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Purchased Burnt Extensions. Can I Get A Refund

Will Mastercard Refund my $$$ on Bad Salon Services??

I recently had a consultation for hair extensions at a top notch salon. The stylist (and website) promised an "exact" color match. I also had a long conversation with her regarding if extensions would work in my hair, as I have baby fine hair. I made it clear that I wanted to be able to wear my hair up in a high pontail w/out them showing and that I did NOT want to have to do extra work for them not to show. I paid her $500 (check) to purchase the hair. The next week, I went in for application and asked her to check the hair to make sure it was exact match. She did and said it was, then started. Long story short, the hair was orange and my hair was an ashy blonde. I did not realize how it looked until she was done. I also had WAY too many in, and were visible with hair down, let alone up. I paid $1500 on Mastercard for this. I went back next bus day for them to remove, which they did. I was offered a half refund, which I declined. I disputed charge - what are chances of refund??

Can I get a refund from Steam?

I purchased Burn Zombie Burn from Steam and the game crashes on startup and there is no way for me to play the game whatsoever. I've seen other people claiming to have the same issue so this must be something wrong on Steam's end. Is there any way for me to receive a refund for this since they sold me a game that is defective?

Can I get a refund for bad hair extensions?

First of all to respond to the person above, Hair Extensions are not damaging to the hair. Its all about a proper application and the maintainence of the extensions. If both are poorly done, then that is when damage can occur. Some things are not meant for EVERYONE. This is the purpose of a consultation. I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but what you can do is, contact the Great Lengths office and make your complaint. Hopefully she is really a certified Technician and they can handle this problem for you or at least give you some advise. But what I must tell you that you are wrong on your part by WASHING YOUR HAIR 3 TIMES A WEEK AND LETTING IT AIR DRY. THAT IS A BIG NO .. That is why your extensions are falling out. Did she give you a home care maintainence sheet to take home with you? I dont know what products your stylist sold to you, but if your were maintaining your hair yourself at home, she should have supplied you with an anti tap solution to apply to your hair any time you get your extensions wet and you MUST DRY THE BONDS ON YOUR EXTENSIONS. This is one of the biggest reasons why people have problems with their extensions because these stylists dont educate their clients. I really recommend that you call the Great Lengths Headquarters and find out if this stylist is really certified with Great Lengths because many times, some stylist advertise Great Lengths hair and its really NOT Great lengths hair. This company is the # 1 Hair extension company and they have the best hair and by advertising yourself as a Certified technician of Great lengths, the public know of the name and thats why they are able to charge alot because many people don't know any better. So good luck to you, I hope this doesnt turn you away from getting hair extensions again, because there are some honest stylists out there that really take pride in their services. Like women like myself, my hair is one of the things that makes me look glamourous.. Next time.. do your research on the service AND the stylist before investing your money.

How do I test the quality of hair extensions?

Tips you need to have to test the quality hair extensionsA supplier of repute will be able to send you the information in detail on the source of the hair, its advantages of using an exact price so that you keep on trust on them.Hair wigs should be tested for such an amount of time that the hair is designed to be sold or to be worn, for example, three to four months time.Human hair wigs should be tested utilizing the proper recommended after care products that are very much essential for all types of hair extensions testing.Human hair wigs should be tested for a short period of time and will not be reflected the quality of the hair type and extensions.All types and sizes of hair wigs should be treated in such a way that would be with extra care and that should be all the time.If you are running a business, then your clients are not able to commit the after care and you are responsible for that to do it from your side that they can keep a trust on you and your brand. It is seen that a less permanent way or method such as clip in the hair wigs should be recommended or suggested.Testing of hair extensions is important when you do not know the seller and their authentication. If you even do not know the source of the extensions and do not know where your sellers are taking the hair wigs, then it is important, but if you know and trust on the seller, then it is not that much important. Though, we have given some important tips that can be used for testing the quality hair wigs.

Getting a refund from a hair salon?

I went into a new salon, requesting an all over color of blonde, with brown low lights. They confirmed with me- more blonde than brown?? I said yes. My hair is naturally dark blonde. I don't ever go to brown.
My hair is very long, but it took the girl 4 hours to HIGHLIGHT and dye my hair a darker brown. The exact opposite of what I wanted. I'm not one to make a fuss over things people have done for me, so when she was done, and asked what I thought, I looked in the mirror and realized how dark it is. I was freaking out a bit, but I'm pretty easy going, so I said it looked nice, and hoped that I would get used to the darker color. I thought maybe I communicated wrong about what I wanted. So I paid them, which was waaayy more than I was expecting. I was so confused by what happened with my hair, I paid them and left.
I got home and inspected my hair. It was darker than it was in the salon!!! I was horrified. Then I looked at the highlights and the bled all over my scalp!! Plus they were chunky on one side, and barely there on the other. Not to mention in several spots near my scalp, they were orange!! I couldn't believe it. I immediately called a salon with a good reputation and got an appointment for today. The girl did what she could with my hair- she did her best- and it looks MUCH better than it did. She was not able though, to get out all of the orange spots. Thankfully, they're mostly hidden, and I'm hoping they will fade.
Oh, and don't let me forget to tell you how they stained two shirts I was wearing yesterday!!

I'm 27 years old- I've been getting my hair done for years, and have NEVER had an experience like this before. I messaged that salon, demanding they give me a refund, because of 1) the terrible dye job, and 2) the cost, in which they clearly overcharged me. I have yet to hear back from them.

Is there something I can do? Like go to my bank and dispute the charge on my card? It's technically not fraudulent, but I don't know what else to do. If I don't hear from the salon, I will submit a claim with the BBB in my area.

Any advice/opinions?

Alibaba sent defectives. Can I get refunds?

First of all, Alibaba did not send you defective product. The supplier that is using Alibaba to advertise and list their products sent you defective products.Alibaba does not sell any products. They are simply a sellers platform acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.Your ability to get a refund will depend on the integrity of your supplier and the agreement you made with them when you negotiated your deal.Dealing with a foreign supplier is difficult, especially if you cannot meet face to face, or do your research about their reliability.Did you get a written agreement about how returns and defectives would be handled? Did you check out the supplier for reliability? Did you request production samples before the supplier shipped your order?You can contact the supplier and try to negotiate a refund but it will be difficult. If you can’t reach an agreement you are pretty much out of luck. If you paid using a credit card or a payment service like PayPal they may be able to issue a refund for you, but if you used a service like western union or a wire transfer the chances of getting a refund is small.Suing a foreign company for damages is expensive and difficult. Depending on the amount of money in question, it may not be worthwhile financially to proceed.

Can I ask for a refund from Swiggy?

You can ask for your refund from Swiggy but in most of the cases they do not easily refund the amount to their customers. We have also encountered complaints like this on our Consumer Complaint forum Consumer Court Online Complaint where everyday we resolve complaints like this from Swiggy that include complaints including Refund issue, poor content etc .You can check all the swiggy related complaints on our site Consumer Court Online Complaint

Can I get a refund from QNET, as I have already completed six months in the business?

Unfortunately, that wont be possible because when you join the business you have to purchase products, and when you initiate a refund you get a refund for those products. So I’m afraid but in my knowledge the refund cannot be processed.Peace out ✌

HELP how do I get a refund from wowcher?


I work for Wowcher and we spoke yesterday to resolve this and you have been refunded.

Our refund policy can be found here:

To obtain a refund on an unused Wowcher email

A: We offer a no-quibble 7-day money back on all unredeemed wowchers. Just use the Wowcher Promise button on any deal page (towards the bottom left) to request a refund.

Between 8 and 30 days after you receive your wowcher, you can cancel your unredeemed wowcher in return for a credit to your Wowcher Wallet.

From 30 days after you receive your wowcher and before it expires you can exchange for Wowcher Wallet Credit to the value of 50% of what you paid for the wowcher.

Full refund and credit requests received 31 days or more after you received the wowcher are considered on a case by case basis.

All refund requests must be made either via email or the Wowcher Promise button, we recommend email if more than 7 days since you received the wowcher.

What is the time limit to refund an excess tax remitted?

Usually, it takes about 3-6 months to get the refund from the date of e-filing the ITR. It may even take longer time if returns are filled physically. In case your tax return record says you have paid in excess, then the extra amount paid has to be claimed as refund separately.