Sale Flore Carre 99.00 Cuy

On page 3 of my Sharper Image catalog YOU are listed for sale at 139.99 should I spend the money???

Because I'm sharp as a razor, but you do know you will get reported for this don't you? We always do. I got busted today for a question I asked about Suri Cruise (Tom's kid, the actor) MONTHS ago!

Maybe you need to defend us from the powers at Yahoo who want to censor us to the point of only being able to answer yes or no.

Everything about ferrets?

I think your cage is too small and you should consider a multi level cage. You can shred newspaper for the bottom of the cage but you won't want to clean the smelly runny poop out of the mess. I like to use the bottom layer as the toilet area because a ferret or weasel living in the wild would live in a maze of tunnels and that is a natural setting for them. I put litter pans on the bottom using only ferret approved litter like recycled newspaper, no clumping or clay products. They like multiple hammocks and sleeping areas and prefer ones where there are multiple escape routes and can provide total darkness. Either sex will make a beautiful pet but the amount of time and effort you pur into your ferrets life will be the biggest factor in how well you and the ferret bond. Read about ferret behavior so you will inderstand how they think and don't punish them with anything other than your voice. READ, READ and READ. Make sure you have a good vet that is knowledge with ferrets and feed the best food possible, no cheap cat food filled with corn and wheat. Ferrets are carnivores and need meat.

Buy 2 if you can, they love bonded company. You need a good sturdy large cage, heavy food and water bowls, plenty of sleeping material and lots of time to clean their cage. They do not do well in cages and need to climb and ferret about to stay healthy and happy. Mine like bags, boxes, towels, noisy toys, fuzzy toys, tubes to climb in... and my family.