey -

I was wondering if anyone knew of some good mangas where the main character has a relationship with his/her teacher/student? (Preferably with a happy ending, please)