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Question About The Romanov Family

What is an interesting thesis statement for the death of the Romanov Family?

The assertion that something is "interesting" isn't a thesis. There are various kinds of thesis, but let's look at one of them: the cause-and-effect thesis. OK, the Communists had captured the Romanovs. They didn't have to shoot them, but they did. What was the cause of the decision to shoot them? Who decided? What reason did they give for killing them instead of just shipping them out of the country, or using them as figurehead rulers with no power, or trading them for Communist prisoners in other countries, etc.? The answer to those questions would be a reasonable thesis.

You have to do enough research to be able to answer the question before you can write the thesis statement, though. You can't just come up with a thesis without doing your research first.

The killing of the romanov family?

Im Doing Level II History too :-)

Paul B's book was written by Robert K Massie.

Lenin ordered the killing of the Family because the 'Whites' were approaching Ekaterineberg and Bolsheviks had a nack of killing hostages/prisoners instead of evacuating them. The Whites were planning on rescuing the Imperial Family, and could easily out number the Bolsheviks stationed at the Ipatiev House.

But the question remains, Did Lenin Keep Alexei for a Bargaining tool? (search - Alexei Heino Tammet-Romanov)

Why did the kill the Romanov family in 1918?

There were people who wanted them out of power, and killing the current ruler would leave one of his family members as the next ruler. Normally the eldest son/daughter, and if they die it's the next eldest. If they're too young, a regent would be appointed. However, no survivors, no regents either.

What are your reasons for liking the romanov family?

I am fascinated by the late 17th and 18th century in Russia when it underwent a radical change under Peter the great. The Tzar showed the great power for good that one has if absolute and on a mission from God to improve the economy. The next few rulers had pro-west policies. Even Catherine named herself Great after him and chose an orthodox name based on his wife’s name Catherine. She said she changed Russian aristocrats from a group of people who did not mind garbage in their yards if they could have diamonds in their hair into a proper group of European aristocrats.I am not at a all interested in the 19th century or last Tzar who seem like just another set of aristocrats. The change had been made already. The rulers were more foreign than western. Rather than hating the aristocrats, they depended on them for support. Constantine put down his people’s rebellions. Alexander II let the aristocrats dictate the terms of emancipation and they were awful. His son was a reactionary conservative. Paul was a nut. Alexander I was a religious nut. Nicholas I was a mean conservative racist. Nicholas II was incompetent and racist. Suddenly the people were their enemy and democracy was the unthinkable consequence of giving up power.

Help on writing speech on Romanov family?

A speech is just like a paper, just you speak about it. All you really need for a speech besides the information is a outline to follow.

I. What kind of impact this has had
a. What was the tragedy?
b. What was Russia like after the tragedy?
c. How has this tragedy has affected popular culture?
II. What was the Russian Empire like, and if anything big was happening during this time in the world
a. Living conditions
i. The Upper Class
ii. The Bolsheviks, (only mention them)
III. The Bolsheviks
a. Who were the Bolsheviks?
b. What did they want? describe what communism was briefly
c. When did they "start"?
d. Where where they? All over or in one specific area?
e. Why did they want what they wanted? What was their motivation?
VI. The Romanovs
a. Who were they?
i. Give a small description on each kid, it helps humanize them for the audience.
b. What did they do to anger the Bolsheviks?
c. How long had they ruled the Russian Empire?
d. Why did the Bolsheviks target them?
V. The Killing
a. Who was killed? Who did it?
b. When where they killed?
c. Where were they they killed?
VI. The impact, for this your kinda restating the beginning.
a. What was Russia like afterwords?
b. How has this story affected media and pop culture?

Hope this is like what you were looking for, this should get you going in the right direction.

Romanov Imperial Family alive?

The following are all descendants of the Romanovs - the entire Imperial family were of course killed.

Princess Alexandra Rostislavna (b. 1983), granddaughter of Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich
Prince Alexis Andreevich (b. 1953), grandson of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich
Prince Andrew Andreevich (b. 1923), son of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich
Prince Andrew Andreevich (b. 1963), grandson of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich
Princess Anna Pavlovna (b. 1959), granddaughter of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Princess Catherine Dmitrievna (b. 1981), great-granddaughter of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Prince Dimitri Romanovich (b. 1926), son of Prince Roman Petrovich
Prince Dimitri Pavlovich (b. 1954), grandson of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Princess Elizabeth Nikolaevna (b. 1956), granddaughter of Prince Roman Petrovich
Princess Lela Dmitrievna (b. 1986), great-granddaughter of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Princess Marina Vassilievna (b. 1940), daughter of Prince Vasili Alexandrovich
Prince Michael Pavlovich (b. 1960), grandson of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Princess Natalia Nikolaevna (b. 1952), granddaughter of Prince Roman Petrovich
Prince Nicholas Romanovich (b. 1922), son of Prince Roman Petrovich
Prince Nikita Rostislavich (b. 1987), grandson of Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich
Princess Olga Andreevna (b. 1950), daughter of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich
Princess Paula Pavlovna (b. 1956), granddaughter of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich
Prince Peter Andreevich (b. 1961), grandson of Prince Andrei Alexandrovich
Prince Rostislav Rostislavich (b. 1985), grandson of Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich
Princess Stephena Rostislavna (b. 1963), granddaughter of Prince Rostislav Alexandrovich
Princess Tatiana Nikolaevna (b. 1961), granddaughter of Prince Roman Petrovich
Princess Viktoria Dmitrievna (b. 1984), great-granddaughter of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich

Did the Romanov family contact other allies during WWI or did they just contact Great Britain to rescue them?

The Romanovs didn’t contact anyone to rescue them because they couldn’t, they were imprisoned by the Communists. The revolution happened and the Czar and his family were seized and held incommunicado afterwards. They didn’t have a chance to ask allies, or the British for assistance.

Who betrayed the Romanov family? Why?

As a guy who knows russian history, there's an inaccurasy in the question and a simple answer to it. It wasnt someone who acted as traitor to Nicholas the 2nd, it was his lack of being a good leader in times when country needed well leadership in government. He just was not interested to govern and cared more of his family life. Even I wount appreciate such tsar. That would be a disgrase. That's all

The Romanov family assasination was Fiction or Fact?

Fact- Lenin feared they would return to the throne, so gave they order to kill them. The Romanov family were murdered in the basement. The Bolsheviks shot them and the gave them a good few stabs with Bayonets just to make sure. All of them died down there that night- there bodies were been discovered identified in 2007, even Anastasia. The fact that the boy had Haemophilia would have made his death even more certain.
The USA had nothing to do with it, The Bolsheviks pulled them out of the war after the October Revolution and the Americans were a bit busy. Russia still had a population that was 80% rural- Hardly a gift to industrialists anyway.