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Sad Animal Movies On Netflix

What are some good movies on Netflix?

Just some random ones I think are good or at least fun

The Golden Child

Trading Places


Terminator 2 : Judgment Day


The Naked Gun

Boyz N The Hood

a League Of Their Own

The Untouchables

The Crow

Beverly Hills Cop 2

What are good movies on Netflix?

In the very recent times, I believe the following are some amazing movies that you can watch on Netflix:Black Panther2. It followsThe ending could’ve been a little better!3. Set it upA modern take on boy-meets-girl!4. Thor RagnarokGood effects, nice storyline and funny too!5. Raman Raghav 2.0Pyscho thriller and stalking!These are the ones that I have watched and enjoyed!I’ll try to keep updating this answer to feature more.Also, following is my review of Set it Up!Anmol Narayan Soni's answer to Did you watch the Netflix movie “Set It Up”? What is your review?Images Credit: Google ImagesEdit #1Thanks for the amazing response to this answer. It turns out that the content on Netflix varies from country to country based on what viewers would like to see.All movies above are available on Netflix USA.Following are more movie recommendations:6. Johnny English RebornThe second part in Johnny English series, easy going and funny.7. DrishyamIs a family just vacationing or involved in a murder mystery?8. Te3nGrandfather searching for clues related to the abduction of his granddaughter and police finds a new case that bears a striking resemblance. Coincidence or what?9. CocoA cute movie of a boy trying to pursue his musical dreams until he realizes it just runs in the family.10. Ip ManJourney and story of Bruce Lee’s mentor. Amazing is the word!Edit #2Thanks for the continued support on this answer. I have got another set of movies for you.11. ParmanuIndia showcases its nuclear prowess in the midst of resisting powerful forces.12. Pearl HarborLove, war, and friendship!13. National TreasureWhat does it take to find the treasure?14. Special 26Con artists pose as CBI officers and conduct raids! Will they be caught?15. 21Count cards and win cash, or so they thought!Edit #316. We Own The NightBrother vs Brother or will finally blood win it?17. Mowgli - Legend of the JungleOld story with such amazing graphics!18. ErasedWhat if your identity is erased overnight?19. UglyInvestigation, deception and more!20. Wake Up SidHappy-go-lucky finally finds his way in life!

What are some good movies on Netflix?

Genres I like (In order):
Sci Fi

Oh, and PLEASE don't list any horror movies, I can't take those at this time of night...


Australian movies on Netflix instant streaming?

Sorry I dont have netflix in Australia, but I can recommend you some aussie movies....Hope they are on Netflix for you:- Surely out out all these, a few will be on Netflix !!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert: \

The Man from Snowy River (1 & 2)

Charlie and Boots:

Wolf Creek:

Evil Angels (aka: A Cry in The Dark)

Mad Max Movies:


Crocodile Dundee

The Potato Factory:

Ned kelly:

Gosh I can think of heaps of them, but can only put 10 links, so here's some more you might like to look up - trailers on You Tube and IMDB.

Crocodile Hunter: (The Late Steve Irwin - Australia Zoo)
Babe: (The animal movie about the pig)
All Men Are Liars (teen drama)
Bran Nue Day (About a Road Trip)
Rabbit Proof Fence (True Story - sad)
The Castle
Strange Bedfellows (hilarious)
Hawke (True story -Political)
The Dismissal (True Story - Political)
The Golden Nugget
The Caterpillar Wish
Kenny (Comedy)
Murder in the Outback (True story)
The Dirtwater Dynasty (mini-series)
The Day of the Roses (True stopry about the Granville Train Crash)
The Underbelly Series (True story about the Aussie Drug Trade)
Bikie Wars: (True story about the Viking Hotel Massacre)

Can someone plz give me the torrent link for the movie "The Animal" starring rob schneider??

Here is the direct link to The Animal