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Ramadan Do You Honestly Think Head Scarf Does Anything

Would you honestly like a girl if she wore a hijab (head scarf)?

dingo60: muslims are allowed to talk to guys, just not flirt, date, hang out. long as it is school/work type related

sunburn from iran: i mean look past as in liking her for who she is rather than some weird type person the media has made a person wearing a scarf has made her to i don't think wearing a scarf is bad cuz a lot of my friends do and so does my mom and sister and obviously im muslim and im just curious what guys would think..nothing is wrong with a girl being shy...omg quit trying to make an argument off of a simple question..not every question a person asks is to bash a muslim. im muslim and im just curious what others would think and NEVER did i saw muslims looked ugly when they wore a scraf..u seriously need to calm down and put ur walls down cuz u seem rude and stubborn sunburn from iran

Is wearing a scarf around your head and a turtleneck count as hijab?

Hijab is a man made notion, emphasis on man hence you can do with it what you want :) Hijab as understood by the various sect members has nothing to do with the Quranic injunctions of dressing modestly which apply to both men and women. In fact the very term Hijab as understood and promoted by sect centric Mullahs is not a Quranic term, the word Hijab in the Quran does not refer to an article of clothing and we must refrain from using Quranic terms to mean something other than the Quranic meaning when discussing Islam, in this case a curtain or divider of physical space for privacy, There are many other specific injunctions in the Quran to address the "the real issue'' . Lets not confuse the two issues to promote a subjugating innovation of turning half of humanity into penguins :)

Please go here for a detailed analysis;

Since men and women use to perform Wudu together at the time of the Prophet Pbuh, it is safe to say that exposing more than what is necessary for performing the Quranic Wudu will be too much.

The following is the related Hadith

Yahya related to me from Maalik from Naafi that 'Abdullaah ibn 'Umar used to say that men and women used to do wudu together in the time of the Messenger of Allaah.

[ Maalik's Muwatta Book 2, sect 3 Number 15 ]

The above Hadith is from Maalik's Muwatta and is buried by the traditionalist through various linguistic tricks, instead of the logical men and women they insist that the Hadith was referring to men and their wives, like that would be something worth mentioning, it's like saying men and their wives use to eat together :) and the ever ready abrogation nonsense.

Hijab problems! Underscarf does not want to stay on head; please help?

i think you have Straight hair or really smooth/soft one .. that's why it won't stay in the place ..
you can always use the cotton ones .. it's way much better than silky ones ..

Allah knows best ..

peace sister

Ramadan Sect - Why do men still stare, sisters?

Zub: Its nasty man. Everything is covered in this damn hot weather...nothing tight at all. And some Arab man comes right to my face and says "Mashallah" then on the bus, these two guys were staring like hawks! You guys need to get a grip. lol