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Random Situational Question Which Of These Would You Rather Do

Can you answers these random questions?

to be honest, no first kiss yet; still waiting for the one:)
the last thing i ate were pickled spinach with asian sausage..yum yum:)
the last person i hug was a friend from wednesday bible study
right now, i want to eat. im hungry and it's 8:20pm
im 22
i don't have a favorite color, but i like black and gray a lot
yes, i read mostly Mangas:)

so what about you?:)

Which of these random situations would be the most awkward?

A) Being assaulted by a black woman in the movie theatre for your kid kicking her seat (its happened to me)

B) Having an Asian man yell at you but you cant understand him.

C) Trying to place an order at the coffee shop but the worker is a white man who happens to think he is black.

D) Have a massage by an Indian and have him try some freaky things while yapping about their rights.

Here you go... more random questions inside!?

(1) Seriously , a dream about what seemed an afterlife heaven like status I'm in .
(2) Never "in God Almighty's willing"
(3) A Scorpion since it's less lethal
(4) Accept the hug , yet watch where his/her hands are heading
(5) A beautiful -souled girl I met on a trip
(6) It wasn't a direct insult . It was more of a shame on you hard talk three weeks ago for an administrator at my school who was sitting and critisizing me and my co-workers
(7) Well , to tell you the truth , I woke lately this afternoon since it's a weekend like from school and I was tired
(8) I'm 25
(9) Nothing special , I miss working out lately and I got some pounds !!!! it's a sit home situation and my friends are all out of town
(10) Yeah , 1st of all this survey is peacefully interesting , I don't know why I got touched by it (lol) . Try surveys about likes and dislikes in motors / music / life situations , yet avoid the personal requirements .... GOOD LUCK

Make a list of actions or conditions that might befall you. You can find these all over  the place. For  example, see Was it my own fault that my ex sat back and watched me get attacked by a lass? And should I take him back?  with its details:I got attacked by a lass I was living  with & she accused me of being interested in her fella so I told her to her face the truth that I wasn't interested in her fella and because I got in her face she attacked me, at the time my ex was very drunk and was just sat in the corner watching meSo extract the conditions or actions:Be at fault.Not be at fault.Have your ex sit in a corner drunk while you are attacked.Be attacked by a lass.Take your ex back.Not take your ex back.Be accused of being interested in a guy when you are.Be accused of being interested in a guy when you aren't.Get in the face of your accuser.Tell the truth.Don't tell the truth.(implied)  Have your ex go into a drunken rage and tear the bitch's head off. Wow! What a man! Unfortunately, not. Or is it fortunately?Pick two of  these conditions or actions at random. You can use any method but it is likely you will  try various combinations until you find an interesting pair. However, the collection does have an obvious pair:Would you rather have your ex, drunk, do nothing, or attack someone who attacks you when you get in her face over meaningless BS?

What would you do?? Or what should I do in this situation?? HELP?

Okay, so I just started dating my best friend of 7 years about a month ago, but we were not really in contact for the last 3 years just a little facebook chats once in a while. Anyways, I am starting to falling deeply for this guy. He is the best thing that happened to me since my last relationship was extremely emotionally abusive. The problem is that probably by the end of the year he is going to go out of state for 2 years. I will be graduating college in 2 years, and he will be leaving right before my birthday this year..and he is going to miss a lot of things that I want him there for. Should I let myself develop these strong feelings or try to hold back so it doesn't hurt when he leaves?? I care about him so much and he is the sweetest person in the world. I really couldn't ask for more =/

In this hypothetical situation, what would you do?

I love questions like these. I get such insight into human nature!

If any of you were wondering, I would remain silent. In your own self-interest, that's a pretty stupid move, but I'm not always rational. I know I'd be risking my own freedom, but for me, that risk is better than letting someone who's potentially innocent be locked up. Even if I KNEW he was going to accuse me...I think I'd still stay silent. Because who says that MY life is more important than his? I mean...I always expect people to do the right thing. I know they usually don't, but I hope they will anyway, because everyone is essentially therefore, I have to make myself do the right thing, too.

Anyway. That's just me. There's no right or wrong answer!

(Though in-depth answers are appreciated, just because they're interesting)

Can you answer these random Coffee Friday questions that have to do with hockey somewhat?

1) High scoring games, for sure. In general, at least. A low-scoring nail-biter can be good, in a real tense way, but I like a fast pace, with lots of shooting, skating and stickhandling artistry. On an unrelated note, I love the sound of a foghorn blaring for about twenty seconds longer than necessary.

2) My friend had a Teemu rookie card that he tried to sell on eBay, claiming that it was "accursed." If I saw that, I'd probably start laughing so hard I'd cry. Also, if someone were to burn my beloved Alexei Kovalev Pens sweater, I would definitely cry... and eventually wind up behind bars.

3) Thrashers (WTF is a thrasher?), Predators (not specific enough--next in line would be Pens, though), and then probably Senators (since the logo is a Centurion, not a Senator). I will add that the term "Red Wings" makes me just the slightest bit uncomfortable deep down, because of the tangential relation to the Nazi Luftwaffe...

4) Water Polo. Is that listed here? How about regular polo? Either one. Or wrestling. Actually, wresting is far worse than anything else... ewwww...

BQ: Lots. I used to be a line chef, and my hands are a cornucopia of scar tissue, primarily from burns. I even sliced the tip of my thumb off once with an incredibly sharp knife. I learned two things that day: a) if your knife is sticking to the cutting board, you overdid it, and b) always make sure to curl your digits so that they are perpendicular to the blade. I see my wife using my knives (which are handmade, folded steel jobs that came from Japan, and are sharper than the devil himself) to cut vegetables, and my heart skips beats.

edit: 3) Okay, I'm an idiot, and didn't read through the whole question. How about: the Tremors, the Sea Cucumbers and the Ombudsmen.

SURVEY: WOULD YOU RATHER . . . (answer these fun questions)?

1000 crickets in my room... at least i wont stay as still as hell
meet the queen of egypt cause then i can b like hay i know her *****
eating alive by a human like i cant imagen a dog eating me
drink someones piss cause i heard its actually healthy and i wont be liking a toilet seat with ppl asses
nobdy with really good friends cause at least somebody's got my back
lil wayne so i can steal his teeth then sell them on ebay and say hey i met a ***** bitches
an obese cause at least if we go to a resturant he wont order just a half ounce of water and be like '' im full''

What would you do in this situation?

You are the captain of a lifeboat after a sea catastrophe. During the emergency, you led your corresponding 50 random passengers to the boat, orchestrated loading the supplies, medicines and what have you.

Once you are on the boat and at sea, you can comfortably survive for days until rescue comes. Then, you see another 10 people in the middle of the ocean crying out for help.

Someone in the boat asks you why they are not paddling their way and bringing them on board. You as the captain respond under these lines:

1. This boat can safely seat 50 people. Going over that number might pose a risk.
2. Being 50, we are comfortably sitting here, eating, drinking and with medicines until getting rescued. Bringing in 10 more people would mean that the 50 people already in the boat would eat less, drink less and be less comfortable until rescued. Everyone would eat and drink, but a little less of everything than originally planned.
3. They did not help loading any of the food, medicines or water supplies on this boat. Why would they be rewarded for doing nothing?
4. There seemed to be enough boats for everyone. Why are they in the water? Their boats burned? Did they fall? Did their boat sink because of the incompetence of their captain? Or was it mere stupidity (missing the boat or the instructions as of how to proceed in an emergency)? Regardless, it is not our problem and not our fault.

So, what is the ethical and moral thing to do? If you as the captain decide to leave them at sea to their own luck, wouldn't that be absolutely insane and wrong ?!?!?!

So, the 50 people in the boat are the rich, the educated, the smart. The 10 people swimming are the people living, for whatever reason, on the fringes: the uneducated, the poor, the dumb...

I don't need to say anything else. I think you get it. What would you do? Pick them up or leave them to their luck?

What would you do in this situation?

The company I work for is very small. I work on the sales side.

The owner of the company is very impatient. When an issue arises with customers rather than working toward resolution his knee jerk reaction is defensive and dismissive. His overall attitude is: He doesn't need their business (we do). He has 1,000s of customers begging for his product (we don't). He knows for A FACT he has the best product in the business. And the customer can just shove their complaint where the sun doesn't shine. Even if it's a small complaint and the customer is willing to work toward resolution. It's embarrassing.

So we've lost a lot of money, staff and customers this way.

As for the staff.. There are no raises If you joined on in the 90s you're still working on 90s salary. And "why would you ask for one now during a recession?... I could pay you more if you worked harder & generated a profit! Be happy you have a job!" We've lost employees but haven't hired any new ones to take their place. The staff has absorbed the jobs of 3-4 ppl a piece over time and either took a pay cut (to help out during the recession) or stayed at the same wage.

So we have 4 people left at corporate doing the job of 12 getting paid next to nothing & are living under the constant scrutiny of the boss. All women. When you walk in they all have these horrified frazzled looks on their face like a bunch of battered women. They come in early, work hard and leave late. Often the owner will pull one of the four staff members away from a vital task to perform a menial task that he happens to be fixated on at the moment (like cleaning the black flecks out of the coffee machine). Then when the vital task slips through the cracks he punishes that same staff member for focusing in the menial task. I feel bad when I drop off new contracts because I know these women get paid the same regardless and they can't handle the workload. As it is errors & delays occur because we don't have the staff to process the regular amount of orders properly. But the owner keeps pushing.... more sales! MORE! MORE!

So that's my situation. What would you do?