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Sanyo Mini Fridge Defrost Cycle Every ~2 Weeks

How many amps does my microwave oven draw?

Microwave ovens are typically rated in watts; often this is shown on the serial number plate. Or you can look it up on-line based on the model number.Divide the number of watts by your line voltage (e.g. 110v in the US) to get amps, because P (power) = V (volts) x I (current).So a 1100 watt oven / 110 volts is 10 amps.

Why does my AC stop blowing air then start blowing air again after being off for some time?

If it is blowing air out the vents and then quits blowing after running for a while which is what I understand your question to be it is more than likely one of three things.1 You are low on refrigerant. As a result your coil freezes up and blocks airflow.2 Your filter is dirty or you replaced it with a “better” filter that doesn't allow for adequate airflow. As a result your coil freezes up and blocks airflow.3 Your blower motor is going bad. After running it overheats and has a internal thermal limit that shuts it off until it cools.I doubt it is the blower motor. They normally work or don't. If you can get to your furnace/air handler switch your A/C to off. Turn your fan from auto to on. After an hour or so go check you furnace/air handler. You should find water somewhere around it if it is freezing up. (And now thawing) You can also check your outdoor unit when it is running. If the larger insulated line is freezing up where it goes into the outdoor unit (or anywhere it is not insulated) it is probably one of the first two. These are the most common from the symptoms you describe.

Plugged new fridge in without waiting for it to settle, then unplugged it after less than 5 seconds. It was transported upright. Will this damage it?

Should be fine :-)If it has been necessary to transport the refrigerator on its side, it should be stood upright for an equal amount of time as it was on its side before plugging it in because fluids may need to resettle.Also, the fridge's compressor motor is suspended inside the compressor housing on springs that are designed to hold the motor load in a vertical position. Transporting a fridge on it's side can stretch or break these springs.In your case, all should be fine.