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Really Bad Knee Pain After Someone Fell On My Leg

Really bad knee pains?

i have started track, and it is my first year doing any sports since middle school (i am a junior in high school). the shoes that i have been running in were completely ruined due to the age of the shoes but yet i kept running (i know nothing about good/bad about shoes). after awhile, i started to get pains but put them off. after a few weeks though, the pain was getting worse and worse to the point that it hurts a lot (immense throbbing dull pain) even for a light jog. this pain is in my knee and i consulted a trainer and he said that it could be the arch of my feet. i feel like it is more than that though. any suggestions to what it might be and when do you think i should be able to go back onto the track?

Really bad knee pain after someone fell on my leg?

Really bad knee pain after someone fell on my leg?
Okay so I play basketball and about a week and a half ago we were scrimmaging and my basketball coach was accidentally shoved while I was standing behind him. I was kind of diagonally standing though so the side of my right leg was partially facing his back. he's not a small guy so it hurt really bad. I knew to fall with him so I did but since incident, the side of my leg/knee has been in so much pain. it's been tolerable but today it was worse. there's no swelling or bruising . I don't know what going on. all I know is that it hurts. Any idea on what it is or how to get rid of the pain?

I am having really bad leg pain?

This is a prime age when children begin to have growing pains, so that may be the cause, especially since he hasn't been sick and hasn't had a fever. Children with growing pains typically have pain in their legs either late in the day or in the middle of the night. They can be particularly bad after a day of intense physical activity, but it really isn't known what causes them. Also, children with growing pains usually do not have any other symptoms, such as weight loss, limping, fever, or joint swelling, and the pain shouldn't limit his activity. Growing pains also commonly occur: in both legs in the front of the thigh, the calf muscles, and muscles in the back of the knee in children between the ages of 3 and 5 and then 8 and 12 years in over 30 percent of children Since 'nothing seems to help' your child, you likely need to see your Pediatrician for an evaluation. Although we often blame growing pains for leg pain, there are other conditions that can cause leg pain, and he may need some blood tests or an xray just to be sure that it really is growing pains. If you mean that 'nothing seems to help' because the pain keeps coming back, then that is to be expected. If you are able to treat the pain when it occurs and he is then fine for some time until it begins again, then that can be normal, depending on how often it is happening. It may help to give him ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) on those evenings that he has had a very active day, like after soccer practice, etc. to see if that keeps the pain from even starting that night. You shouldn't do that every night or even on most nights though without talking to your Pediatrician first though.

HELP ME.... really bad knee pain?

Hello and thanks for visiting my question.... ok so here it goes.

1) I am extremely flatfooted and bowlegged

2) My knees hurt a little when I run. It usually happens after i run. Most of the time it is only one...

3)I started Track at my school about 3-4 weeks ago and my knees where somewhat ok.

4) I'm a sprinter

5) Last week on thursday i ran at a track meet. Before i ran i notice both of my knees were hurting A LITTLE. When i ran my 200m i noted that my quads were killing me. I slowed down 55m before the finish line because i coulnt take it anymore. After that i ran a 400m relay. Soo.... now the new week has started and my knees hurts... it hurts around the whole knee (the outside, inside and around the kneecap.) i also noticed that there was a little pain in my muscles ( around my quads but more on the side of my legs).

With that being said is there anything useful u can tell me. Please i gave up the opportunity of running varsity as a freshman because they hurts so bad.

Ps.. I already know i need arch supports and yes i have a knee brace bt it doesnt work and icing after practice does not work either. And i stretch after practice.

Help!!!! I have really bad pain in my left thigh.?

Hi! This sounds very familiar what happened to me! During my first day of highschool try outs I got a horrible pain in the same thigh! It sounds like you pulled your hamstring! You can wait a couple days and there will be a bruise where the pain is and that will tell you if it's pulled or not! My advice is to stay off of it and notify your coach! Because I didn't and that caused me to be out for a month! So I strongly suggest you tell someone! Next ICE,ICE,ICE!! Ice it as much as you can and elevate it when you do! Stretch it! It will be pain full but it's going to stop the muscle from tighting up! My pull was so bad I was told to see my doctor and I received many stretching ideas! You can lay on the floor using a doorway! Lift your leg up against the molding of the door and have the other leg go through the doorway. Make sure your butt and leg is completely against the molding and hold it for 15-20 secs and do that three times! A pulled hamstring usually occurs in a fast change in motion, not stretching, or jumping! It happens a lot in sprinters! But remember after the hamstring is healed you must strengthen it back up! (I didn't do this) and I should have because I can feel that it's weaker! But do squats and lungs (I don't think I spelt that right sorry) If it is a pulled hamstring you're lucky you caught it early because it could have lead to a pulled hamstring! Good luck!

I fell and hit my knee really hard...and it hurts really bad! HELPP!?

I fell on my knee real hard and banged my head...the ER check my head and Im fine...however they never did check my knee. Its been months and it still hurts. Not constantly...but if it tap it or bang it against anything omg does it hurt bad and then the pain goes away....Here's the other thing, I have burning paing now....and when i tap it....I have a weird sensation the travel from one side to the other. electrical...almost like a string being pulled....Help!

We need to move around, even if it’s just a little bit. I won’t go into the reasons because i don’t know all of them.Anyway, if you hold a limb still long enough, your brain will pretend it’s hurting. You’ll move it, and all will be well again.If you lose your limb, your brain will not know it’s gone. It’ll only know it hasn’t moved in a while, and it’ll pretend the limb is hurting so you’ll move it.Others here have already mentioned the mirror box. It works, and extremely well. (Not just for phantom limb pain, either.) Position it so that you can see the mirror image of your still-attached limb, move your limb a bit, and your brain will say, “OK, you’ve moved that limb that was still for so long, so I can turn off the pain signal again.”For some reason, the phantom pain will go away after a time.

A direct blow to the kneecap (patella) can be very painful. You can either bruise it badly, sustain a fracture to the patella, or rupture the pre patellar bursa. In all cases the immediate reaction is intense pain, followed by swelling and bruising with limited mobility. If you fell and had a direct blow to your kneecap, but the bruising is diminished but still having pain you could still have one of the tree conditions i had mentioned. above. A bone bruise of the patella can last for 4–6 weeks until you pain goes away. If it is just a superficial bruise this usually last a week or so. If you fractured the pain will linger and will not get better. Especially depending on how displaced fracture fragments are. If you rupture the bursa this can present with a swelling over the kneecap sometimes getting to be as big as a golf ball. In any case the directness of the trauma can cause limited range of motion A fracture will not heal properly unless it is mobilized. If there is significant displacement which can become ruptured causing intense pain swelling specifically to the front of the patella. In any of the described situations above, I would recommend you followup with either a orthopedic doctor or your primary care doctor where they can properly examine your knee. If there is suspicion for a fracture then getting an x-ray is the next step to rule out any fracture or an MRI to determine if any internal derangement is present. Whatever the case regarding your knee condition this forum is not appropriate to make a diagnosis but rather it is purely for educational purposes. Since your knee continues to hurt despite the fact that redness is gone you need to follow up with your primary care doctor or an orthopedic surgeon.

When using the leg press, do not completely lock out your legs as you press. This will cause unnecessary pressure on the knees and could lead to injury. The leg press is a good machine if used correctly. If you have any issues this machine can highlight that because the pressure used to press the weight goes through the knees. Try pointing your toes outward slightly, and keeping your knees inline with your toes as you press, and do not lock your legs out as you press.  Just leave a slight bend in your legs then come back in. I hope this helps.  :)

Fortunately, even if you had broken your thigh bone, one muscle couldn’t go behind another, anatomically impossible. Did you hit that painful spot when falling? That might explain the pain, bruising, if you can’t stand on it have a doc see you to rule out any broken bones.As a child our daughter after falling off her bike a lot and in the process breaking her wrist asked me what docs look for when looking form a broken bone, the answer is:-local pain, more after applying pressure at that spot-axial pain, that is pain at that place when both ends of the bone are pressed together-functio laesa: the inability to use that limb-if the broken piece of bone protruded through the skin you don’t need to be a doc to diagnose a broken bone-same if the limb after the trauma was at and odd angle (dislocated)-we never look for it, too painful, but is still listed: crepitus, that is the sound both ends of the broken bone rubbing over one another make.So after her falling again she would examine herself and proudly tell her Mom that she had fallen, but no, no bones broken according to her self examination. She later became a MD Ph.D but has left medicine since.