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Really Want A Cheap Contract For The Iphone 5

Want a new phone, but stuck in a contract?

The handset is NOT part of the contract,
The contract is you pay O2 £60.00 for 24 months they provide you with the allowance you receive

You have to sell the IP5 and buy the Q10 privately

O2 ( never been off it, breathe it all the time) like all other networks will provide a sim card for the handset you use.

Flash forward they deactivate the nano sim and activate the microsim and you retain your current number using the BB Q10.

There may be an additional £5.00 if you opt for BBM ???

**Note all IPhone5 on planet earth are and never will be 4G LTE on O2/ Yodafone/ 3.

There is no upgrade or software fix, the IP5 is 4G LTE ONLY on Kevin "the conga" Bacon's EE

IP5S, IP5C, BB Z10, BB Q10, etc are all 4G LTE ready

4G LTE ready means the handset if unlocked WILL be 4G LTE on any all networks.

***The IP5 is / was the ONLY 4G LTE phone not ready so to speak but EE exclusive***

Your handset is therefore less attractive than the IP5C which IS 99.9999% the IP5 in a plastic coat simply because IP5C is 4G LTE ready

I really want an iPhone but can't afford it?

I really want an iPhone, and I tried talking my mom into letting me get an iPhone from Sprint, however she is dropping Sprint in a few days because our bill was over $500 for overage fees, even though we have unlimited data, texting, and calling. Their customer service sucks and every month our bill changes and its to expensive. My mom is dropping them and going to straight talk because they're way cheaper. So if I want an iPhone I have to get it off contract price. But no contract means the phone is $500+. I don't have that kind of money and my mom said if I want an iPhone I have to pay for it myself. The most I could probably afford is $300 tops maybe $350. Is there any way I can get the iPhone 5C for under $300, without a contract? I was thinking Amazon, but they're more expensive than I thought it would be. How do people afford iPhones off contract?? Thats like $600!!

Don't tell me to get an android, because I've owned several android phones and they are awful. Every android phone I've had laggs really bad and is slow and the touch screen only works half the time. I've gone through so many different android phones. I like the iPhone :)

Should I buy an iPhone outright or get a contract?

I am getting 849 back from my taxes, and I want to buy an iPhone, however I'm not sure if I want to blow it all on an iPhone. I can either buy the iPhone for $649 and pay 45-55 a month with a prepaid plan like Boost Mobile, or pay $99 down and pay $27 a month for the phone with Tmobile. I guess its $60 for service plan, and $27 for the phone. I'm not sure if I want to pay $87 a month for a phone bill. I would still like some of my tax money left over to buy clothes and other things I may want, so I don't want to spend it all at once, but I really want the new iPhone 6. I don't even have a smartphone right now.

What do you think is the better choice?

I want an iPhone but my parents can't get one. What should I do?

When i was younger i desperately wanted a Gameboy color. Like desperately wanted one, it was all i could think about. It was unhealthy. At the time, my parents in an effort to teach me the value of a money would pay me 5c per chore around the house. Long story short i started 5 business's. I sold eggs for $1 a dozen, collected pinecones (firewood) and sold them for 30c a bag, cleaned rubbish bins for $1 a bin, breeding pet rabbits, IT services for PC's and flipping items on Ebay. Long story short is that i ended up with over $2000 when i was 13. Although i bought a game boy, i ended up flipping it for a profit a few months later.In the months after i turned 14 I invested most of my new found rich's in 2 tech stocks shortly after their IPO on the recommendation of my father. I ended up losing all of the money. It was truly an emotional roller coaster. The lessons i learnt were invaluable, ones that are often much more costly to adult traders. I see it all the time. What i am getting it is, work hard for your iPhone. Enjoy it. By working for the iPhone yourself you will learn the value of a dollar and what it means to make your own way in this world. Good luck on your quest.

My Parents wont buy me the iphone 6?

Okay so im gonna sound like a right brat but im 14 , 15 in january and I have a iphone 5s and my contract is up not this jauary comming up next and my parents said they wont buy me the new iphone 6 since I already have over 1 year left on my contract how unfair is that. how can i persude them, im an only child and my dads never home beause of work so i just need to persude my mom shes being a *****

Why is the iPhone 5s factory unlocked so cheaply in India? What does 'factory unlocked' mean?

There are two types of unlocked phonesFactory unlockedUnlocked (third party)A factory unlocked phone and unlocked phone can both be used with a SIM card on any network. However, the main difference is that a factory unlocked phone has been unlocked by the carrier or retailer and an unlocked phone has been unlocked by a third party. Factory unlocked phones are shipped from the source and unlocked before being sold to the customer. For example, the iPhone can be bought from the Apple retail or online store factory unlocked.An unlocked phone will have a higher resale value than a locked one. It's the most sold!! Because it offers more flexibility to switch networks and pay less when roaming abroad!!

Where is the best place to buy cheap Apple iPhones?

Look for a Refurbished iPhone SaleThe best way to minimize the cost of the iPhones being bought by you, while ensuring that you buy the highest quality device is to buy a refurbished iPhone. Refurbished iPhones are sold by reputable computer and electronic dealers or even by Apple Inc. Refurbished iPhones are used and have been updated, repackaged, polished, remodelled and fixed, and sold at excellent discount prices. Typically a refurbished iPhone costs 33% to 50% of the price it was originally sold for. Buying refurbished electronic gadgets such as iPhones have become one of the best ways to shop and to get quality products at an amazingly low price.So where can you look for a refurbished iPhone sale? On eBay, obviously. There are outlets such as Factory outlet eBay store that are selling refurbished Apple products and, while there is no official Apple branding, as yet, it is almost definitely a product of a partnership between Apple and eBay. This brand new online store is selling Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones for cheap. What’s different about the iPhones being sold here, apart from the fact that they are so cheap, is that they come with an Apple Warranty. So, you definitely cannot go wrong by picking cheap iPhones for sale here. Get them fast, when you still can!Buy Cheap iPhones for Sale Without ContractIn the United States, iPhones are available at discounted rates along with a contract with a cellular service provider. It’s ridiculous how cheap such iPhones can be had for on, say, a two-year contract. But, and this is a big “but”, you’ll have to reckon with the far higher fee being charged by a cellular service provider, such as Verizon.So, what people look for, is to buy cheap iPhones for Sale without contract. These are cheap unlocked iPhones, made available for a very low price, after having been unlocked by an online iPhone unlocking service. iPhone unlocking means removing the connection that exists between the device and the provider of the cellular service, so that the device is no longer attached to cellular network with which it has been bought for, through a contract. iPhone unlocking is not a perfectly legal process, so be very careful when you buy cheap iPhones for sale without contract that are made available to you after having been unlocked.Hope it helps! Have fun mate!

Sprint 2-year contract upgrade?

When your contract is up, that means yes you are able to get a new phone at the "subsidized" price. Usually 200 approx a phone for new customers is usually. If you do trade in your phone I am sure a credit towards your new phone will be applied. Not sure how much the Gal s3 is now but you might get 100 dollars for it.

I just check and it says on the website that its free for an iphone 5c. lol Well guess you wont need to trade in your galaxy. lol Though Don't take my word for it ! Go to the store or walmart or target and check there before you get it and see. It will say the price (check the new customer price) because you will be like a new customer when your contract is up. Though I am sure the iphone 5c will be really cheap.

How much will the iPhone 5S cost?

I agree with Logan, however, there is a new rumor, that the iPhone 4S will be discontinued and will be replaced by the iPhone 5C.

Apple wants to switch all their devices over to the new lightning port. The 4S, still uses the old 30pin port. Its likely, that the 5C, will be comparable to the 4S, but will feature both a 4.1" screen and a lightning port.

If these rumors are true, then the iPhone 5C, may be either free, or $100 with a 2-year contract, depending on the carrier.

The truth is, we just don't know what will happen, until the new iPhone is announced on September 10th. All of this is speculation, until the formal announcement. In-fact, we don't know if the iPhone will be released on September 10th, or just announced on September 10th. The actual release date may be later.

It is fair to assume, that the iPhone 5S will cost the same as the iPhone 5 did, when it was released. This has, always, been the case, with previous releases.

It should be noted, that if you are a Verizon customer, with an grandfathered-in unlimited data plan, you do not qualify for the subsidized pricing. Apple made a deal with Verizon, when the iPhone 5 was released, that if you want to keep the unlimited data plan, you must pay the full-retail price of the iPhone. If you are willing to loose your unlimited data plan and switch to the tiered data plan you can get the subsidized rate, but you will forfeit your right to unlimited data.

Here are the actual, unsubsidized prices of an iPhone

16GB - $649
32GB - $749
64GB - $849

Its likely the unsubsidized iPhone 5C would cost either $449 or $549. Its likely, the iPhone 5 will start at $549. Another reason people may buy an unsubsidized iPhone is either if they don't want a contract, or if they want an unlocked iPhone. An unlocked iPhone will allow you to use your iPhone on multiple carriers, including while traveling overseas.

Best of luck. :-)