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Rate These Boy/girl Names

Rate these names? (boys & girls)?

lenalee- 3/5 Lenalee is a character from a Japanese manga, so I think of her everytime I hear the name. Its too long and I just dont like it. Lena is cute on its own.
harley- 5/5 Cute name for a girl, if its spelled Harlie.
avery- 1/5 BOY NAME!
leila- 7/10 Cute, I like it. Leila Rose is my nieces name.
halaylay- 1/10 This sounds extremley ghetto and made up.
amethyst- 1/10 Sounds too 'dark' and 'goth'.
addilyn- 1/10 I prefer Addison. Addilyn is just too weird and doesnt sound right.
remi- 1/10 Remi is a boy name. Remille or Remyn are cuter.
piper- 5/10 I like this one.
reyane- 1/10 Sounds ghetto. Reagan is cuter.

monty- 1/10 Monty Python and the Holy Grail, anyone?
leif- 1/10 Too weird!
gage- 3/10 I prefer Gabe. Gage reminds me of those nasty giant holes people put in ther ears.
dalton- 3/10 Sounds hillbillyish. I knew a Dalton in school. He got made fun of a lot.
hoon- 1/10 Shannon Hoon? Go with Shannon. Sounds too much like moon.
eaton- 5/10 Kind of like this. Its unique without being weird.
phoenix- 1/10 Not even cute as a girl name
ezekiel- 5/10 With the nickname Zeke, its cute.
justis- 1/10 Dont like it. I prefer it spelled Justice, and on a girl.

Sorry if I seem harsh, but those were just awful!
I see you have Noelle, Alanis, Ellie, Shane and Kiera. I think that Piper and Shannon or Eaton sounds best paired with their names.

Congrats and good luck. :)

Please rate these boys and girls names?

No I am not having a baby, lol It could be after a few hundred years, maybe even an adoption, haha

I just would like to know on a scale between 1-10 (10 being your best; 1 being the least) you feel about these names. I am looking for a very masculine boy's name; a feminine girl's name. :)


1) Trevor Elliot
2) Nathaniel Jared
3) Ethan Mathias
4) Demetri Adamo (or Dimitri--I prefer that actually..what do you think???)
5) Colton Kregg (Colton or Kolton?)
6) Sterling Keaton
7) Keenan Tai
8) Jarred Weston
9) Nikolaus Kingston
10) Justin Skyler


1) Natalie Celia
2) Juliet Alicia
3) Katelyn Carine (or spelled Kaitlyn; which is better?)
4) Kamarri Jade (Kamari ?)
5) Brielle Josette (which spelling..Brielle or Briele?)
6) Camille Caleigh
7) Chinenye Dae
8) Jayani Avriel
9) Leauna Cambrie
10) Siena Mallory (Siena, Sienna Or Ciena, Cienna ?)

Rate these girl names!?

Emilia (Emmy) ~ 9 ~ pretty and classic
Reese ~ 7 ~ very strong name, reminds me of a meadow :)
Hayden ~ 6 ~ for a boy I would give it a 10
Elisa ~ 8 ~ really pretty and elegant
Ellina (Ellie) ~ 8 ~ so cute and girly
Kiza ~ 9 ~ cute, haven't heard this before
Layla ~ 7 ~ original, but not my favorite
Lenea ~ 7 ~ girly and feminine
Colby ~ 5 ~ not so fond of it for a girl
Tarah ~ 6 ~ pretty in a way, but not my favorite
Karly ~ 7 ~ cute, sounds kind of tomboyish to me

Cute Baby names? Boy and Girl..Rate these names!?

So my husband and I have 4 children.
He has 2 from a previous marriage, Chloe Elizabeth and Lillian Joan
And we have 2 together, Brayden Carter and Kinsley Riann (Twins)
We have fraternal twins on the way again, a boy and girl and we are looking for names.

I like the more unique approach, names you dont hear every day. He likes the more traditional approach, but as you can see I got my way with my babies haha and I picked their names and he said they grew on him so Im trying to find names that I would like and can introduce him to (because I am very picky with the names with mine being Jessica, the most popular name of my generation lol..and he picks names that sound like a 40 year Norma, or Richard..Im like c'mon..really?! lol)

So here we go

Boys names:
Luca (#1)
Benjamin (classic, but cute)
Connor (not that unique anymore, but cute)

Arabella (my #1)
Aubrey (his #1)

So those are the names that I have stumbled upon and that I like. Rate them? and if you have any name suggestions please say so after you rate, that is the whole point of the question..
thank you (:

Rate these boys names on a scale of strong to weak...?

Some names are BAM manly, and others are kinda wimpy. How do you rate the following names? 10 = Manly and Strong ; 5 = Neither manly nor girly; 1 = Wimpy, girly, sissy

This is just opinion. I don't want to start fights.


Rate these boy and girl names please? (and add a middle name for each if you can)>?

Eleanor: 6. It's okay, but kind of old fashioned. Eleanor Jasmine, Eleanor Grace, or Eleanor Diane.

Eliora: 7. A nice spin on Eleanor. Eliora Bridget, Eliora May, or Eliora Madeleine.

Francesca: 7. It's cute. Francesca Rose, Francesca Dawn, or Francesca Michelle.

Charlotte: 6. It's nice but slightly overused in my opinion. Charlotte Rosalie, Charlotte Adele, or Charlotte Audrey.

Belladonna: 8. It's got a nice flow to it. Belladonna Kate, Belladonna Naomi, or Belladonna Morgan.

Delilah: I like this name. 9. Delilah Mirelle, Delilah Catherine, or Delilah Dawn.

Giulianna: It would be a good way to honor your heritage if you were Italian. Giulianna Elaine, Giulianna Hailey, or Giulianna Jade.

Kimberly: It's okay, 5. Kimberly Olivia, Kimberly Brielle, or Kimberly Claire.

Canaan: It's unique/5. Canaan Rosier, Canaan Michael, or Canaan Julius.
Fernando/Ferdinand: I don't really like it much. 4. Ferdinand Ray, Fernando Tristan, Ferdinand Harrison, Fernando James.

Abraham: Good if you want to honor the president. Abraham Lee, Abraham Marcus, or Abraham George.

Carter: I like it, it sounds very masculine. Carter Vincent, Carter Richard, or Carter Frances. 7.

Grier: It's interesting, 7. Grier Edward, Grier Brandon, Grier Trent

Nash: I don't like it much. Nash Anthony, Nash Marcus, or Nash Xavier. 5.

Carson. I like this choice, it sounds very strong. I give it 8. Carson Michael, Carson James, or Carson Roderick.

Weston: it's interesting, eye catching Weston Joseph, Weston William, Weston Zachary. 8.

Rate these boy names: Relic, Auzeer, Raze, Rex, Quellar, and Whydell?

I like whydell! :)

Who is affected more by a breakup, the boy or the girl?

It’s quite a good question, but allow me to explain with a simple analogy.I was using “Fevikwik”, a glue, which is quite powerful. A few drops fell on my fingers, and within few seconds of contact with air it became hard.Now, I had two choices :-Leave it as it is.Remove that glue from my finger.Since it wasn’t harming me in anyway, I could have left it as it is. But any unwanted thing that sticks to you will keep bothering you. So I decided to remove it.The glue was so strong, that while removing it, it also removed the first layer of my skin.So here is the answer. The person who is not strong enough to let go, suffers more. Breakup, and its suffering, is not gender specific.The relationship is dead like that glue.If you want to live with that, there is no harm. But also most of your attention will be taken by it. Once it is removed, it might take extra attention, but after sometime it won’t matter anymore.Since you are too attached, and you don’t want to let it go, then of course you will be the person on the receiving end like the finger.But if you see the removal of skin as harmful to you, then you should also see the bright side. It allows you to grow new skin. Same goes for life, if you don’t allow yourself to let go, you will never know about the surprise which is waiting for you.The person who decided to leave you is like the glue; “Hard”. It will not affect them as much as it is going to affect you. And once the relationship is dead, they are going to leave you anyway like the glue.Bottom line: The person who has a hard time to let go, is gonna suffer most irrespective of gender.Closure happens right after you accept that letting go and moving on is more important than projecting a fantasy of how the relationship could have been. — Sylvester McNutt